Damn it! Come back you little…!

I’m gonna get you all and even if it’s the last thing I ever… Oh! Screw it! Send the ticket to the developers. I’ll go back to making snowmen.

Patch isn’t prepared for the adventure of taking it on bugs. She usually ends up opening a ticket and gets flooded by bugs.

Note: For those who joined my last mod-stream. Tomorrow there is another.

It’s… so… comfy!

She’s about to Explode with snuggles. I think we can all agree that Patch is being heavily tortured here. Just like all these people we’re teasing with the Share challenge!

Also, remember that tonight you can see the mod On screen talking about Patch, the Tumblr and the ask blog. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go ahead and check the Google Hangout.