I’m sure you’ll catch the cutes if you watch at this snuggly Pijama Patch.

This wonderfully sweet frank was submitted not once but twice! Thanks for all the stalkers we have out there reporting the Patches they spot ^^

And of course! Thanks to SundayClarity for making this amazing piece. It’s so D’awwwwww!!!!!


Play as Roll in the first four Mega Mans ⊟

Let’s celebrate Mega Man’s 27th birthday today by playing his games as not-Mega-Man! Zynk Oxhyde previously released a Roll-chan patch for the first NES game, but now they’ve posted hacks for Mega Man 2-4, replacing the hero’s sprite with his sister’s.

Items in the games have also been edited to complement Roll, and Rush has been swapped with Tango, ”the playful spin-balling” robot cat. Thanks to @auntiepixelante for the link!

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