They’re so romantic.

Yes, Patch notices blackouts. When they happen the temperature in the whitespace drops and everything becomes slightly slower. Patch starts feeling sleepy as some of the servers start shutting down, she got cold pawsies.

Wouldn’t you love to snuggle with her by the UPS? Patch sure would love some scratches behind the ears. I love how the background turned out. It looks a lot like a 70s cold war city after it was abandoned, for whatever reason.

BTW, would anybody here be interested in Patch shirts? We would be making dedicated shirt designs for you if you guys are. 

So, shirts anyone?

Welcome to Patch’s! Home of the best scripts in town!

Patch is extremely systematic when cooking. That works extremely well for software. If you ever take a look at how she makes software… You just gonna stand staring in awe. Fast, optimized, well-documented and bug free, but her Spaghetti are not always right. You gotta feel it!

Guys, this is the last Monday of Winter!!!! Spring is coming! Go celebrate!

Patch would fit awesomely into the Sims! Get the fire alarm!