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Heya, I know you're super sad right now, or maybe numb is a better word.. But you can make it through this. Just think about every difficulty you've ever had to face and you made it this far because you're a strong person. Someday you'll look back at how you feel and realize that this rough patch is exactly what helped you get to who you'll be. I'm so proud you're still going and I hope you know you can make it through anything. I'm always here to talk if you need it. Stay safe.

thank you so much! this made my day im feeling so much then before thank you :)

is this called cheating.

whatever. i dont give a *whisper* frick. 

“Are you ready kids?!” 

“Anna, no.” 

Anna pouted, crossing her arms. They’d been binge watching Spongebob Squarepants ever since 8AM that morning because Anna just suddenly wanted to watch it. They weren’t even half finished with the series. And now, Anna was oddly obsessed with the theme song. She’d been begging Elsa to sing with her while being dressed as a pirate… well, more like she only had an eye patch with a horribly drawn black skull on her right eye and that’s about it. Nothing pirate-y. 

Of course, Elsa being the responsible and the mature girlfriend of this relationship, refused to do what Anna wanted. She was a grown adult with responsibilities that needed to be taken care of, she didn’t have time to sing a song that came from a show for kids! 

“C’moooon Elsa… it’s just this once!”

“You’ve been saying that for the tenth time and my answer is still no.” 

“No… it’s only  been the ninth time. Elsa, pleaaaaseee… with a cherry on top?” 

She sighed. Maybe Anna would stop if Elsa would agree to sing. She just wanted peace and quiet for once. 

“Alright, but just this once.” 

Her girlfriend gasped excited, clapping her hands together like a seal. 

“You’re the best! Alright, let’s do this. Are you ready kids?!” 

Elsa rolled her eyes. “Aye, aye, Captain.” 

Anna frowned, unsatisfied. “With more enthusiasm! Again!” 

“Oh my god, Anna–”


“Aye, aye, Captain!” Better. 

“I can’t hear you!” 


“Oooh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” 

“Spongebob Squarepants!” 

“Absorbant and yellow and porous is he!” 

“Spongebob Squarepants!” 

A few seconds later and ending it with Anna’s cackling for the song, Anna was completely satisfied and wanted to continue watching the show in Elsa’s arms. She was in the middle of watching it until she gasped and paused it. She turned to Elsa. 

“What?” Elsa asked. 

“I wanna ask you something.” 


“What are the notes that a pirate can sing?” 

“Anna, don’t–”

“A high C!” 

“Oh my god.” 

Bandcamp Binging (4/26):  Already Dead Tapes & Records

Descriptions by Mr. Q

[Already Dead Tapes and Records. Chicago, IL]:

More Eaze - (frail)

(sort of harsh noise oriented indie pop/R&B with elements of classical music, from Austin, TX)

Crown Larks - Blood Dancer

(Radiohead-influenced jazz, post punk elements, from Chicago, IL)

Anybody But The Cops - This Machine Sews Patches

(progressive jazz-influenced metal/hardcore punk, Naked City comes to mind, from Kalamazoo, MI)

Yeesh - No Problem

(post-hardcore punk, a little grunge, from Chicago, IL)

Coin Locker Kid - Hailstorm and Maelstrom

(weirdo noise pop / hip-hop, incredibly wide-ranging and eclectic, from Austria)

Obody - Except For A Song

(dark ambient folk, from Caroline, NY)

Tommaso Di Tommaso - Omero

(harsh rhythmic and layered noise, from Italy)

Matthew Squires & The Learning Disorders - Where The Music Goes To Die

(folk-oriented indie rock/pop, from Austin, TX)

Be My Friend In Exile - Creator, You Destroy Me

(folky ambient noise, nice and muddy, from London, GB)

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Fave bag you own?

Hello !

Ooooo it’s this vintage-y bag I stole from my mum ! 
She got it from Japan in the 80′s when she lived there.
It’s a little black drawstring bag with gold embellishments. Chains on the short handles, one long thin strap and gold circles on the criss cross pattern patching of the black bag if that makes sense HAHAHA
It’s honestly a magic bag, it fits EVERYTHING. But it’s also so small as well.
I can literally fit a pair of heels in it and a wallet.
I love it so so so much, if I’m not using this bag, I’m using this bag.
The fabric is AMAZING, so durable, it’s kind of like got tiny verticle lines going down it. Like that kind of fabric ?  HAHAHA I can’t describe it OMG.


The young, the old and the dead (part one)

A stereo blasts rock and roll
Fingers tap against thighs
Thinking too hard trying to keep a beat
You’ll do fine, promise you’re not tone deaf
Front row at another show
Making eye contact with quick fingered lads
Songs blur into each other
And faces mix like colours on a palette
The taste shocked my palette
Hips swaying, legs moving
Arms off doing their own thing
Which is your favorite pastime ?
Patches from visions are ironed in your skull
Stained glass headaches aren’t so bad
Young, drunk and dying to symphonies
It could be worse

To be continued

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Six Sentence Sunday

From PAHC, some melancholy ramblngs about Chris and his garden.


By the others’ best guess, the place had been abandoned for at least a year before they claimed it as their own, and the garden had suffered for it. Weeds had overrun the little patch of earth, the tomatoes had been brutalized by the birds, and the lettuce was completely unsalvageable. Chris had to work for almost a whole week just to figure out what could be saved and what couldn’t. Then there was weeding, pruning, and replanting. Some of the plants had to be moved inside so they could be babied. Some didn’t make it.

The carrots, kale, and potatoes were the survivors in the end. Chris had to start the tomatoes and bell peppers from scratch, but the plants are already germinating in their pots in the kitchen window. Chris guesses they will be ready to move into the garden in a couple more weeks. There is some fruit too—some blueberries and strawberries on the edge of the garden, plus some blackberries and rhubarb that he found growing wild on other parts of the land and transplanted. It’s a good start.

The first time Zach ventured out of the cabin, moving slow on his unsteady legs, Chris brought him to the garden to show him his handiwork. He pointed out each patchwork section, talked with pride about the chicken wire fence Manny helped him build to keep the animals out of it. He looked at Zach and expected pride or congratulations or hope that they could survive here. Zach had shielded his eyes against the sun, stared at the garden for a couple silent minutes, then turned and started to walk away. When Chris called after him, he paused, just for a moment, his shoulders stiff.

“We should get some citrus,” he said, his head turned to the side so Chris could only see his profile, not his expression.

Today, Chris is planting an orange tree.

    Med Jacks managed to patch me up, but I don’t think it’ll ever be the buggin’ same again,” said the boy with an underlying trace of bitterness in his words as he absently laid his palm across his ankle with a ginger sort of care; a flinch passed over his features, a wince of pain that very well may have been a mixture of both physical hurt as well as the burden of reliving the very moment at the sheer thought of it.

Now that Maxx and I have finally finished dinner-binging Netflix Daredevil, I’ve been poking around the internet reading every nice thing that people’ve had to say, and it feels. So. Good. “Street-level” Marvel has been our Big Two thing for the last decade or so, and while it’s had its…uh…rocky patches just like the rest of the extended universe…the diamonds remain two out of our three franchise comics crown jewels, and it all began with Bendis and Maleev’s “Eisner award-winning run” on Daredevil (#26-81). Daredevil is one of those Marvel properties that can lead to pretty interesting comics, not being well-known enough to cause mass outrage with experimentation, but being well-known enough to be taken relatively seriously in the arena, and there’re several runs recommendable for a variety of reasons. But if you liked the tone of the show and are interested in visiting the comics, I would urge you to seek out the Bendis/Maleev foremost - I have my quarrels with Bendis, but his style works beautifully for pulp-noir New York, and the exceptionally cinematic (for better or worse, if you know anything about the amazing Bulgarian enigma that is “Sasha” Maleev) art make this run an ExperienceTM that, in my opinion, strikes the closest to the televisual. “Out” remains one of our most treasured TPBs, and not just because we got it signed by Maleev (as pictured :B).

But, hey, don’t take it from me - take it from Daredevil himself:

…However, the greater part of my preparation was spent reading comics. I think you will find influence from many of the DD writers and illustrators over the years. Personally, I found Bendis/Maleev runs incredibly helpful in terms of the tone of our show. - Charlie Cox (x)


Our other street-level Marvel diamond is Brubaker/Fraction (but you can tell when it becomes mostly Fraction) and Aja’s The Immortal Iron Fist, and Danny Rand, the original cinnamon roll (too rich, too white, that is), is basically our Marvel homeboy, so it’ll be interesting to see if we’ll be making a similar rec post when Netflix Iron Fist comes out, or weeping fanboy rage…

And now, a few thoughts on the Netflix Daredevil nobody wanted to know, under Read More in case of…spoilers?!

Keep reading

Friends and followers I am going through a really rough patch right now and I am going to keep trying to work on Aquaphago as I go honestly but my output motivation is pretty much 10% which kinds of sucks because I actually took the time to sit down and plan some stuff.

So I’ll work a little on that.

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♟: Patching up a wound  [ meme | status; no longer accepting ]

   Must you do it like that?’ he scowled, in test of the writer’s patience. How she’d come to assist a stranger was honestly common to an ethereal Jisoo – she is, in the words of her seniors, the epitome of a walking angel. Though often denying so in appearance she would admit to caring excessively. If it had been her after all, she would never make it home without assistance.

And there was more at test here than just her temperament. How long she could keep aiding him, without yielding to the temptations of using her own prowess. It would take no more than a finger to reverse the damages – one application of Zeus’ gifts, though she was sworn to secrecy of all things useful and so much so at impeccable timing.. As she donned a look of apology, she nevertheless continued with the alcohol. Ignoring his subtle grunts, no matter how irksome it was to hear them. When the bandaid was thoroughly pressed on she would then the guide the male to his feet, but having her hand rejected was unsurprisingly the closing outcome.

❝You’re welcome,❞ she remarks sarcastically. Trying with all efforts to finish smoothly. Resisting the urge to roll her eyes was a much harder task than expected, but the nametag on his assumed uniform posed enough interest to silence her stress. ❝Kim… Ji… Soo? Well would you look at that, we have the exact same name.❞

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What about alpha!Stiles who's always losing fights over omega!Scott because he's not as strong as some other alphas and he has to watch them try to court his Scott 😢

stiles losing fights not because he’s some weak ass but like you said sometimes there are alphas stronger that him + stiles has never trained any martial arts so he loses, from time to time

more often since biological!omega scott became a true alpha werewolf-wise; many biological!alpha weres [whose rank in pack wary; sometimes there are weres who are both biological and werewolf-rank alphas at the same time] want to get that ass.

and come on, stiles is human and can’t use dirty tricks in fights so how is he to compete with werewolf strength?

so he limps back home, over and over again but scott is always there already, waiting to help patch stiles up. 

“Scotty, shouldn’t you be at home, courted, instead of babysitting me?” Stiles says, trying to play everything off as a joke, as if he doesn’t mean any of those fights, pretending he doesn’t want to be the one to court Scott for good.

“They’re not going to do it right away,” Scott grumbles, frustrated, pressing the compress to Stiles’ cheek. “They will at least go home and change their clothes first.”

“Can’t impress the finest omega with bloodied clothes, huh?”

“No, actually. I would rather have you take them off.”

“Well, I’m not the one who’s going to be courting you,” Stiles mumbles, lowering his head and wishing Scott wouldn’t be here now to see him like this.

“Oh, you will be. Because I will turn down every other alpha who shows up at my door until you win this useless pissing contest proving to yourself, unnecessarily may I say so, that you’re wroth of courting me,” Scott says, irritation clear in his voice.

“I will?”

“Yes, you will.”

And Stiles does. Three fights, one dislocated arm and two broken ribs later but he does.

Sorry. I’m too much to handle and I can see the damaging effects to not only you but us. I want to be the one who can uplift us in this time of pain. Just want you to know it hurts and I’m doing my best to patch it up. I just want to be special enough for you to talk about and tell others about and to let the world see I’m the best for you. I want me to represent you in the best way possible. When people think about me to think about how good I’m treating you. I know it shouldn’t matter what others think but it does to me when you’re the only one that matters. I want my love for you to be acknowledged for the best and only the best. I want to be the best lover ever. I love you.

I always get excited when I hit 65 but then I remember I dont have people to run dungeons with so I dont do end game stuff so i fall behind then the cycle repeats with each patch.

Id blame it on the server but it would be the same deal no matter where i am.