We had so much fun backstage and then that darn Darren had to look straight in the audience to say goodbye as Harry – you thought there were tears in the audience? You should have seen backstage – we were all up against the curtain looking up at the two big screens. Literally not a dry eye in the cast. The camaraderie amongst the fans – complete strangers crying on each other’s shoulders… Their love was like a warm blanket.
—  Pat Brady (x)

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9./9./6./8. Danny Amendola

Danny is clearly a winner. Not only did he appear on both of our lists, but he’s landed himself a spot catching passes from future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady. Many have acclaimed Amendola as a newer, younger version of former Pats WR Wes Welker and with a young depth chart behind him, he has a lot of pressure to live up to the big free agency move, but he may already be an asset to a very good-looking Patriots team (you know, power rankings wise ;D).

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