The Diorsnow 2015 Collection is out!

The bad news is - the Diorsnow collection is an Asia-exclusive, and except for times where Nordstroms has exclusive releases during some promotional periods, the products are not sold outside of East Asia. 

Fingers crossed that this happens soon! In the meantime, if you’d like to see how the drop dead gorgeous “Diorskin Rainbow” powder (Les Neiges de Diorsnow in 001 Rainbow if you want to get technical) works on the face, as well as how the blush performs, hop on over to the page below for a full run-down of each of the products I picked out from the collection as “splurge worthy”.

There’s a reason this powder was never even displayed in stores but is already out of stock at the few boutiques where it’s available. (The team is ordering more, so just check back with them and leave a name and contact if you’re dying to own one.)