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Steal The Look: Scandinavian Interiors

There’s a reason why Scandinavian interiors never go out of style. They just make you feel good. For me, that’s the marker of a great room—its ability to change and uplift your mood. Every scandinavian-inspired space that  I’ve been in or seen, instantly made me feel more calm and content. So in honour of one of my favorite design styles, I thought I’d put together different ways by which you can get the look:

Balance: Notice how in the first photo, the room still looks serene despite the bold rug. This is achieved by pairing such a choice with subdued elements.

Play with Texture: While the color schemes in scandinavian spaces are usually pretty uniform, the textures used vary quite a bit. Don’t be afraid to mix faux fur, cotton, knit and crochet all together!

A Touch (or a tonne!) of Black and White: There’s something so stylish yet timeless about black and white!

Gallery Wall: A gallery wall is a great way to inject personality into your home and to show off things you love. Include posters of your favorite movies, travel photos or quirky prints!

Mis-matched Dining Chairs: Add interest to your dining area by mis-matching your dining chairs for a look that’s less catalogue.

Add Color via Accessories: Keep a subdued color palette and add pops of color via artwork, textiles, small furnishings or an accent wall.

Mix Old & New: Scandinavian spaces are known for their mix of modern and vintage elements so don’t be afraid to combine more expensive pieces with your Craigslist findings!

Via Apartment Therapy, Home-Designing, and Home Design Lover