Imagine that all the pastas are actually people in a creative writing class. They were told by there teacher to write a horror story using themselves as an antagonist.
Jeff is writing furiously, as Jane sits beside him copying his story. Ben is typing his story out. Rake is doodling on his paper, drawing a monster. LJ is juggling three balls of paper and is sent to the office because of it. EJ is sleeping. Ticci toby biting his nails
And Masky and Hoodie come in late, and don’t have time to make one. -Kitt-chan

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Name? Dana

Nickname? Delta, as you already know.

Birthday? October 6th (coming real soon! ;) )

Gender? Female

Sexuality? Straight as a ruler

Height? 5’9” (I’m short… :„( )

Time zone? Uhhhh…Central, I guess? Same as T.

Current time? 4:29. Just got home from school!

Last thing you Googled? “Laughing Jack gif” (don’tjudgeme)

First word that comes to mind? Weekend!

What you last said to a family member? “Just a sec…I’m on Tumblr!” (My life in one sentence XDD)

One place that makes you happy? Bookstores! They’re like libraries, but better ^^

Last movie you saw in a theatre? Mr Peabody and Sherman

Something you can’t live without? The Internet. Also, oxygen. And food. And water. But mostly the Internet.

Something you plan on learning? How to drive

A piece of advice for your followers? Don’t procrastinate. It’ll come back to bite you in the ass later.

Song to listen to? Taylor Swift-“Shake It Off”. It’s a nice, happy, feel-good song.

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Title: Fixing A Broken Soul

Author: CrystallizedInsomniac

Pairing: Sally Williams/Jeff The Killer

Words: 3,201.

Fandom: Creepypasta

Summary:  It’s a messed up way of learning how to cope, but he doesn’t have doubts about Sally’s intentions, after all, the most broken people are the ones that need each other the most. 

Based on: Pastaheadcanon #299

Tags: Implied Character Death, Comfort/Hurt, Angst, Friendship/Love, Swearing, Cursing, Self-hatred.

A/N: I haven’t written character x character in a while, lets see how this turns out. Also, adding my interpretation of Sally’s personality because I’m kinda tired of seeing her being all sweet and whatnot. She was raped and then killed, I doubt she would be a happy ghost jfc. 

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s-nana14 said:

I'm a nerd who loves the character Ben Drowned way too much. XD But honestly, I've been following before you made this blog. I found your blog when you drew that picture of Ben with the scarf (the one that was inspired by a headcanon). Which I've been meaning to say, you actually drew like, 3 (one is animated) pictures of Ben that were inspired from my headcanons that I submitted from pastaheadcanons! XD So yeah! That's how I found you! :D You're cool!

Mun: oh my god I didn’t know that!! ily and thanks a lot! You were actually the one who encouraged me to make this blog, so yeah, everyone thank s-nana!!

1#Quotes :3

"Do not let the madness overcome you, control it and use it to survive this insane world…"
~ Ticci-Toby Rogers

"I got so sick of being on my own…" 
~ Ticci-Toby Rogers

"Jeff is a morning person and tends to wake people up too early because he gets bored being the only one awake"
~ PastaHeadCanon #102

"The shadows on my wall don’t sleep" 
~Ticci-Toby Rogers