Eggy Spaghetti Soup!

This recipe is super easy and super fast and has definitely become a staple for when I want a comfort-food kind of meal with no effort. It’s a one-pot meal where the pasta cooks right in the broth, so you don’t need to drain it or anything.

-Spaghetti: one portion (however much that is for you)

-egg (1-2, depending on how hungry you are)

-water+ bouillon or broth (I use chicken, but veggie would work well too!)

Boil the water and bouillion or broth. I use about 2+ cups; enough to come about ¾ of the way up my smallish pot. When the water is boiling, add the spaghetti (I like to break mine in half so it fits in the pot better). Cook per package directions, but since this is a small pot I usually have to cook mine an extra minute or two. When the pasta is done, crack your egg(s) into a bowl, mix lightly, and stir directly into the pasta + liquid (like egg drop soup). Turn off the heat and keep stirring, the eggs will cook very fast. When the egg is cooked, pour out into a bowl and enjoy!! The noodles soak up some but not all of the liquid so it’s part soup, part stew, part saucy pasta. The broth/bouillion is salty so you don’t need to add any extra salt but I usually add some pepper.

Add ins: spinach, scallions, mushroom, canned corn, any cooked vegetable, cooked protein (tofu, chicken breast, shrimp), hot sauce if that’s your thing, pretty much anything you’d add to plain broth you can add to this to bulk it up. I only ever make enough for one portion, so I’m sure you can double to serve two it but I don’t know how well it would keep. 

Low spoons soy free and GERD safe chow mein (sort of)


1lb noodles 

1 tray of meat/half pound of shrimp/equivalent protein (I used turkey)

2 tablespoons of fish sauce

several spoonfuls of dried ginger/seasonings of choice

a handfull of parsley leaves (finely chopped, consider this a vegetable) 

1 shredded carrot

half a bag of frozen peas

enough oil for the wok/frying pan

water for the noodles to cook

other veggies if you want them


put your protein into a container and put in the fish sauce and half the ginger or other seasoning, mix them up so the protein is fully covered, and cover the bowl, put it into the fridge for half an hour or longer. Then heat up the oil in the wok (or frying pan) and dump the protein in, cook (on a medium heat) it until it is all just about fully cooked, add your veggies (lower the heat even more) and in a pot cook up the noodles, by the time they are done, the veggies should be softened up. Drain the noodles and dump them into the frying pan, mix around, add the seasoning. Stir it around for another minute or two and then plate it and enjoy! (this should last 2-3 meals for one person)