This week it’s @KristinaHorner's turn to recommend a game - have you heard of Pass the Pigs? #dicegames #GotM 

Pass the Pigs

My brother’s at uni, so Mum’s been having a tidy up in his room. She stumbled across the absolute beast off a game that is Pass the Pigs. I used to play it when I was all small and cute and that, so it was pretty epic to be reunited with the pigs again.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m on about, Pass the Pigs is “The original game of chance using pigs as dice”. On the box, it also says “After all, pigs are lucky and pigs have class”, and has a picture of two pigs in tophats with monacles, smoking and wearing bowties. Pretty much, you score points depending on how the pigs land. It looks a bit like this:

You can even play online here, but it’s nothing compared to the actual game.

Kristina Reviews Pass the Pigs! #DiceGames

Published on 25 Jan 2014

Pass the Pigs is a “dice” game favorite of Kristina’s. What do you think?
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