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I went to Morehead State until I transferred. I'm from Ohio, but all of my family is from eastern kentucky! My friend (from Kentucky) sent me pics of the snow, it's a shit ton for Kentucky. Stay warm :D

thank you! 

I used to live in Morehead for a while growing up. nice little campus town. did you ever eat at Pasquale’s pizza shop? kinds miss it. 


Martín De Pasquale: Crazy Photo Manipulations

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Many artists who have mastered Photoshop to perfection. More rare are those who use it with inventiveness. Martín De Pasquale belongs to the latter category. Through the magic of digital editing, the young Argentine tipped everyday gestures - shaving, reading, eating - in the dream and humor. 



Tumblr Artist

Pasquale D’Silva | on Tumblr (Australia/USA) - Triangimals

Born in Sydney and based in San Francisco, Pasquale D’Silva is an illustrator and animator spending his time making Art & inventing Software at Elepath Studio. His work is often humorous and super-fun. Pasquale is also an awesome person, he loves dogs, bears, Tumblr, the woods and dinner dates. We met Pasquale thanks to Jenna.

Triangimals print available here >

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