Trivia from Shidu’s interview in PASH! [August 2014]

 - The scene Shidu loved the most was when Konoha rescued Hibiya and Hiyori.   

-  They also liked the last part (the part after the title screen appeared) of act 07 「Konoha no Sekai Jijou」. In that scene, Haruka, who up till then hadn’t seemed to mind anything  and always smiled as if everything were not his business, finally spoke his mind and acted like a normal human.

- Shidu liked the depiction of “the other world” in act 04 「Kagerou Daze」.  In addition, it seemed the BGM in that part had been created solely by a guitar.

- Even though it seemed like quite a long time had passed, everything in Mekakucity Actors actually happened in just a day or two. Therefore, the plot was really thick.  Additionally, although everyone had their own tales, the anime was able to combine them into a single story. Those are the reasons why Shidu thought people were captivated by Mekakucity Actors.

- Shidu drew the storyboard of the Opening and made the Ending of Mekakucity Actors. While drawing the Ending was relatively the same as making normal PVs, because Shidu had to work with others for the Opening, they had to adjust their handwritings in a way that people could understand… Shidu admitted that their writings were so dirty that they themself were the only one who could read them.

-  Because the key of「daze」 was too high, Jin had to use editor programs to pitch his voice higher to match with the tune.  When Shidu received the demo, Jin’s voice sounded just like helium voice. The voice in the demo was extremely weird and creepy, but very funny at the same time. It made Shidu laugh really hard. Shidu referred to Jin’s voice in the demo as “Vocal: Shizen no Tekiko-chan”.

- As for 「days」, Shidu  said that maybe they just had to put in the credits and the PV would give off the feel of an anime… However, later Shidu mentioned that although they had had their PVs shown on TV before, they still felt uncertain when making 「days」because it was going to be included in an actual TV program.

- The ED turned out to be not as catching as Shidu’s other PVs.

- The anime’s staff would draw the rough sketches for the character designs  first and then gave it to Shidu for correction. The design Shidu had to edit the most was Seto’s. According to Shidu, at first, Seto looked like a whole new different character. His hairpin was attached to some weird place and he gave off a really mature feeling.

- The reason why Momo has her chain is because Shidu doesn’t want to draw frill.

- Shidu wanted Kano to leave an everlasting impression on the audience.

- Shidu said that they wanted to cherish and spoil Kano; they wanted Kano to become happy.

- According to Shidu, Jin once said that “How did he (Kano) end up in that kind of situation and with that kind of personality?”

- Shidu wanted Kano to have some kind of companion in the future, to have a girlfriend, who would stay by his side. Shidu wanted Kano to lead an easy and carefree life, without having to deal with that much problems after Mekakucity Actors ended.

- Meanwhile, Shidu said they really wanted to bully Konoha. They thought it was really weird that even though they loved Konoha the most, they still wanted to bully him.

- When Mekakucity Actors aired, Shidu took a special liking to Kano, especially his character design and his voice. Shidu said that anime! Kano really gave off a “Kano-ish” feeling.

- Shidu thought anime!Haruka was manlier than light novel!Haruka.

- Shidu loved Kido’s voice.

- Kido’s, Kano’s and Haruka’s voices were exactly what Shidu thought those three would sound like.

- Everything pretty much remained the same even after Mekakucity had ended. They were worried whether Kano would be able to change when he still possessed his ability… Everyone would still meet each other, but because nothing important really happened, Mekakushi Dan would probably disband… or not but Kido would be very sad.

- Shidu wanted to draw more about “the snake” (well, as in our good old Kuroha) because in the anime, he just suddenly showed up and then disappeared immediately afterwards. They wanted to have a story about the meeting of Azami and “the snake”. Shidu hoped that scene would happen in the manga, or maybe in an anthology.

- Even though the anime ended already, Kagerou Project is still in progress. Shidu hoped the readers would still continue to support KagePro.


Haru was taller than Mako in the terrible flashback scene but Mako was 6cm taller by sixth grade, so I’m guessing something like this had to happen in elementary school.

Also, I think it’s adorable how Makoto acts like the younger kid when he’s alone with Haru (like in the duet CD) even though it usually seems like he’s the more mature one when everyone else is around. 


Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus: Character design & Staff interview

Funny how they had the courage to include William in the title page, but not the guts to present his full design or give any comment whatsoever. _(:з」∠)_

Grell, time to take your yellow suit blue vest-wearing fashion disaster of a boyfriend home.

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