the sixth dimension

humans who have had the grace of observing the beings of sirius have found that they perceive beyond the third dimension, with some species even living in the sixth dimension. paschat live in that dimension. i experience a lot of deja vu because of this, i believe, since the sixth dimension is essentially seeing the infinite possibilities of universes with and without certain choices or things. some past memories about nev tell me that their species is able to “jump” between universes, which allows them to prevent war and conflicts. i’m assuming that with infinite universes, the time a choice is made is different. with the ability to see in sixth dimensions, the paschat can see this time difference and fix their actions accordingly (although why they would mess up when they see infinite universes playing out before them in every universe is beyond me, but no one is perfect i suppose).

it’s deeper than just “if i did this a minute earlier”, though, that, i think, is more of the fifth dimension. dimensions are creepy little things to decipher when you are human… anyway, sometimes i feel like that this reality i am in now is nev simply sitting in on another timeline, or just glancing through my eyes at it. it’s the world where nev is human. or maybe i’ts not. i just feel like it sometimes. what is special about this world than the infinite others? are dinosaurs still alive in another timeline? it’s an interesting concept that has my human mind wrapped into knots – the third dimension is actually quite a narrow space to live in. damn, i’d love to see into a world of dinosaurs just to see what colors they are and what kind of dino i would be if i lived with them!

as to if the 6d beings perceive six dimensions in shapes? i have no idea. at the moment, i can’t even fathom what a 4d shape is, by far a sixth dimensional one. i’m assuming it’s similar to the third dimension, just with more depth, but i couldn’t tell you. hopefully one day i will know!

about me

hi! i’m pony, my kin name is nev. i’m a 17-year-old androgyne and i go by lor/lurr/lordself pronouns (she/her are acceptable for non-native english folk and people who have language disabilities). this blog is primarily going to be made up of things that remind me of home, random pretty things and occasionally my own writing as i continue to learn about nev and their home.

i am pretty new to the otherkin community, although i’ve never once felt human. knowing there are other beings out there that feel the same is the most amazing feeling! (:

nev is a paschat, an alien species of feline humanoids, and while my connection to them is certain, i am unsure as to if they are simply a past life or if we are a starseed. nev is from a rainforest planet from the sirian star system, and i believe they are some kind of scientist or doctor. nev is a saber tooth paschat, but they aren’t of any known earth species of feline; their appearance can be compared to a modern cheetah with light fur, a lion’s mane and saber teeth. they are also smaller than others of their kind, which probably explains their profession since most paschat are warriors.

i’m always up for talking, and i would love to meet other kin! if there are any alienkin out there like me, seriously hmu i would love to meet you~