emos at house parties
  • friend:oh c'mon this is a party and you're just using the wifi. get off your phone. you're being such a killjoy
  • me:*ray gun materializes*
  • friend:erm sorry just put the gun awa-
  • me:keep runnin'
  • *everyone at the party abandons the house in fear*

So I’ve been playing around with some facepaints in prep for NYE. I’ve got a costume party to go to and its robot themed :) I LOVE love love my hand and arm paint so this is just to show that off.

My second thing is about the face. Imagine silver all over beneath everything too please first… Buuuuut Is the face paint better with the cheek panels (photo one) or without (photo two)??

Help a sister out!

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''You are very strong, Mayu. Even when things are looking down, you always have a smile on your face. And you've always been so mindful of family and friends. Much more so than I. You're always willing to shed a tear in sympathy when times are tough, no matter who's watching.'' - Morishige

tilt your head back. un-knot the sparrows caught in the courtyard of your throat. compose the trestle that nestles your nape. rest your neck in the pillow of my palms. a german bee searching the jaw-mist of a full bloom waterlily.  blindfold a guaze of mexican lace over the window of your gaze. come faithful. come lost. a small dog that dreams of never-ending light. a child deposited at a church’s confession box. soften the taut spire of your torso. let your limbs be a loose language. stutter a shape. bring your coal-dust filth. the silt lining the silica of your strands. bring the fires you tasted tonight. there is nothing ordinary about wonder. become a word my mouth can bend at will. let my fingers twirl the dark licorice of your day. sugar the pause of each fingerprint. leave a little of your flint to spark a search party. you will not be found. your head - a hurricane drawn from black crayon. to massage the dome of bone. sinew sold to chirapsia. your shadow glows as a wick’s tallow caught in a lamp full of linseed oil. i rake kohl from the purple slur of the eclipse. the room opens itself as vespertine’s lilac umbrella. the liquid linger of saw palmetto and nettle essence. absinthian stutter of aloe. thumbs kneading the blooddrunk cartilage. an earlobe with the curvature of a halved gypsy mushroom. to clean its cove of the collected distance; its growling tinnitus. hands that cup the crescent of the scalp’s luminous satellite. sending signals down to the gravity of shins. warmth licking the roots of tree-dirt. think the bellrope of your childhood’s swing. think a bath where petals of camomille swim like albino fish. i will sieve the cold scent of this water through my knuckles. now, the rinse of vinegar and honey raging its cinnamon-colored foam. a battalion of bubbles; their kamikaze crash. you say smoke never washes off. not for weeks. look how easily it climbs up the totem pole of my fingers. look how it cleans itself to camphor. look how quickly it undresses and disappears. i stretch the tarpaulin of the towel over the garden i have just watered. your hair now clean of its past. to flood the sag of your shallow dreams. to erode your nightmares. to give you the gift of a quiet head. to hold it again and again in the lullaby of my hands. 

Scherezade Siobhan© 

Need My Anchor

A/N: So Val’s recent tweets inspired this little gem, nothing to serious. Just an idea that popped into my head. Hope you all enjoy! Also I apologize for any grammatical errors! 


He let out a deep sigh while rubbing his tired eyes. He glanced at the clock in his hotel room, it was 3:00 in the morning. He let out another sigh and then retreated to the empty bed, letting his mind wonder. He let out another deep sigh. He was lonely. Yes he had his friends while on tour but friends are not family. And for Val, family is over everything.  

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I have been writing for the AIMN for about fourteen months. Tony Abbott being elected Prime Minister made me realise it is all hands on deck to save this country and I have been trying ever since to inform myself and others of the truth.

During that time I have read so many good suggestions mingled with a lot of frustration. To all who have made suggestions and passed on things they have read, I thank you. I have learned a lot.

I can only hope that someone with more power than a middle-aged woman in jammies has been listening to you.

In the New Year I hope that Bill Shorten and the Labor Party will emerge with some ideas and commitments as to the direction in which they want this country to go.

Here is my list of things I would like to hear about from Labor.

A firm commitment to action on climate change

We have a government who sees our success in reducing emissions as a reason to lower our targets instead of a spur to increase our goals and speed up the inevitable adjustment to a sustainable energy future.

A commitment to defend Medicare

Consult with the health industry to come up with areas to make savings or use funding more effectively.

Consider raising the Medicare levy, consider voluntary euthanasia – also consider explaining that we CAN afford universal health care and make the case for it.

Investment in education

Commit to the original Gonski funding but don’t take money from the universities to pay for it. Education is an investment in our future. Take on board the suggestion for maths and science specialists in primary schools.


Consider reinstating the Commonwealth Employment Service. Currently, employment and recruitment agencies take a lot of money from employers while signing employees up to contracts that deprive them of entitlements. Eliminate the middle man, employ some public servants, and hook people up with worthwhile employment.

Eliminate work for the dole type schemes.

Public transport

Push the advantages of public transport for our cities and high speed rail linking our capital cities via regional areas.

Investment in research and innovation

Stop this ridiculous short term thinking that cutting funding to agencies like the CSIRO is a saving. We NEED ideas for the future and employment for our best and brightest. We also need agencies like the BoM keeping us informed about the science.

Federal ICAC

We need this for so many reasons. It MUST be done to put some integrity and trust back into the political system.


Is it too late to salvage the NBN? Can something be done about Telstra’s strangle hold?

Asylum seekers

We need a completely new approach where this discussion is put back into perspective. With over 60,000 people overstaying their tourist and student visas last year, the few asylum seekers who come by boat should hardly be considered a burden.

Change the debate to what Australia’s contribution to the global refugee crisis should be and stop paying poor countries to shoulder our responsibilities.

Foreign Aid

If we are to have any credibility, any decency, we must increase our Foreign Aid back to promised targets and beyond if we can afford it. We use a disproportionate amount of the world’s finite resources and we are not carrying our weight in paying for that by lifting others out of poverty and protecting them from human rights abuses.

Income Inequality

It is unconscionable that 1 in 7 Australians live in poverty. Increasing Newstart and other welfare payments by $50 a week would go a long way to producing a demand driven boost to the economy whilst contributing to an easing of the health, educational and social disadvantage felt by so many Australians.

Housing Affordability

With over 100,000 Australians homeless, we need to do something urgently to help provide more affordable housing. An important aspect of Australia’s egalitarian past was home ownership. Current policies make this an unaffordable dream for most.


Forget expensive paid parental leave and rebates for nannies – work on providing quality affordable childcare for those of us who have no choice but to work.

I understand that it costs money to provide the society we all want so here is a list of places to find some:

Corporate tax avoidance

Superannuation tax concessions

Capital gains and negative gearing tax concessions

A financial transactions tax

Increased Medicare levy

Changes to the provisional tax rates

Carbon pricing

An improved mining tax

Fossil fuel subsidies

Defence spending

Politicians (past and present) entitlements

I hope you use the break to come up with a plan and come out fighting in 2015. This middle-aged woman in jammies needs some help.

—  Kaye Lee - AIM Network Australia