Hello! 😀🐸
Yes they do! Especially when it’s their birthday!
Here are Jens and Voigt in their special custom birthday hats from their birthday party last year, you can see their party photos here! 🐸🐸🐸🐸

worldwidewoman replied to your photo “once i won best dressed at a lady gaga house party and my disco stick…”

omg what please speak more on the pool party + boat disaster

I honestly need to tag these I refer to them so often

the pool party incident: in high school that girl threw a pool party for her 18th and her family is very christian and I arrive with a bottle of vodka and I’m wearing a tiara (to her birthday…) and by the end of the night i was throwing up on the pool deck and this girl’s dad and her boyfriend picked me up to take me to my car and people told me later I wiped my mouth all over them both but I have no recollection at all

the boat disaster: her dad bought a boat (like a 2 storey mini yacht thing… idk i’m not a boat expert) and he let me drive it (I was like 16 and definitely on SOMETHING at the time it was highly illegal) and it was all fun UNTIL we head back to the marina and the wind picks up and her dad tries to get the boat to his parking spot 


he legiterally just crashed into every single yacht in the marina like they were bumper cars and people are coming out of their boats and yelling and her mother was on deck trying to push us off another boat and she was CRUSHED and we were like… 

who is driving us home if she has just lost the use of her leg…

so we’re all hiding below deck and the girl’s mother got gangrene or some awful infection and ended up in hospital

Despite calling England an old man to tease him, America loves how flexible his lover actually is. It inspired him to join some broga classes. ((Because I can see being America being insecure enough to call it that.))