• me reading smut:*not a single expression on my face, completely silent*
  • me reading fluff:oH MY GOSH JFHGFHGCCHGHCCHGGCHCHGHGFHDDGHHCGGCHGCHCHGHGCHGC HE JUST AND HE HE IS SO CUTE OH MY GOD I CANT HELP ALL THESE FEELINGS OH GOD *jumps around the room, makes interpretive dance about the feels and happiness, 8000000000 facial expressions*
Waluigiwatch's top 5 official Waluigi artwork



Just look at this beautiful man. Shaking his fist and scowling. Looking so big, bad and menacing all while holding a potted plant.



The iconic rivalry depicted in fine hand drawn art.



The first piece of artwork ever in depicting this beautiful man that is known as Waluigi. It lets you know everything you need to know about him. He’s a sore-loser, he’s frustrated, he’s angry, he’s lanky, he loves tennis, he will forever be trapped in the spin-off Mario game role.






Only Waluigi has the ability to ride a dodge-ball.