Thanks to each and every one of you guys for following me! I didn’t think I was going to get this many followers on an OC blog at all! So again, thank you! I drew a bunch of the users who’ve been following me for the longest time, so an extra large thank you to you all for putting up with my stupidity for so long! 

 The other ponies featured in this are:

     Wind Cheer - The snuggly green one


     Partway Mist - The not freaky decapitated one

     Scifesh - The red one with the awesome hat

     Grey Element - The adorable purple haired one

     Shady Knolls - The totally frightening ghost. Totally, you guys.

     Zephyr Wing - The cute royal guard

     Bandaid - The one with the bandaids

i had realized shortly after i uploaded the last pics of the rude boy that i had missed a perfect opportunity of his tongue being pierced too; anyway i went to rectify that and then just had fun with mouths


In order from left to right!

  • My mom, Twilight Velvet
  • My dad, Nightlight
  • Partway Mist, one of my assistants
  • Sugarless Bubblegum, a research volunteer
  • Sparks, my eldest daughter
  • Kaede, my assistant/prisoner/research subject
  • Silver Spoon (not native to my dimension) my apprentice
  • Myself, Twilight Sparkle
  • My pet… Arachnid, Penny
  • My younger daughter, Sunset
  • My Number 1 assistant and eldest son, Spike
  • My pet owl, Owlowiscious
  • My marefriend, Carapace
  • My younger son, Sunrise
  • My good friend, Highligh Silver
  • Spike’s pet phoenix, Peewee
  • Carapace’s body
  • My older brother, Shining Armor
  • My old baby sitter, and Shining Armor’s wife, Princess Cadence.

I’ve been in the mood for drawing a few humans lately - the human Partway world has been interesting enough and different enough to make me explore it, and the idea of drawing human versions of pony characters with realistically-coloured hair is something that I felt was sort of missing in pony art.

And since I managed to miss my 200 follower milestone, I wanted to double the effort here, in the 400 follower milestone. Picking a few people who’ve stood out to me and my progress in this blog so far, I drew their OCs, not only in a recreation of their own style, but also as my interpretation of their human versions.

The people are as follows:

Partway Mist - Modern Art.

Sailor Twilight/Seapony Luna - Double Sawing: Sailor has, plain and simple, been a great mate. Our chats are always friendly, we get along quite well, and we’re not afraid to help each other out when they need it. Seapony Luna, on the other hand… well, surprisingly, I don’t really remember what quality I particularly admire them by. They’re a fantastic person - no doubt about that: we’ve talked a little bit, and they’re very friendly and supportive; but the reason why I chose them to add to this is that they and Sailor seem to be one and the same recently. Seapony’s been drawing a lot of Sailor Scout ponies, and the two blogs just seem to be linked together by that. Also, I wanted an opportunity to draw a mermaid, and this trick was perfect for that.

Chubby Diamond Tiara - Shrinker: Chubby Diamond’s help hasn’t exactly been direct. Our mods haven’t talked, and outside of a question or two, our blogs haven’t really interacted. However, every time I’ve drawn their character, the delightfully plump filly, I’ve always made a leap in my own style. First time it was just drawing fat on a pony, but the second time was a whole method of shading. And now, it’s animation. But why the shrinker? Well, the thing that stands out to me isn’t the obesity, nor is it the characters (though they are a delight to see in my dashboard): it’s the casual acceptance and awareness of cartoon physics, namely flattening, that my eyes are immediately drawn to.

Exie - Vanishing: Ever since I found them through last year’s Secret Santa, I’ve enjoyed Exie’s stuff. And they’ve enjoyed mine, it seems: they’ve included Partway in a few posts, and both of their latest milestone pictures. The absolute least I could do in return is include them in one of mine.

Les Beyond - Lady-to-Animal (Gryphon/Harpy): To a similar, but lesser extent than Exie, Beyond’s included me in a couple of updates, so I felt obliged to draw something of them. And I wanted to, as well. I’ve never really drawn a gryphon before, and the transformation they’ve recently had in their blog to one (though it’s still uncertain whether it’s permanent or not), heavily reminded me of the transformative illusions in magic shows.

There are others that could fit just as well into here, but I was at the image limit here. Such people involve Jumblescarf, Pinkie Tai, Goth Mod, Philososhy, and pretty much the entirety of the Skype group Drawn on Skype, however it extends as far as all of you, the followers.

So thank you to these great people, and to you, for watching and enjoying this blog so far.

Penny Matthews

Partway Alternate Universe - Human (real world)

Penny always wanted to have magic. Ever since her first magic show… ever since her father pulled a coin out from behind her ear… in fact, ever since she was first read stories as a child, she wanted the mysterious magical powers that just felt so real.

Of course, magic doesn’t exist in the real world - a sad truth Partway learned after she almost sliced herself in half (don’t worry, she was only ten. And you can hardly see the scar). So she had to rely on just performing illusions.

Meeting up with Tracy, the only other person in her high school who at least had some passion for magic, the two started shows. Gradually they grew into the professionals they are today, earning enough to make a living, but not much more than that. Though as successful as they are, Penny can’t help but look up to her newfound idols: a group of six girls who are quite rapidly becoming the biggest thing in magic… 


Please enjoy 3 minutes of 62 baby birbs. You deserve some fluff therapy.


This is what happens when I take time off. #partway #littlebayroot (at Little Bay Root)