Reverbivore 001 Custom Jazzmaster  The Jazzmanager

After years of tinkering I finally had the chance to do my first custom build for my buddy Anthony “SlowFi.”  We had originally befriended each other over a mutual love for My Bloody Valentine and other noisy bands and he had long coveted owning his own Jazzmaster.  About two months ago he decided he wanted to pull the trigger.  Rather than trying to find an affordable model on the used or new market,  he decided to approach me to do a custom build.  The last two months have been a dramatic journey for the two of us as we pieced everything together.  The end result was an awesome player that turned out just how he wanted it without breaking the bank. For me it was an awesome learning experience that was the culmination of the last 15 years of everything I have ever learned about gear, music, and instruments.  Now I have the itch and really want to build another one, especially after all I learned from this build.

Here are the Specs:

  • Warmouth “Daphnie Blue” body
  • Warmouth Vintage Jazzmaster neck
  • Vintage bevel red tortoise pick-guard
  • Lollar Jazzmaster pickups (these babies are wound just like the vintage ones and ooh baby do they sing)
  • Mastery Bridge
  • Fender Tailpiece (eventually we want to up rage to a mastery tailpiece)
  • Kluson Tuner hardware
  • CTS 1Meg Linear and Audio Pots
  • Sprauge “orange drop” .033 microfarad capacitor
  • Cloth wiring (working with this stuff is a dream over the modern plastic shielded crap.)
  • Grolsch “Strap Locks”

More pics of the Octocaster.

A few years ago, I had to sell all my gear off to pay some huge bills. Afterwards I had some random parts lying around: an SX Telecaster body routed for a P90 in the neck, a Squier ProTone neck, and random telecaster hardware.

I had enough money months after the massive sell off to get a pickup from a Mexican Telecaster ($20!) and pay a guitar tech to put it all together ($80 I think?).

The painting was done by a family member out of boredom during either the summer or a holiday. The pesos, beer caps, and “crybaby” plate were random additions done at various times.

The fact that this guitar came together was pure luck. It was parts from previous projects and projects that were never started/finished. It plays well, sounds good, and can take a beating.