Ngayon lang ako magkwekwento kasi wala lang, ngayon lang nagka oras. Actually takas naman ako. (Tinatamad na ako magkwento sa puntong to). Naging partner ko si Charm! Tas pan lima kami sa na eliminate. Na injure, sugat sa kamay, dibdib at tuhod pero kaya naman. Tas meet up. Tek, ang tamad ko magkwento. Ge! Sum up na yan! :D

maerikishtar said:

"Bakura..." Marik mumbled, resting his headed on the door and knocking with a weak fist. "Help me."

Bakura opened the apartment door after a moment of looking through the peephole.


"Marik," he said, not happily. He recognized the other man’s face from seeing copies, though he could tell this wasn’t a Marik he’d met before. "Care to explain why you’re showing up at My doorstep at a time like this?"

Imagine #11

Plot: Liam and you are doing a last school project together on a Saturday night and decide to play Too Hot. [Sort of mature content?]

"We’re never going to finish this. It’s due Monday. We’re screwed." You said nervously as you were jotting down notes from your laptop. 

"Relax, we’ll get it done." Liam replied calmly. You looked up at him, lying in his bed while staring at his phone. 

"What the hell are you doing?" You impatiently asked. 

Liam let out a soft sigh and put his phone on his bedside table. “(Y/N), can you relax. Seriously, we’ll finish it. What do I need to do?” 

You grabbed the paperwork and sat in front of him on his bed. “Like everything! Goddammit, I knew I shouldn’t have been partners with you. We always procrastinate. I should’ve done it alone….” You frowned and looked down helplessly at the assignment paper in front of you. 

"Are you kidding me, You could never do it alone. I could. Obviously but you? All by yourself?" He replied raising his eyebrows.

You narrowed your eyes at him. “Okay…” you muttered softly. “Here.” you said sliding the assignment paper and notes to him. “Do it all by yourself.”

"What?! We can’t split up now, it’s too late." he said sliding the papers back towards you.

"Oh, I was not asking to split up. You do all the work, but we both get credit for it." You answered pushing the work back towards him again.

"So that’s how it is.” Liam said, finally catching on. “Fine, but it’s only fair we decide who does all the work through a little game. So it’s 100% fair.” 

"Okay. What game?" You asked. You may seem confident at the moment but in reality, you were a nervous wreck. Liam always had his ways with games, he would always win.

"Too hot." Liam answered licking his lips and then biting his bottom lip awaiting your response. 

"N-no. No, no, no, no. I am not kissing you!” You were shocked he would even came up with that. That was just wrong, you guys have been friends for a few months now and you weren’t going to let this game make things awkward between you two.

"(Y/N), it’s just a game. Come on. It’ll be fun." Liam replied with his cocky smirk. "You know you’ve been dying to kiss me anyway." He added with a wink.

You literally could feel your cheeks turn in to a bright red color and your heart beat a thousand times faster. “Oh yeah, for sure.” you replied sarcastically. 

"Come on. Whoever touches the other first, loses and has to finish the project all alone." Liam replied, moving all the paperwork aside. He then moved closer to you.

"Fine." You said shrugging. Liam’s lips curved in to a smile and then he leaned closer. His lips hovered in front of yours, less than an inch apart. You could feel your pulse quicken as he came closer and then he pressed his lips against yours. 

After a while, you both were basically passionately making out minus the touching. You tried your best not to touch him at all. You always had a habit of wrapping your arms around a guys neck when you two were kissing. Liam on the other hand was trying so hard to hold back from placing his hands all over your body. Although he would never admit it, he had the biggest crush on you. Your feisty and shy attitude, intelligence and beauty were all huge turn ons for him and he’s always wanted to kiss you and to have his hands travel all over your body as your arms held on to him. Being lost in his thoughts, Liam lifted his hands from his sides and slid them around his waist, pulling you closer to him so there was no space between your body. You pulled away from the kiss slowly, still leaning close to Liam’s lips.

"What’s wrong?" Liam asked, nervous that he made a wrong move by pulling you closer. You raised an eyebrow and it finally hit realization to Liam that he lost. He sighed softly and let out a small laugh.

"I hate you." He said as he put a lose strand of your hair behind your ear.

 You laughed and put your arms around his neck. “I don’t care, Dunbar. Don’t forget to include cited references at the end of the report.” you replied innocently.


*Keep in mind that I haven’t written an imagine in months. This is so bad lol, sorry guys. Give me some time. Also getting the hang of Liam is kind of hard since we’re just getting introduced to his character. I’ll get better, I promise. :)

Also, should I do an alternative version of this like I did with Isaac? Where you lose instead of him ? Let me know here. :)

So angry right now I can’t sleep. My partner’s parents keep invalidating the way he feels about the world because they can’t seem to understand that most people our age feel the same way. They think he can just look at shit from “a new perspective” and that’s supposed to magically make everything better. But it really seems like they just want him to stop talking about how messed up the world is because it bums them out. Starting to think they’re as narcissistic as my parents are.

anonymous said:

The Karasuno boys/mangers/Oikawa+Aone had broken up with their girlfriend because they needed to focus on volleyball/their studies/etc. How do they realize the mistake they've made and win them back?

Daichi: He would realize the mistake he made during class. He had always passed by his partner’s classroom during breaks and lunch, and now that he had broken up with them, he wouldn’t be able to have those small interactions with them again. So right after class he went to his partner’s classroom and literally dragged them away so he could talk to them about it.

Sugawara: During volleyball practice his mind just started to think of them. Soon enough he couldn’t stop thinking of his partner and the feeling of wanting to be with them again kept on gnawing at his mind. So he eventually went up to his partner to talk about it with them, conveying his feelings to them as best as he could.

Asahi: For the most part he felt pretty relaxed, but after a few weeks he would start to worry about his partner. Wondering if they were alright and if what he did was the right thing to do. These thoughts kept on bugging him to the point that he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything at all. He would try to talk to his partner casually first to earn their trust again before talking to them about getting back together.

Nishinoya: Every time he did something cool or found something interesting, he found himself texting his partner, only to stop himself as he realized they weren’t even dating anymore. After some time he just wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore and go straight up to his partner and tell them about his feelings.

Tanaka: He realized his mistake when he found his partner laughing and smiling with other people. He had missed the way they laughed when he had done something and he badly wished that they were smiling like that with him instead. Like Nishinoya, he would go straight to his partner and tell them what was on his mind.

Ennoshita: He actually realized it while he was studying. He had been so caught up with schoolwork and volleyball that he felt like he didn’t do enough to please his partner. He would start regretting his mistake and eventually it would lead him to tell his partner. He would talk to them after school and he would try to win them over by telling them that he would try harder to balance both school/volleyball and their relationship.

Kageyama: His partner usually came to practice to cheer him on, so when practice was over and no one was there to tell him that he had done great or he worked hard, he would realize it then how much he really needed his partner. He would casually ask them during break if they could talk together and if they agreed, he would tell them about it then. Trying as much as he could to tell them how much he really needed them in his life.

Hinata: He had realized his mistake when Natsu asked him why his partner didn’t come by to play as often. When Natsu told him that, something just hit him and all he wanted was to be with his partner again. He would try to find them after school to talk about it, he even had a whole speech ready just to convince them.

Tsukishima: He had missed teasing them and the little fights they had. Eventually the feeling of his partner not being with him anymore just kept on eating at him. He would then ask his partner to meet him up somewhere to talk about it, and he would clearly tell his them about his intentions of getting back together.

Yamaguchi: He would realize how much his partner helped him grow as a person. They had always supported him and believed him even when he stopped doing so. He would just miss him them so much. While having some small talk with his partner he would just bring it up without thinking. Since he had already said it, he would decide to go ahead and tell them how he felt.

Kiyoko: She would realize it when she no longer had someone to lend her a hand after practice and came by during breaks to give her some snacks. For awhile she would be hesitant to talk to them, but after building up some courage she would talk to them about it in private.

Yachi: They were always the ones to reassure her when she wasn’t sure of herself. When she doubted herself she instinctively texted them and then she would realize it then. Like Kiyoko, she would be hesitant to talk to them again, but after talking about it with her mom, she would walk up to them and tell them how she felt then.

Oikawa: He knew it was his fault when he no longer had someone cheering him on during practices and matches. He would turn around to look for them in the crowd, only to realize that they weren’t there to support him anymore. He would ask his partner if they could meet up and talk about it, and he would tell them very seriously that he wanted to get back together. Telling them that even though volleyball was important to him, losing them would absolutely break him.

Aone: He had missed talking to them. Even though they were the ones speaking half of the time, he enjoyed the conversations he had and listening to his partner talk about whatever was on their mind. He would try to find them after school and tell them about it. He would tell them straightforwardly about getting back with them. 

anonymous said:

Assalamo Alaikom. i'd like some few advises from you guys i just knew about my fiance's past and it's been really bothering me. i just can't let her go coz i love her but what can i do to accept what happened in her past? Jazakallaho Khairan

Walaykum Assalam,

Jazak Allah Khair for you kind words.

To be perfect honest, it isn’t easy accepting someone’s past. Especially when they past is full of sin or things that you are not to comfortable with. I’ll assume it’s some sin(s) or past lovers, usually in marriage that is what makes the other partner uncomfortable. 

In this case, as long as the person repented and realized what they have done is wrong and have sat upon a path where they will not do it again, then you have nothing to worry about.

Allah says in the Quran(translated):

 “Unless he repents, believes, and works righteous deeds, for Allah will change the evil of such persons into good, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful,” [Sûrah al-Furqân: 70] 

If someone sins and makes sincere taubah (repentance) and promises to never go back to that sin, Allah will not only forgive him but it’ll be as if the sinner had never done that sin.

Allahu Akbar. This is the mercy of our Lord. If Allah, can forgive then who are we, are we more higher than Allah that we can’t get our selves to forgive someone?

Insha Allah, don’t let these things cloud your mind. As long as your fiance did taubah and knows what he/she did was  wrong and he/she will not go back to it again, there is no need for you to leave her. 

You are engaged and insha Allah will be married. Marriage is about give and take. I am sure you have things in your past you are not to happy about either, but what can you do? We as Muslims all had at one point or another, moments/past of Jahiliyyah (ignorance). But as long as your made sincere taubah and told yourself you will never do it again, Insha Allah, that should be enough.

So I am not sure what’s in your finance’s past, I assumed it was some sins or past relationships and based my advice on that. Insha Allah, may Allah hasten the marriage between you two and may He keep your marriage full of love and piety. I hope this answers your question.


Don’t expect to find a partner and have a lasting, healthy relationship if your only reason for wanting a relationship is so you can feel good about yourself.

Better safe, than sorry.

If your partner claims that they dont need an STD test because they “basically know they don’t have anything because they would’ve seen something by now” DO NOT TOUCH THEM!