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In which Frankie interrupts a conversation about the number of sexual partners everyone’s had to mention Zach, and look at the smile he wore when he spoke about him!

“Do you think Zach’s number was accurate when he told us? I don’t think so.”



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GO CRAZY KIDS last time i did over 100, i’m ready to sink into that abyss again

anonymous said:

happier/cuter headcanon: when xeph told honeydew about how he gets homesick sometimes, he ggets glow in the dark space stickers for xeph to stick on the ceiling around his bed. it seemed silly at first but xeph loves it now and he smiles whenever he sees them

ohhh my god

he buys new ones every time they move base too, ever since the days of the yogcave (they slept on the floor but still)

lalna first sees them while theyre building the jaffa factory and cant help but laugh but feels extremely guilty and apologises once honeydew explains what theyre for. one night they ended up wasting a whole 2 sheets just sticking them on each others faces and laughing at how ridiculous they all looked

xeph also has to explain to sjin why hes “ruining” his “work of art” with cheap tacky glow in the dark stickers and they end up having a really sappy conversation about homesickness and things that help them feel closer to home and their partners in crime (aka honeydew and sips)


Anonymous asked: Oliver walking in on Felicity with superhot guy

Teen Wolf AU: Felicity’s oldest friend (and first love), the supernaturally handsome Derek Hale, arrives in Starling City trying to separate himself from the chaos in Beacon Hills. The problem? He stills holds a candle for Felicity, which Oliver notices right away. Because Oliver notices everything related to Felicity Meghan Smoak.

Gif Sources: hailskyeward

anonymous said:

Kira giggled. "Y'know, yoru prtty cute for being my bondin partner..." She gave a light hiccup. ((Dragon-scale-hearts. She somehow discovered Vodka. That is all that's needed for love potion here. She is human here.))


>he had been drinking as well, but was not near as far gone as her. He blushes a bit and puffs up

Really? Cute? No. I’m not cute. I am a man. I am not cute.

maerikishtar said:

"Bakura..." Marik mumbled, resting his headed on the door and knocking with a weak fist. "Help me."

Bakura opened the apartment door after a moment of looking through the peephole.


"Marik," he said, not happily. He recognized the other man’s face from seeing copies, though he could tell this wasn’t a Marik he’d met before. "Care to explain why you’re showing up at My doorstep at a time like this?"

anonymous said:

How would Karasuno + akaashi react to catching their lovers taking a picture of them sleeping?

Daichi: He would be really embarrassed and ask his partner to stop. And if they didn’t he would take his revenge by tickling them until they surrendered.

Sugawara: With a red face he would tell them to stop because he didn’t think he looked that good while he slept. But after his partner reassured him that he looked fine while sleeping he wouldn’t really mind it as long as his partner didn’t show it to anyone else.

Asahi: Would be embarrassed at first but he wouldn’t stop his partner from taking pictures. Though he requested that they don’t show the pictures to other people.

Nishinoya: When he woke up and noticed he ended up making a funny face to ruin the picture. He would be telling them that it was better if they took pictures together since it would be more interesting than his sleeping face.

Tanaka: Surprisingly really embarrassed about it. He knew he slept pretty weirdly and he couldn’t handle it if his partner ended up showing it to anyone else. He requested that the pictures they took would be deleted but the next time they slept together he ended up taking pictures of them.

Ennoshita: He would ask his partner what was so interesting about his sleeping face. Though he wouldn’t stop them from taking pictures, but he would ask them to not post it or anything.

Kageyama: Told them to delete the pictures right away because he didn’t want his partner keeping it and possibly showing everyone else. For awhile he would be hesitant to sleep with his partner because he was worried they would take pictures of him again.

Hinata: Asked them to stop taking pictures but he would actually want to see the pictures his partner took. He wouldn’t really mind it and let his partner take more pictures, though like everyone else he requested that his partner keep the pictures to themselves.

Tsukishima: Snatched the phone away from his partner and ended up deleting the pictures. Though he found it adorable that his partner took pictures of him sleeping and he would tease them about it.

Yamaguchi: Asked them to delete the photos right away because he thought he looked pretty weird when he slept. If his partner didn’t want to, he would threaten to take pictures of them while they were sleeping and post it online.

Akaashi: He ended up taking away their phone until they promised they wouldn’t take pictures of him while he was sleeping ever again. Though the next time they slept together he was the one who was taking pictures of his partner sleeping. 

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After a break up.

I have been in two serious relationships in my life. One of them ended when I decided to leave my previous partner and my second one, well I’m still in this one, which my wonderful fiancé. 

Break up always happen for a reason. Sometimes it can seem like there is no reason and so we torment ourselves and blame the whole thing on ourselves and build up self hate. After a break up, please try to remember that it happened for a reason and it was probably for the best. 

A break up will happen for many different reasons; loss of trust/love, cheating, too much too fast, arguments, etc. I honestly believe that it is better to end a relationship which causes pain and suffering rather than carrying on and only papering over the cracks instead of fixing them. 

Whether you were the one to end the relationship or not, it is going to be difficult. It’s often said that you will always feel something towards your ex partners and I believe this to be true - I also believe those feelings will change over time. So please, don’t beat yourself up over the fact that they still take up some space in your mind. 

It’s going to be difficult to adjust to being you again. We can lose who we are as an individual when we’re in a relationship because we turn into a part of one person so to speak. It’s probably going to feel weird. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. I slept a lot, ate very little and I cried. Then I decided I wanted to live my life again. 

You need to allow yourself time to grieve because you have suffered a loss. Once you’ve allowed yourself to feel the sadness or anger then it is easier to move forward. Live your life and do the things you like to do and in the end it will feel normal, natural and you’ll realise that you’re actually a wonderful person and you don’t need someone else to make you whole. 

Give yourself time and be patient with yourself. 

- Hannah xx


i am w/ a bunch of ppl right now and of all of them my afab partner probably has the most visible mustache hair and being with them is really nice for my self esteem because i think their face is really beautiful and cute and having a feature that i think of as ruining my own face doesn’t change that

In other news

So, today, I helped a young girl realize her cheating boyfriend wasn’t worth killing herself over.

I just wanna take a moment to say. 
A guy is never a reason to kill yourself. 
Nor is a girl. 

The bros before hoes expression has one true message.
You’re friends will be there when the girl/guy leaves. That is the only truth in that expression.

Now that I am in my right mind, I can see nothing is worth killing myself. 
Life is scary, cruel and sometimes downright shitty.
 But a guy or girl is NEVER a reason. Terminal illness, maybe.. Even then.

Don’t let a ex partner make you feel like your life isn’t worth living. Because there are so many people out there, who can be that person you want, there isn’t just one. There are tens to hundreds of people you could be happy with. 
Don’t let one take that chance away.

My first competition

The Battle of Fittest
Partner comp

Even though we did horrible over all it was still a lot of fun!

The WODs ended up being out of order and then changed a bit due to weather.

50goblet squats 25# plate
300 singles
Max rep pull ups
We got no pull ups but I promise I fought as hard as I could until time was up.

1 min transition

3 minutes to find a max on complex (snatch+2 hang snatch)
Max of 2 attempts
I did 95-100
Britt did 85-95
I should have went heavier but I was planning on opening with 85 so I’m still kind if happy

8 min AMRAP
8 thrusters (65)
8 bar facing hand release burpees
7 rounds

25 GTOH 35# plate
9 shuttle runs (100m)

We ended up in like 55th place out of 75. But it was fun so I guess that is all that matters.

anonymous said:

you know this is a canon character blog for chronicles and i didnt really expect to have to see so many things about some stupid oc ship

//Hey there nonnie! I understand that Riccardo is a canon character of the Vampire Chronicles, but his interaction with other canon characters is very limited. If I interacted with only canons characters that he has a history with, my choices would be narrowed down to Marius, Armand, and Bianca. And seeing as he never met any of the other vampires, it makes it a bit hard for us to interact together. I find that it is much easier to interact with various ocs, as well as characters from other fandoms, and so that is what I do. If you don’t like it, then I’m very sorry. You could suggest some blogs you’d like to see me play with and I will go strike up a conversation with them, but until then I’ll continue to play with the partners that make me comfortable!