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Nintendo’s New Partnership Program is Horrible for Game Journalism

I know you guys don’t usually care about this stuff. But it effects me directly and how opinions in legit reviews and criticism is being inhibited by money. 


Series: Fairy Tail.
Ship: StormxLuna.
Parent Ships: Gruvia & NaLu.
Dedication: fairy-mage <3

A/N: Ally’s new!gen mages are so amazing. She inspired me to work on my own but of course I can’t resist writing hers. They’re so perfect. So have some Storna, inspired by an ask she answered which I believe had a little something to do with sparring ~

He was going soft on her. 

She couldn’t recall the last time he’d honestly landed a hit. In fact, just hours before he’d apologised four times for bumping into her. That’s why she’d invited him here today, to spar. But he wasn’t giving her his all. He’d gone soft. Biting her lip, Luna knocked her knuckles together, the white mitts wrapped around her fingers creaking. Storm shed his hoodie and tossed it on the pile where she’d left her coat and bag before flexing his fingers and adopting a defensive stance. Luna watched as his right leg slid back behind him, his left knee bent in front. 

If only he’d follow through with his preparations.

She lunged forward when he gave the signal, her right foot swinging up for the side of his neck. He blocked, of course he did, but then he simply brushed her aside. She stepped back and raised her fists to guard — but nothing came her way. His eyes fixed on hers.

"What the heck are you doing?" she admonished. "We’re supposed to be fighting. How can I practice if you’re just going to keep brushing me off? You promised you’d help me!"

His cheeks flushed. “I wasn’t! I’m just letting you go first.”

"There is no turn taking! You just have to go.”

She threw her fist out and he grabbed it, twisting her arm until she dropped to her knee. With the ball of his foot he then knocked her onto her side. She glared up at him.

"You’re not trying either," Storm observed. "You’d never make a mistake like that."

"No," Luna huffed as she climbed to her feet, "I wouldn’t. But you’re making it too easy."

He rolled his eyes. “Just hit me again. You’ll see.”

She swung her right leg out and flicked the top of her foot against his side. The motion was hard enough to knock him back a step, but not fast enough that he couldn’t block it. He really wasn’t trying. Without another word she leapt forward and with the weight of her whole body sent him crashing into the ground. From there she straddled him and brought her fist back before releasing the tension in her muscles to drive her knuckles into the side of his face. He grunted from the impact.

"Fight me!" she yelled. "What’s wrong with you?! When did you stop taking me seriously?! It’s embarrassing! Do you really think that little of me?! You’re the only person I can—”

She caught herself before she could finish. Caught the feelings bursting to the surface and stuffed them right back where they belonged. His eyes widened when she brought her fist down again — only this time he was ready. He caught her fist within both of his hands and launched her off him. The moment she hit the mats he was on top of her, pinning her arms above her head. She exhaled a deep breath that knocked his hair back from his face. He then leaned close enough that their noses touched. Luna writhed about in his hold, eyes squeezed closed as she tried to shift her legs. He didn’t move.

"Of course I take you seriously, idiot! We’re partners! That’s why I don’t want to fight you."

"What are you talking about?! We train together because we’re partners! That’s the whole point of—"

She flinched when his lips touched hers, the gesture making her whole body tremble in surprise. Why did he have to taste so sweet? So addictive? She reprimanded herself for enjoying it. He gave her fingers a squeeze and withdrew his hands to sit upright, his weight barely affecting her as he raised himself on his knees. She brought herself upright with the palms of her hands and quickly drove a fist against his chest while he sat there, still as stone on her legs. He let out a laugh, his fingers curling around her wrist.

"Do you get it now, Luna?"

Tears welled in the corners of her eyes. This was so frustrating — so humiliating. She pounded her fists against his chest until he pushed her back onto the mat so that he could stand. She gazed up at the ceiling, her entire body shaking with the lingering taste of his kiss.

"How annoying," she muttered, wiping the back of her hand over her lips. "You’re so annoying."

He laughed. “So are we gonna fight or are we gonna talk?”

She heaved a sigh. “Loser buys the other dinner.”

He extended a hand to help her to her feet, a hand she took with reluctance — but also with a smile. 

"Deal." He’d regret saying that.

After all, Luna has the appetite of her father.

one weird thing I see both the ace spectrum and bdsm communities doing is acting like being respectful of your partner’s boundaries and taking care of their non sexual needs is something exclusive and special about their communities
like no this is basic decency and good communication

katzen-kinder asked:

What are some terms of endearment in German? :)

The most common one is Schatz (=treasure). That’s basically the safe thing and I’d say half of the people who use a term of endearment would use that. (Only for partners though!) There are a lot of people in Germany that don’t use terms of endearment at all. Something more sophisticated, that will make you sound very posh is Liebling (=darling). Or the bit chavvy Süße (Sweetie) is also pretty common. Sometimes they get more creative and say something like Schnuckelchen. (No idea how to translate it, it’s from the meaning a bit like Süße.)

Then there’s the endless list of animal names (mainly towards a woman):

  • Hasi (bunny)
  • Mausi (little mouse)
  • Spatzi (little sparrow)
  • Bärchen (little bear)
  • Schnecke (snail)

(I personally find them odd. Only my closest friends are allowed to call me any of those and I’d kill a guy for doing it.)

And it wouldn’t be German if there wouldn’t be people who made compound words. So it is possible that you’ll hear:

  • Hasimausischatzibärchen

or any other possible and impossible combination. ;)

Never mind that some get really, really creative and might call there dearest ones, something that only they understand like, IDK Knusperhase (nibble bunny) or Pupsi (this is derived from fart and actually more than one person calls their dearest that)? 

Everything is possible, but anything different than Schatz might get you in trouble. ;)

Do not let that Charlie Hebdo was racist.

Charb and his partners were threatened with death. We knew that. They were murdered. The minimum today is not to distort the spirit that animated them. The minimum is to do everything to understand their logic, without necessarily approving it. No, they were not racist.

There is a malaise that must now embrace all citizens of francophone countries, that of not having done more, not better, to protect Charb, Wolinski, Cabu and the other authors of Charlie Hebdo.

They were harassed. They were threatened with death. For several years. Many of us have underestimated the determination of their enemies. Many have seen only intimidation by toc, packet hateful delusions, from a handful of twisted you do not believe can take action. Arson of writing Charlie Hebdo, in November 2011, had nevertheless been a warning. A big scare. Soon relegated to a news drawer.

"The minimum today is not to distort the spirit that animated Charlie Hebdo. No, they were not racist."

Having failed to prevent Charb and his people do run at the fair will be a bitter failure for Democrats all sensitivities of all backgrounds. In this failure, do not add the insult. At least respect the memory of the deceased.

It is unbearable to hear voices today condemned the attack, but in the same breath insinuate that all the same, Charlie Hebdo had it coming. No democracy can admit that designers are being returned to their arrogance figure as deadly boomerang and fanatics fatwas. There are no “but” to add it.

Other offensive innuendo spread in recent hours on the Internet. Charlie Hebdo was not it a bit racist at the edges? Does it not denigrated Muslims, already victims in France and around the world multiple humiliations? To these allegations should be answered firmly: No! i dont no! i dont no! Charlie Hebdo was not racist!

Far from focusing on denouncing the Islamists, the newspaper broke loose (always peacefully) against a variety of targets. Random: Pope Benedict XVI, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barack Obama, Gaddafi, military, hunters, bullfighters, Ariel Sharon, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Marine Le Pen, footballers, smokers, drivers, Johnny Halliday, Michel Drucker …

Upon the death of Baldwin, in 1993, Charlie Hebdo posted in A the following title: “The king is dead idiots.” Is that Charlie Hebdo racist-Belgian newspaper? Of course not.

The newspaper has never spared anyone, neither Christians nor Muslims, nor Jews and their tragic history. The Holocaust was just beginning to be understood in all its horror by ordinary French in 1978 that Charlie Hebdo dared coverage: “Finally, we can say, Hitler was super friendly.” The design of a signed Wolinski, was a Hitler in leather boots and gray-green uniform saying all smiles, “Ça gaze Hi Yid?” Here, in this regard, it is worth recalling Wolinski who was murdered in Wednesday’s attack. Georges Wolinski was a very old man, born there eighty years in Tunis, a Polish Jewish father and a French-Italian Jewish mother. Thinking he has survived 1940-1945, not 2015 … chilling dirty trick in history.

The newspaper has never spared anyone, neither Christians nor Muslims, nor Jews and their tragic history. The Holocaust was just beginning to be understood in all its horror by ordinary French in 1978 that Charlie Hebdo dared coverage: “Finally, we can say, Hitler was super friendly.” The design of a signed Wolinski, was a Hitler in leather boots and gray-green uniform saying all smiles, “Ça gaze Hi Yid?” Here, in this regard, it is worth recalling Wolinski who was murdered in Wednesday’s attack. Georges Wolinski was a very old man, born there eighty years in Tunis, a Polish Jewish father and a French-Italian Jewish mother. Thinking he has survived 1940-1945, not 2015 … chilling dirty trick in history.

Daily reportage Le Monde reported that in the schools of France, some Muslim students feel that struck decreed a minute of silence for Charlie Hebdo, but “nothing” for Palestine. Here are thirteen, already, some were bothered by the tributes to his heart’s content rendered to victims of Sept. 11, while the martyrs of Yugoslavia or Rwanda did not receive much compassion. Visceral reactions, understandable outbursts … The fact is that these Muslim students, the answer that Charlie Hebdo records speak for themselves (Charb, Cabu and Wolinski, alas, are no longer there to do ). One example among many: in 1993, Charb wrote a long report for Charlie in three episodes, entitled “Apartheid in Israel.” They are few, among the French journalists, to use that word.

After Wednesday’s tragedy, the authors of Charlie Hebdo were often presented as comedians. This is partly false. In any case reducer. There is a risk in the current wave of solidarity, the ideological dimension of the log is erased. Cartoonists killed were militants, fierce atheists, radical environmentalists (for Tignous and Cabu), communists (for Charb). They led a fight.

Everyone is free to find that the tone in the pages of Charlie Hebdo was outrageous, insulting, excessive, disrespectful. It is logical that a very fierce weekly, very anti-religious and very militant not unanimous. Besides, Charlie has never intended to turn into public body. And no one, either, never had to read and enjoy Charlie Hebdo. This is a point quite essential. And that is what differentiates incitement to Charlie sauce guerrillas led by Femen or Pussy Riot. Sprinkling of holy water a bishop or reciting blasphemous in a place of worship, these feminists ultras conduct shock actions that can be perceived as attacks by believers who have not asked to see them and just want pray in peace. However, Charlie Hebdo has never imposed his humor to anyone. The one who did not like the style Charlie had only not to buy the newspaper, period. Algerian cartoonist Ali Dilem has well said: “After all, if you are so bored only have to look elsewhere”

If you think about it, are far more obscene images broadcast by advertising that baton extremely disturbing visions of the world for certain categories of citizens, it is not possible to avoid it, as these images are everywhere : on TV, on bus stops, in concert halls. Cartoons Charb and Wolinski, they, remained confined to the newspaper. They do not spread out in subway stations.

In recent years, Charlie Hebdo had lost many readers. Because there is a general crisis of the press. Because the times slid to the right. Because the world has become more cautious, more fearful. And also, perhaps, because Charlie Hebdo had lost some of his flamboyant side of old. Some editorials took turns in the early 2000s under the leadership of its former editor, Philippe Val, have confused a large section of the historic readers of the title. Support for military intervention of NATO or the steep Jacobin line on the issue of minority languages have disrupted Charlie Hebdo subscribers. Several intellectuals like the philosopher Edgar Morin, have not understood that the newspaper published the Mohammed cartoons. This gesture would it not make the bed of a rampant racism? Representing the prophet buttocks in the air, was it what was smarter, more constructive, more reasonable, especially in times already very troubled? This is a debate that will continue. How sanctuaries freedom of expression, which includes freedom of blasphemy? How to use it wisely? These issues are not resolved, and do not be a magic wand.

Meanwhile, repeat and repeat that Charlie Hebdo was not racist. Throughout its history, the newspaper has been one of the staunchest opponents of the National Front. Recently, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour were among the most attacked personalities in Charlie pages.

Practicing Muslim, Algerian cartoonist Ghilas Ainouche spent several weeks in the writing of Charlie Hebdo. The words with which he recounts his experience are clear.. “Charb was a simple man of humble He asked me many questions about Algeria, he asked me what it was to be a cartoonist here I remember a scene when I came back in July, at the time of Ramadan. he was eating, and when I came to his table, he tucked his food and said he was sorry. I m ‘damn you eat in front of me when I fast, but this gesture touched me. How can you say that these guys were Islamophobic? these are people who deeply respected the beliefs of others. “

In the same vein, reference to another important testimony, that of Zafer aknar, director of LeMan, the main Turkish satirical weekly, close to the radical left. The editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo LeMan and maintained ongoing contacts. Both newspapers had even released a joint edition some years ago. "The editors of Charlie themselves said they felt alone, remembers Zafer aknar. That’s why they came to us. They came to Istanbul to show that Islam is a religion of tolerance. They wanted say, show that in a Muslim country, there is a magazine like ours. they cooperated with us to show people that Islam is not what they think. But nobody understood. "

Nobody understood? Charb, Cabu and others died today. This is not a reason for sudden idolize. But it is a reason to try to understand, in all its nuance, the mindset that inspired them. And this is also a reason for them not guessing they did not.

translate from:

I wanted that Tumblr sees this article, this is why I translate it, this article contains interesting informations, what the “anti” or others have forgotten to see.

J’espère que cette fois, ces gens vont apprendre a mieux s’informer au lieu de juger un livre sur sa couverture.

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Oh my God but where even is the start

Do you want fluffy headcanons? Or angsty headcanons? Or AU headcanons? I DONT EVEN KNOW MAN

Like for example here’s a shortened poorly written description of one

Remember how Pyrhha and Mercury were sparring in class and Mercury was taking notes on her fighting style?

So he and Emerald were taking turns sparring the rest of Teams RWBY and JNPR to collect more info for Cinder. And he just so happened to get Yang. Again, he forfeits the match after he thinks he knows enough. But that isn’t good enough for Yang, so she challenges him to a rematch after class, but without weapons - just raw fighting ability.

They fight, and Yang realizes this is just about the perfect sparring partner for her because of how their fighting styles interact. So being Yang she uses some cheesy pun pickup line and asks him out. Thinking it’s a good opportunity to learn more about the enemy, he decides to go ahead and go on a few dates with her. Might as well have some fun while he’s working, right?

Only it turns into so much more than that but I have to go to class soon so I gotta stop there for now


30 Days of The Ponds | Day 20: Favorite Badass Moment (Amy, Rory or both)

You have to take your eyedrive off.
Can’t do that. I’ll forget what’s coming.
But it can activate any second.
It HAS activated, Ma’am.