When the days get hotter, it’s time to chill out with some frozen lemonade.

We are smack dab in the middle of spring, and before anyone knows it, it’ll be summer soon enough. A regular old lemonade is fine and dandy, but if you’re throwing a sweet springtime party, there’s no better refreshment for guests of any age.

What you’ll need (makes 6-8):

  • 1 can lemonade frozen concentrate
  • 1 cup milk
  • ½ can (7 ounces) sweetened condensed milk (or more or less to taste)
  • 2-3 cups crushed ice
  • grated lemon zest
  • whipped cream
  • ice (ice baby)
  1. Start by blending the lemonade concentrate, milk and ice.
  2. Add the condensed milk and blend. If you want your lemonade with a more sour kick to it, add less. 
  3. Pour and top with whipped cream and lemon zest.
  4. Serve while wearing something adorable from 24/7 Comfort Apparel that, hey, you could get for 30% off from now until the end of April!

Note: anything you don’t drink can be frozen and saved for later. (and we’re not against making this drink for adults, either ;) )

The Signs at a party
  • Aries:is the loudest there
  • Taurus:has a nice conversation with an old friend
  • Gemini:is really hyper
  • Cancer:holds drunk friend's hair back while they throw up
  • Leo:fucks heaps of different people in the one night
  • Virgo:gossips about others and gets caught later on
  • Libra:sits alone and drinks a lot
  • Scorpio:has drunk sex with literally everyone
  • Sagittarius:pretends to be having a good time but isn't
  • Capricorn:tries telling jokes but no one's interested
  • Aquarius:tells people off for getting drunk
  • Pisces:looks for food
How to talk to strangers in social situations

It’s ok and socially expected to initiate conversations with strangers at certain kinds of gatherings. If a lot of people who don’t know each other are at the same gathering, and there is a social element to the gathering, it’s considered normal to initiate conversations with strangers.

Some examples of this type of environment:

  • Parties
  • Conferences
  • Freshman orientation
  • Kiddush after services at a synagogue

A script that usually works well for initiating conversation with a stranger:

  • You: Hi, I’m [Your name].
  • They will usually reply: I’m [their name].
  • Then the next thing you do is ask them a question that is slightly, but not very, personal based on the context
  • Then they usually answer and ask you the same question
  • This tends to result in you discovering something of mutual interest and having a conversation

Some examples of contextually appropriate questions:

  • If you’re at a party someone is throwing: “How do you know [host’s name]” usually works
  • (Even if they don’t actually know the host, this still usually works because they can answer something like “Actually, I came here with my friend.”)
  • If you’re at a conference: “What brings you here?” usually works. (And will usually get to an area of mutual interest quickly, since being at the same conference with someone implies that you care about some of the same things).
  • This is a better question than “What do you do?” because asking about someone’s job as an initial question is often interpreted as you asking them “Are you high status enough that I should bother talking to you?”. “What brings you here?” is more neutral
  • If you’re at a kiddush at a synagogue: “Are you a member here?” usually works, so long as you’re not asking it in an accusatory tone. 
  • If there’s a bat or bat mitzvah, “Are you relatives of the bar/bat mitzvah?” usually works (even if you’re not and they’re not. The question works no matter what the answer is
  • At freshman orientation or similar: “Where are you from?” usually works well as an initial question.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve met before, you can still introduce yourself. This is a script that works:

  • “I’m not sure if we’ve met before - I’m kind of bad with faces. I’m [Your name]”.
  • Then, if they don’t know you, you can use the usual script.
  • And if they do know you, then they’ll usually explain the context you know them in.
  • And then you can talk about that.

tl;dr It’s ok (and can be fun) to initiate conversations with strangers at parties and conferences and suchlike. Scroll up for some scripts.

Anyone else want to weigh in? What are some initial questions that work in other contexts?