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I posted 2 selfies for Black out and at most they got like 14 likes while every picture I see of people doing the same thing got thousands of notes. I am convinced I'm ugly asf and am a fool for particpating because I thought this would make me feel good but it's making me feel bad. Knew I wasn't good or pretty enough for this :/

This is no good at all and its the downside of big events like that. People who don’t go viral sit back and wonder “well why aren’t I good enough?”.

First of all, looks are not the most important thing but also I am sure you ARE beautiful. And if you aren’t somehow… that never ever means you aren’t GOOD ENOUGH. Ever. Please don’t doubt yourself.

And I wish I could find you on my own and reblog you, so that you would see that I reblogged your pictures without having to be asked, randomly, out of the blue, But I can’t do that, there are just too many and the chance of that happening is almost nil.

If you come off anon though I will ABSOLUTELY reblog you, and if you want I can do it in a flood of others so no one knows its you.

But just so you know, (I have no idea if you are a follower or if you wandered over because of my post) - I’m just a small metal trash blog. I’m not one of those blogs with tens of thousands of followers.


Just a reminder about the KAGAKURO MINI SUMMER EVENT which will take place during the weekedn of 19TH AND 20TH JULY

The rules are simple;

  1. During that weekend every Kagakuro artwork (fic, art, picspam, headcanon WHATEVER YOU WANT) should be centered around the general theme of SUMMER.
  2. The theme for both days is SUMMER; whether it’s beach, mountains, indoors, outdoors, canon, au, fun, less fun, summer jobs, cold, hot, western style or Japanese etc. It ONLY has to be SUMMER related. (and kagakuro of course)
  3. After posting your artwork just tag it with #kagakuro and #kagakurosummer WITHIN THE FIRST 5 TAGS

I decided to create a mini event for our otp to creatively inspire and stimute the fandom. It is also an experiment before I can launch the big kagakuro event in the fall, so please participate if you can! 

If the event will be popular, future mini events will follow!


Yet again, McKibben provides no tangible solutions to addressing climate change (getting arrested is not a solution, brother). What a waste of people’s time. I stand by my 3-part solution for smarter-over-the-long-term environmentalism: 1) Attend your city’s meetings (you’ll learn how government works, and how to change laws.); 2) learn how to read and comment on your city’s budget and environmental impact statements (you have the real rather than perceived opportunity to change environmental regulations); 3) run for office (stop whining and stop losing).

There’s also an interesting hypothesis for more effective environmentalism proposed by Bill Scher - building coalitions with businesses, which can be read here.

Day 14 - Which kinds of students are the most annoying to be in a class with

One’s that don’t have an opinion.  I think it’s the least a student can do to actively listen to a caring teaching 80% of the time (honestly, everybody has those zone out moments.  When it comes to classes based on class discussions, like ethics or anything related to Health Care?  PARTICIPATE.  So many people in my classes don’t look at the teacher and refuse to raise a hand to answer a question, let alone voice their opinions.  My friend (brought up in an earlier post) and I are consistently the only hands that ever make their way toward the ceiling.

If you don’t express your thoughts in your career of interest classes, I automatically assume you don’t have an opinion.  I don’t care what or how many thoughts you have in your head-speak up.

Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges!: 30 Day College/University Challenge

Time to drag out your old torch from under the bed, your car boot or the back shed and take it into town. The team at Guerrilla Lighting are recruiting and they want YOU! Drop in after work tonight or bring the kids in for the first Guerrilla Flash Mob of this year’s Light in Winter program. Bring your own torch or use one of the 200 classic Dolphin torches supplied to re-light and re-imagine Fed Square! Tonight from 6.30pm, FREE!


Hi there friends and followers! My name is is Susan, and this is my son Vincent

Vincent will turn 2 soon, and he also happens to have down syndrome, and here is where I need your help!

The 21st of March is World Down Syndrome day, because people with down syndrome have a third copy of their 21st chromosome…3-21!

To celebrate and raise awareness, please join Vince and I as we wear funky, mismatched socks to show your support!

If someone asks if you got dressed in the dark, tell them why you are shining LIGHT that day on something amazing :) Feel free to tell them about Vince so the stigmas and stereotypes that have been associated with this extra chromosome can change as it is meant to and medical science advances to make their lives be the best they can be!

Thank you all! If you want to particpate, please tag me…I would love to show Vince all of his friends who are supporting him! 

Please reblog this and spread the news of this day to raise the awareness it needs!

Words from CARBON founder

I’m Andrew Montell, I come up with creative concepts and try to make them a reality. I wear a few different hats, including GM, Editor In Chief and Creative Director. My various endeavours include ACCLAIM Magazine, the Carbon Festival and various marketing/advertising initiatives for clients such as New Balance and New Era.

Photo by13thWitness

Originally my idea was for a streetwear trade show with discussion forums for industry people as a side event… My team and I began brainstorming a format for delivering a forum event that could stand out from existing creative conferences and be representative of our own mindset… We hoped to achieve an event that would be inspirational and educational whilst introducing influencers from overseas to Melbourne and the creativity being fostered here.

Right now I am seeing some really great art and design innovation from individuals, smaller collectives and independent brands, some from very unlikely places. On the flipside of the coin, commercially the “me too” mentality seems to be more prevalent than ever. The ‘peer pressure’ for brands to follow suit when a particular trend in fashion takes off can be pretty detrimental to creativity. My respect lies with brands and individuals that can progress with trends whilst still maintaining a very unique visual identity.

Carbon is largely about the exchange of ideas, and this exchange happens on many levels, from the speaker/audience interaction to the networking between the different creative and industry people in attendance and the new relationships that grow out of all of this.

CARBON | Fed Square | 28-29 April 2012 |


This Saturday is the 50-year anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the first of the Selma to Montgomery marches (now depicted in the new film, Selma). It was part of the Selma Voting Rights Movement, which helped lead to the passage of the Voting Rights Act later that same year .

Last year, we had the great privlege of meeting Theresa Burroughs (pictured above), who particpated in the march, was a highschool friend of Coretta Scott King, and sheltered Martin Luther King in her family household one night when the KKK were out searching for him.

Mrs. Burroughs now runs The Safe House Musuem out of the Greensboro, AL home where she helped protect Dr. King. We visited her there last spring and collected research for a new StoryCorps animation about her own personal struggle to become a registered voter. Look for the short this August to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act.