FT Angst Week. Day 2

Title: A monster made in flesh.
Prompt: Monster & Demon.
Pairing: Miraxus.
Summary“Perhaps I’m not just a demon, but a monster made in flesh too.”

A/N: Hi! This is Sandra (onlywordswithoutsense) and Sara (worshiperofunknownstories) and we’re happy to bring you our submission for the second day of the Angst Week 2015, with the prompt Monster | Demon. We’re so sorry for posting it late but our inspiration belongs to the darkness and it wouldn’t show up until it was night time. Anyways, this is the first fic we wrote together and it was such an amazing experience (that we’ll try to repeat soon! ^^)!
Thanks to our lovely sisters-slash-betas, Silvia (myentropicmess) and Marta (mavis-118).
PS: Shame on you, Ed Sheeran! This time any of your songs would inspire us T-T

Remember you can read us in AO3 and As always we’d love to read your reviews ;)

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail Universe belongs to Mashima-sensei.

“I think I’m late… You were closing, weren’t you?”

Mirajane lifted her head and saw a downcast Laxus looking at her with depressed eyes. Something seemed not to be okay with him, so she stopped cleaning the bar and pointed at a stool.

“I was, but I think we can have a last drink together before we leave. You look terrible today,” she said putting a big smile on her face to cheer him up. 

“It’s okay, I don’t want to disturb you,” he said turning around. 

“C’mon,” Mirajane answered while placing two jars on the bar. “You seem to need it, and so do I. I’m a bit tired.”

Even though Laxus didn’t reply anything, he came closer to the bar and sat on the stool Mirajane was pointing before. With closed eyes and breathing slowly, she took the jar filled with some attractive beverage and emptied it in a blink. The girl stared at him trying to hide her astonishment and, after she drank a swig, she looked at Laxus in the eye. 

“What happened to you?” Mirajane asked.

“Nothing…” He just replied. 

However, she was too smart to believe his words. 

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well tonight was a lovely evening aka

“hey let’s have a party with a bunch of medieval historians, alcohol, a pool, some watermelons, and a sword at a professor’s house when they’re out of town”

“what could possibly go wrong”

ohsnapitsmarcy asked:

So, I have a prob. I've tried coming out to my parents like 5 times, and they keep saying that its just because they've sheltered me and that ill feel sexual attraction as soon as I find a person I like. They actually sometimes accuse me of saying that I'm ace as a cover for having a lot of sex!(btw, I'm underage, so kinda a big deal if my parents think that) Do you have any advice for convincing them? I've tried showing them AVEN and it hasn't worked either :/

I really don’t. I don’t know anything beyond sticking to it and continuing to insist that you are asexual and you aren’t having sex at all. I don’t know how you can honestly prove your innocence on that one, but… keep at it. 

Followers, do you have any ideas?


I’m taking a break from the tag and going to try to bring my old blog back to life. I was wondering if any of you guys were willing to show me your personal blogs? Mine has been dead for years and I’d love to have some new people to follow. uvu


FOUNTAIN OF IMMORTALITY - Meditation on the Orthodox Divine Liturgy


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We hope to see you all in class!

Your Rainbow Direction University team

#PlusSizePositive Thursday!

Hello! Over the past few days on Twitter I’ve seen a variety of things happening, good and bad, but something I’d like to focus on is body positivity. I’ve seen very negative things being hurled at thicker/plus size people because of the negative stigma surrounding us. My friend McKenna (@nialloxyloto on Twitter) and I have decided to create a day, both on Twitter and Tumblr, to help those people who see Tweets and posts about them everyday feel good about themselves and hopefully learn to love themselves.

The day is dedicated to posting photos, videos, gifs, posts, etc etc of and about thicker, plus sized people! It’s for all plus size people, whether they love themselves completely or are still learning to and everything in between.

We are planning to hold this day as soon as Thursday, April 30th, using the hashtag #PlusSizePositive! If you feel like participating and/or think it’s a good idea, feel free to reblog and spread the word! It would mean a lot to me and a lot of other people to have a day dedicated to shedding light on the side of the #BodyPositive movement that doesn’t get enough attention (especially on twitter, which is our main target).

(Body positivity is important and we do know and believe everyone of all shapes and sizes are important, but just for the day, we ask that the side that the media/most people don’t recognize do get the recognition they usually don’t get. To those of you who are plus size and don’t feel comfortable enough with yourself to post photos and such, please don’t feel pressured to participate. But please know that you are beautiful and we love you nonetheless.)

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10 Ways to be an Ally

Citizenship in the Digital Age.

In a class discussion revolving around what it means to be a citizen in the digital age a lot began to cross my mind. An article that the class was assigned  by Westheimer and Kahne described that there are 3 different kinds of citizens in America. Those 3 being the personally responsible, the participatory and the justice-orientated citizen. It could be argued that everyone should strive for the latter two, but after our discussion I strongly believe we should think otherwise.

Something that I perceive as an awesome use of the Internet some people appeared to frown down upon. Our conversation mainly covered being a citizen based on your volunteer involvement. With many non-profit and charity organizations gaining an online presence being able to donate money has become as easy as a button click or text message away.

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Participant Observations

A participant observation is a method of research. Within this method of reserach there may be interviews, observations, and analysis of activities within a group. Information about how a community interected with one another would often be recorded in details to bring dimension to this type of research. An interesting point that I find about this type of research is that this method is more “hands-on” than compared to a research we would do for like a history paper.

CELEBRATION TIME! Rainbow Direction goes On The Road Again Tour at 1500 participants!

When the “Rainbow Direction goes Where We Are tour” campaign came to an end on October 3rd 2014, the number of participants summed up to 405.

Today, on the 25th of March 2015, 1 Month and 18 days into the OTRA tour, our number of participants hits 1500.

For this occasion, the lovely radadusta contributed this work of art to us. Thank you so much for this!

Thank you all for making come true what a tiny group of people - now and amazing, ever growing team - getting this project together in February 2014 could have never anticipated!

See you soon on the OTRA. and keep spreading the word.

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