pffffffft samsteve vs stevetony. how pedestrian. sounds like somebody’s never partaken in the joys of multishipping and polyamory before.

Images and Words Week 116-Unknown

Un beknownst to U

Unknown by most of all

even before ur time….

these facts were true..
Forever they were and forever they are!!!!

Forever they will be alwaysz:)……………

Unknown to You & Me…………..Ussually!
Are these spirits that come to us ya see!

These Spirits that come to show us
the right Notes to sing
If we could only see
what the camera in certain settings sees
then we could see
"a different Reality"
one we don’t see causality
Although brains are obscured by obscurity
so we cannot see


although religions may be made up of fantasmal storys


is what it is!
and if ya don’t believe in it….
well jest keep on believing
 in all the lies foretold to us
 by the directives of the religions that we have partaken:).

Then U shall be Forsaken!

Maybe the day shall come

When Ya can see the notes
so clearly displayed to thee!


Above photo taken at a Karaoke night at the famed
 oak ridge lodge which is apparently over indian burial grounds
and the spirit life in cameras is caught quite often
I have lots of shots from this location
The spirits like to come out and play
During Karaoke

Believe it er not:)

Images and Words  Week 116
The Rules:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it.

The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else’s as long as credit is given after the words.

Your post can either be serious, or if you’d like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems … Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here.

New topics will be posted on Sundays.Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please.

Prototype: Hamatora (What Could've Been Maybe)

Talking to fililikilili about ideas related to the original Hamatora is guaranteed to be bad for ones health (warning that nothing ends happy here—plenty of death involving everyone and angst):

Imagine prototype Murasaki and prototype Art working together against Nice. Here Murasaki would’ve been a very sly villain seeing as after cooperating with Art, decides to betray him after Art has his final confrontation with Nice.

"I thought we had a deal," Art grunts out, still heavily injured.

Murasaki doesn’t say anything; only shoots him to death.

(Assuming that proto!Art was gonna be like Moral I’m guessing he was supposed to have the illusion minimum instead of the regeneration, and with that in mind he probably wasn’t planned to revive before.)

Nice is like, “You didn’t have to kill him…Wait. What did he mean b-“

He’s cut off by cold metal pressing at the back of his head.

"With you guys out of the way, I’m finally no 1 again."
"Goodbye Nice." Then bam.

If Nice did make it out alive I would’ve loved to see him just break (woops), I mean after being betrayed by his childhood friend and by the man who he thought he could entrust with his life; prototype Nice might have some serious trust issues after. Maybe he even flinches at poor Hajime when she offers him food because he doesn’t know who he can really trust anymore.

Murasaki would hunt down the Hamatora crew one by one.

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proud-taguel-warrior asked:



That was all he said as he stood from the side of the bed, already having donned his clothes once more. He drew the sash around his waist tight and paused, as if to say something.

"It would be best if we did not speak of this, I think."

He had to admit, though, that it was enjoyable. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been intimate with someone, felt the warmth of another, been quite so close with anyone… Why he’d broken this ascetic lifestyle with Panne, of all women, he could not know.

While one part of himself was disappointed, another was more than happy. It was a bad mixture of emotions. He would meditate on it, he decided.

Xu Futong: 月 (Moon), calligraphy

In my young days
I only partook in happiness.
How much I loved to go up the attic
How much I loved to go up the attic
So that I would write a song affecting sorrow.

Since then I have partaken
In the bitter taste of sorrow
And I can find no words
And I can find no words
Only this: “What a golden autumn hour!

a poem by Xin Qiji ~


anonymous asked:

I know things with Folken and Ashlin have gotten pretty serious relationship wise. However, is having another partner for a threesome (non romanticly) an option for him?

This is an interesting question. Folken is definitely not the type to want to share so that’s a particular thing preventing such an encounter (And Ashlin isn’t either). In the past he has certainly partaken in such things but it was with no real emotional attachment towards those involved.

I suppose given the right circumstances or individual(s) it could happen but I think both Folken and Ashlin would be pretty averse to the idea.

    Never has the elder Baskerville partaken in such a holiday, something which concerns this foreign treat containing that of a simplistic biscuit coated in smooth chocolate. Curiously, she cannot help but endeavour to find someone whom is willing, one man already in surfacing within her mind to proffer this minuscule challenge of sorts. It is so that she trots beyond the entrance belonging to the office which he is to be located, intent upon something sprawled upon his desk. Thus, without heed, carmine heels click to forewarn him of her arrival whilst she makes way to where he sits comfortably. Taking it upon herself, there is a maneuvering of his chair so she might access his lap with ease, plopping down to interrupt whatever those emerald hues gaze upon.


    "Come play a little game with me instead, Roman!♥ I’ve grown quite bored," these words are finally uttered, coral lips speaking around the earlier mentioned confection now aimed toward the criminal.

Thursday Game NPC Gender / Sexuality List Because I'm Bored

Hannibal Essex: Nominally pansexual because a) post-Embrace lack of naughty bits functionality and b) most of the coital activities he’s partaken in end in violence. Nominally presents as cisgender due to a combination of “Gender is a mortal social construct that I as a Lasombra have no time for” and “I’ve gotten to know several Tzimisce, some of them in the biblical sense, do you really want to go down that particular rabbit hole / does it look like I have time for this crap?”

Lecter: “Get out of my desk with your mortal social constructs or SO HELP ME.” Unsure on gender, but Lecter’s almost definitely ace.

Nate Sabanur: Zevrosexual. Nah, just kidding, I just needed to make up that word. Nate…I’m not 100% on this. Nate’s got a lot of me in him (probably more than any of my OCs, including Hannibal) but he never struck me as having the fluidity of gender I do. Again probably a case of “nominally cis” in that, by all accounts, Nate ID’s as a dude, but he doesn’t attach too much significance to it. Thinks of himself as a childe of Saulot first, a childe of Samiel second, and all that. As for sexuality, probably pan, since that’s usually my default.

Zev: Genderfluid, pansexual, full-stop. Cut, dry, the end, and there was no other place this could go, Jesus *H*, this was never in doubt. Ever. Zev is my fluidity of gender and pansexuality taken almost to the level of affectionate self-parody, done with the flamboyance and unashamed ham of Raul Julia’s M, Bison.

Naga/Nagahide: I mean. This one is my true self-insert NPC, so, y’know. Pansexual and genderfluid with the ability to facilitate both of those.

Slade: Similar to Nate, in that he doesn’t attach too much significance to it, but he’s not all “Get that mortal bullshit out my face” like Lecter (or Hannibal, for that matter.) Sexuality is most likely..I’d probably say bisexual, at present, as, due to his youth, (relative to the other babysitters) he hasn’t had the experience that might lead to the question of “Am I bi or pan?” Also most of his flirting ends in mildly erotic knifeporn.