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Valenna though. Hot hot Jenna!! Still waiting for a personal Menna reunion pic though. Hopefully she'll go back from Vegas and then they can partaaaaay.

Dude Valenna blew up that stage! SO good. I hope so too :)

ONE DAY!!!!! taylor i hope you’re getting lots of sleep in preparation for your big day because you deserve to PARTAAAAAY

seventies12 asked:

It's a rainy christmas eve with nothing to do. And I'm waiting for posts from you two. I NEED HELP! 😀

Don’t you even worry! It’s Xmas Eve and we are ready to partaaaaay. On tumblr. ;)

Hey guys,
Just reminding you about our sick all store party tomorrow.
Dave and Busters in Hollywood at 7:30.
If you want to carpool there’s a sign up sheet in the break room and some people are meeting at the store.
*if you are a part of Secret Santa please bring your gifts to the partaaaaay!
Can’t wait for us all to be together.