A broken trust part 2

Hi all, so here’s part 2, as always hope you like this :)xxxx


                                                  A broken trust part 2


August 1996 part 1/2……………………

“Fuck me it’s hot, where’s the sun cream?” Finn and his mates had decided to go to Newquay for the summer holidays. There was no college for 6 weeks and they wanted to let their hair down and have fun. They couldn’t afford to go abroad and thought this was the next best thing, Finn and Archie loved surfing and Newquay beach was a surfers dream in the summer.

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Jealousy Part 2 : A Jack Gilinsky imagine.

 It’s now been two weeks since prom. I have graduated and I am currently working at a small boutique in downtown L.A. I haven’t spoke to Jack since the fight we had in the diner. I was off today so I decided on going to Vans to buy my self some shoes and other stuff. I hop in my car and on my way to the mall i belt out the lyrics to “ Ain’t it fun “ by paramore. I park my car and head inside. Once I head into the store I feel like i am in heaven. I start looking for shoes and I then feel someone bump into me. “ sorry my faul-  I start to say but I stop when I realize Its Gilinsky. “ Well if it isn’t the famous Y/N” he says. “ Fuck off Jack “ I say. “ Hey , I just wanna say I’m sorry or being a jerk and blowing you off for some slut , I didn’t mean to really hurt you like that , I was acting like a total douche bag” He says. “ I accept you’re apology but just know I won’t hesitate to use this against you one day” I say. “ I deserve that “ he says nodding his head. “ How about I buy you lunch and a pair of shoes for you as truce or something?” he asks scratching the back of his head. “ Sure why not “ I say shrugging. Once I finished looking through the store and Jack paying for more than the shoes we decide on going to red lobster. A hostess seats us and we wait for our waiter. ” I can live off of the biscuits from here” Jack says taking a bite of one. ” same! They are so good ” I say nodding. ” excuse me , how are you folks doing , I’m tyler and I will be you’re waiter for the afternoon ” a very flamboyant guy with dirty blonde hairamd blue eyes says. ” okay well I’ll have the shrimp Alfredo and a strawberry lemonade please ” I say. ” I’ll have the same but with an iced tea ” Jack says. ” alright , coming right up ” he says taking the menus from us. ” I didn’t know johnson had a gay brother ” Jack says. ” that’s so mean , leave the poor guy alone ” I say trying not to laugh. I stare out the window to see that the day is getting cloudy and it looks like it’s going to rain. I then hear the camera sound and I realize Jack just took a picture of me. ” really? ” I ask . I hate when people take off guard pictures of me. ” you look fine ” he says smiling up at me. I just roll my eyes. After a long wait for the food it finally comes , we dig in. ” so does this make up for what I did ” Jack asks. ” not quite , but you’re getting there ” I say fake smiling at him. ” of course ” he says rolling his eyes playfully. Once we finish our food we head out to our cars. ” I had a good time ” he says. ” me too gilinsky ” I say smiling at him. Before I could realize what was happening I felt a pair of soft lips on mine. I couldn’t help but kiss back. During the kiss it started to downpour on us but that didn’t stop us from kissing. We eventually pulled away. ” I’m sorry , I just had too ” Jack said. ” it’s fine I enjoyed it ” I say smiling at him. I kiss him one more time before opening my car door. ” see you around ” I say and he was left there with no words as I pulled out of the parking lot. Later that night , I get a text from Jack it read : we still have unfinished business;) I replied : then come and finish it ;) After 10 minutes there was a knock on my door.


Tribute. Victor. Leader.

Official YouTube version of the Mockingjay - Part 2 logo reveal teaser “Remember”

Quick reminder that we’re expecting the first trailer (with actual footage, mind you) to land late April, with the releases of Lionsgate’s Age of Adaline and Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Struggling musician Michael who comes to play at the cafe you work at everyday in the same worn down Jean jacket and converse with his tattered guitar case in his hands and he’d subtly change the lyrics of the songs he’s singing so that they match your color eyes or what you’re wearing that day and would look up at you with a shy smile to see if you noticed it was about you

Are you fucking kidding me. Really. Really!? They actually shot this? And they didn’t keep it in? I’m so fucking pissed off right now. This is how it was supposed to be, he was supposed to die a mortal man. That’s it. Not flake away into the sun where everyone in a 30 mile radius will be breathing in Voldemort particles for the rest of the year. Why. Couldn’t we have seen this. At least in the bonus features? WHY!