In Color: Part 2--Snippet

Part 2 is nearly finished! So, here’s a teaser. =)

She sank into her desk chair heavily as she pondered the man across the hall, cursing the concept of soul-mates with as much hatred as she could muster so early in the morning. Without destiny hanging over her shoulders every minute of every waking day, she could walk across that hall right now and ask him to dinner, but the moment she touched his skin and her world remained gray, it wouldn’t matter.

Still, she daydreamed about him, about his kind eyes that could either be blue or gray or green; she never could tell as they changed so often, his irises appearing stormy when conflicted or as bright as the sky when accompanied by a smile, his eyes crinkling slightly at the corners in his happiness. They spoke little, but she had this ridiculous little idea that he would do most of the talking if they ever got past pleasantries and his quiet, but trivial questions in the halls. His voice was soothing, though, so she couldn’t imagine that she’d ever mind his asinine ramblings.

Even if they are about Steve Rogers,’ she thought with a grin.

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(well I guess you don't have to break someone in a sad way so here is a... well another way I can break Sakura I think. So here is what Kakashi says to her.) "Will you marry me?"

Try to break my muse in five words or less.

Part 2:

She had fought her way back in the room. Tsunade had seen her resolve and hadn’t stopped her as she began to fly through the hand seals for that jutsu, Chiyo-sama’s legacy. After all, how could anyone stop her when they’d all do it to, for their precious person. What she hadn’t expected was Tsunade placing her healing hands upon her shoulders. It wasn’t a guarantee, but it was a chance.

As her eyes began to flutter open and the rays of sun flitted past, she knew. She knew she was alive. But what about-?

She gasped her face whipping around eyes searching. Until they froze upon the face a pillow space away. Their beds were pulled together. Her eyes ran over his face taking in every detail. He was so peaceful. Her heart clenched. Was he-?

Two sets of beeps registered. Two? Two. Her monitor and his. His. It was beeping. He was alive.

Shifting closer as best she could on to her side, she lifted her weakened arm to trail her fingers down his cheek. She took him in more fully. He was bandaged, weakened, paler than usual,  but he was alive. “Ka-kashi,” her voice barely above a whisper as her heart raced. Tears spilled down her cheeks. He was alive.

Silver brows furrowed, ashen lashes flutter open, and she was met with the most beautiful sight in the world. His dark grey orbs locked with hers. 

She pulled down the medical mask he had been given as she smiled a shaky smile, “Kakashi, what were you thinking? You almost died. You did die for a bit.” Her voice cracked, as he silently gave her support with his gaze. “I thought I’d never get to tell you,” her hand cupped his cheek, “Kakashi, I-“

His hand rose to cover hers upon his cheek, “Will you marry me?”

Her eyes snapped back to his, searching. Was he serious? Did he really-? “I- I,” she swallowed as her voice shook. She found nothing but sincerity in his eyes. “Yes, Kakashi, yes, I will,” closing the gap between them she wrapped her arms carefully around his waist, her head nuzzled under his chin, “I love you, Kakashi.”


Part 1 here.

Just think If you never clicked on that video of your now favorite youtuber you probably wouldn’t be the same person and you sure wouldn’t be running a blog dedicated to them.

Struggling musician Michael who comes to play at the cafe you work at everyday in the same worn down Jean jacket and converse with his tattered guitar case in his hands and he’d subtly change the lyrics of the songs he’s singing so that they match your color eyes or what you’re wearing that day and would look up at you with a shy smile to see if you noticed it was about you