parsva bakasana


Forearm Stand Scorpion   Vrschikasana B.

Side Crow Parsva Bakasana

Thank you Pilin for your photo submission!

Check out Afro Flow Yoga with Pilin in June in NYC! I had a great time with Afro Flow yoga, totally accessible to anyone.  The mix of African dance and yoga is a natural complement of movement energy.

Looking to tone your arms, shoulders and abs while improving your concentration and getting a digestive detox? Then join me tonight at 7pm at Karen Lord Pilates Movement for Vinyasa where we’ll be working on our side crow, a magical arm balance that gives all of the benefits listed above. See you there!

Parsva Bakasana

When I first started yoga, this is one of those asanas that I thought would be impossible for me. I never thought I would be strong enough. But that was just a thought. So I let it go, I didn’t worry about it, I just kept going with my practice… and a year later: ta-DA! 

Remember to never talk yourself out of anything! Do the impossible!

~ parsva bakasana ~ side crow ~

my amazing boyfriend and I went for a walk down by the lake the other day. I saw this fallen tree and I just HAD to get a photo on it doing a yoga pose! I must say I was a bit nervous to balance on it, considering it’s 3-4 ft off the ground and I’m looking down the whole time! 

the day turned out to be a lot of fun, and we took a few more yoga pics - coming soon!

~ namaste, v