OMG! I was in PARRADISE last night! xD

Ok, well I had the greatest dream last night!!! So this was my dream, Enjoy:

I was walking home from my badminton training. There was a massive crowd in this Rugby Stadium….then I realized that I was in Stade de France!!!

All of a sudden, I was in the changing room with all XV DE FRANCE. I saw Morgan crying because of their loss. I came up to him and spoke fluent French ( i was shocked, man!). I said “It’s all right, Morgan! You played perfectly well today!” Then he replied “Thank you so much” and hugged me! :D I told him that I needed to get change from my P.E. uniform to my normal uniform. Then he told me to get change and come back to sit next to him. I was on my way to the girls’ changing room when my alarm went on! Damn you, alarm clock!


It’s weird coz I wasn’t even thinking about Morgan Parra. I was thinking about the Cooking Test I was having the next day loolz…BUT it’s beautiful too at the same time! xD

WHAT A DREAM???! the best one I’ve ever had! xD

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