Blank Space (Black Friday/Friends Edition)

Nice to meet you where you been?

You could buy me incredible things.

T.V.’s, iPods, movies, Friends (All 10 seasons!)

Saw you there and I thought, Oh my God you should pay.

You look like you’ve got mon-ey

Black Friday’s scary. Wanna praaaay…ayy?


No money, I might cry.

Can’t even afford this magazine.

Ain’t it funny, sales fly.

But I still can’t buy anything.

So hey, let’s watch Friends.

I already know how this show ends.

Grab your Complete 20th anniversary edition box set…and my hand.

I can watch the whole series in one weekend.


So we’re gonna watch forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames.

I will cry when it’s over. Was the high worth this pain?

Can you bring some Starbucks over?

I swear I’m not insane…

Cuz you know that I love Chandler.

And I feel no shame!


Now we’re really making progress.

We’re on season four.

Ross and Rachel make me so stressed.

But let’s watch some more.

They’ve got a long list of ex-lovers.

I swear they’re all insane…

But let’s go to your place baby ;)

And watch Friends all day.


Christel took a trip back in time to the nineties with Aimless Wandering’s most notorious Doctor to bring you this rave-tastic music video.