Watch this pitch-perfect Pitch Perfect truther parodyWE’RE ONTO YOU, KENDRICK.

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My Animation Demo Reel 2014

it hit me one afternoon when i was showing my portfolio to a college that i needed an animation reel
because no one would take the time to watch all of my silly videos without context haha

♥ ♥ ♥

usuk and hetalia have taken over my life for too long
i need to create more original stuff lol


Title: #Badnik

Artist: Jay Egge Man & Mike Wilson

Here we have another “Abstract Remix”. Not actual Sonic tunes present, but the lyrics are all about Sonic and there are some classic Sonic sound effects. In fact, despite being a parody of the song “#Selfie” by The Chainsmokers, it’s also a celebration of the new cartoon Sonic Boom! And hey! We’re promoting the famous podcast and Youtube channel “The Sonic Show”. You guys should really check them out. They keep you up-to-date and Sonic news and have some great Sonic-related entertainment to share.

No download link right now. Sorry. I’m pretty sure they want you to buy their album and support them.


-Samurai Echidna.

Does anyone remember this guy? (I know some do….)

Hookocho from Dexter’s Laboratory (yeah seriously, you may not believe it, how does this work on a kids show?) I suppose it’s anime parody ( properly bishounen) and he’s my favorite villain (cause I don’t really like villains)

(I still don’t know how Dee Dee was able to imagine him up tho, but he’s fabulous)

Tools Used: Sai, Photoshop