Middle-Earth has Frozen over in The Lord Of The Rings: Let it Go Parody by The Hillywood Show®!  Follow the hobbits, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, on their journey to destroy The One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom.  Through the eyes of Samwise the brave, The Hillywood Show® brings you a magical tribute to Peter Jackson’s memorable trilogy in an unforgettable, precious way. Once it’s taken a hold of you, you’ll never want to let it go.  This is One Parody to rule them all.

Watch in 720, 1080 or 4kHD for full Middle-Earth Experience!


A new anthem for all the race-hustlers out there has emerged.

NHL 2k14 “My humps” remix
  • NHL 2k14 “My humps” remix
  • Pittsburgh-Sports
  • NHL 2k14 “My humps” remix

Pittsburgh-Sports ||| spread the post not the disease (don’t mind my awesome rapping too)

I drive these doctors crazy,
I do it on the daily,
They treat me really nicely,
But I can’t skate on the icey.
Perry and Ballard,
Suter and Zajac
Chellers, they be sharin’
All this disease got me wearin’ fly
Brother I ain’t askin,
They say they love Crosby ass ‘n,
Passing to Beau Bennett, thank you 87,
I say no, but they keep passin’
So I keep on takin’
And no I ain’t leaving
We can keep on spreading
I keep on transmitting

My mumps,
My mumps,
My contagious facial lumps.


The Office: Middle Earth


"From incorrectly explaining the purpose of a tampon, to describing the menstrual cycle in hilariously false detail, this parody pretty much covers all the bases in terms of men’s lack of knowledge on the subject."

"feminism doesn’t mean men are inferior!" 

Of course it does. All Men are inferior. They are a blight upon Tamriel and their wars have run her fields red with blood throughout history. If there is ever to be peace on Nirn, Men and their allies must know their place and defer to the wisdom and experience of the Aldmeri Dominion, the Thalmor, and the vision of true-blooded Mer.


Can we all take a moment to appreciate this rap by Krista Davis? 

I literally can’t stop laughing. 


Hey dudes~!!

do you like mulan? do you like ponies? THEN CHECK THIS OUT RIGHT NOW

Its a fantastic parody of Be a man from mulan, it’s called “Be a bolt” and it was put together by joaftheloaf, and it feature a bunch of vocalist: Vocalscore, Coconeru, Megaphoric, Eilemonty, StevenAD, Feather, 2xsharp, Calcos, Woody, 4everfreebrony, and yours truly~!

if you got the time, give it a watch! It’s well worth your time :D

  • Cover by Ray
  • Ray Can't Sing

I decided to do this Disney parody cover for all you Hidashi and Anti-Hidashi people out there. :) 

Please excuse the distortion and my wobbly voice- I’m at home so I don’t have any condenser microphones (using iPhone earpiece) and thus it gets kind of distorted at the higher/stronger notes! And hehe I’m usually rapping, not singing. 

In light of all the hate, I decided to do something that (hopefully) made you laugh and smile!!! :D Enjoy, guys!


After I watched Big Hero 6,
I had in mind,
A ship so cute,
It was kawaii and fine,

Never expected all these text posts and hate,
I really don’t understand- they’re gaaaaay (TO ME)

The moment I saw the way,
Tadashi gazed at Hiro,
I turned to my rapper friend and we said,


Stop trying to be an asshole!
Let us ship,
What we ship!
Don’t get all aggro!

You don’t like it?
Well that’s fine!
Just do us all a favour,
Get out of the Hidashi Tag tonight!

I know we’ve debated over what’s wrong and right,
The bottom line is- we’re fighting a stupid fight,

I really don’t hold no grudge,
Against no haters of our ship,
I just ask of you to do one thaaaaang…


Take a chill pill and watch Supernatural!
Or Ouran High School Host Club,
Maybe have a cake for dinner!

We’re ruining the movie, for each other!!!
Please learn some respect…


This ship is fucked up I know that,
Still that’s no reason to send anon hate and death threats!
You’re just as low as what you say we are!
Shall we put a stop to that? 
Let’s not go too faaaaar~


Just forget it all happened-
It’s okay, we’re all human,
We have conflicting opinions.

But the thing is to KNOW RESPECT.
Everyone just move on,
We’re still from the same fucking fandom.

Disclaimer: This is a parody of Disney’s Let It Go soundtrack by Idina Menzel, background music does not belong to me, only the lyrics. 

Please note that I’ve tagged this only in the HIDASHI tag, and hopefully the people tagging hate in OUR tag will get the hint and please just LEAVE US ALONE!!!

meanwhile I am procrastinating the next chapter of bad habits nobody shoot me 


Eren don’t leave.. EREEEENNNN! I LOVE YOOUUU

Because everyone is reblogging that audio, here is a video for it xD