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Monster Hunter 101- Parkour

Been a while since i did a 101, but i figured i would go alittle in depth about the wall/obstacle tricks you can do, which i like to call, “Hunter Parkour” this wont be super long, just a quick guide on how to actually pull these moves off.

Roll Cancel To Wall Climb.
In order to pull this off, you can either have your weapon sheathed or unsheathed, though it’s more useful while your weapon is out, simply roll towards a wall and press A just before the roll end’s to start climbing, that way, you wont have to worry about sheathing, and then climbing, which could get you carted.

Wall Kicking
Wall kicking is super useful, and it looks cool too, lets say your climbing a wall, and the monster is too close to the wall you climbing, i see alot of players end up pressing A to jump over the monster to try to attack, which fails, because your flying over the monster. That’s when you wall kick, you simply stop climbing, align yourself with the monster, and simply Press B to drop down, and before your Hunter hits the ground, press X and you’ll perform a brief wall kick and draw your weapon to attack, its that simple, and it can be done on icicles, and vines as well.

Roll Cancel To Wall Climb/Instant Jump Attack
Please excuse the long name, but this one was explained in one of gaijinhunter‘s videos, so ill just quickly revisit this, you roll towards a wall, press A to climb, and tap A again to jump right off, and go for an attack, this is especially good for when there are no obstacles around for you to perform jump attacks off of, oh and it looks cool.

Thats about it for this MH 101, i hope this helps improve your hunting skills, as it did for me ^^

H A P P Y H U N T I N G ^_^


the battle for the rock


SelfSun from the top of the wall. (Albeit, not a super high one.)

Appropriate to my Spider-Man shirt, one of my big fitness goals is to become strong and agile enough to practice parkour. I’m okay at climbing, but I’ve still got the fear of cracking my head stopping me from jumping off of things.

I’ll get there.



springtime spunk is back


Glory Gymnastics Parkour Day

Why did we ever stop climbing tree's?!

- Its fun

- Its calming


- Its a challenge

- It lets us see the world from a different perspective

- And most importantly it keeps the child in us alive

Oh wait Thats right I never stopped. Yes that is a full grown man you see chilling in a tree. Never loose the child within you.