Who Gets Rich Off Your Parking Tickets?

When you park at a city meter, you think you know what happens: you make your payment, and the city collects it. If you forget to pay or stay too long, a parking enforcement person from the city will write you a ticket, and then you owe the city even more money. Oh well—at least you’re helping to fund vital city services, so those parking meter payments have a silver lining.

Unless you’re in Chicago. In that case, your parking meter fees line the pockets of Wall Street banks and the oil sheiks of the United Arab Emirates. And unless you survive to a very old age, they will continue to for as long as you live.

A curious psychological phenomenon

South Bend is celebrating its 150th anniversary this weekend.  They’ve been pulling out all the stops; there’s been a crazy amount of shit going on downtown all weekend and while at least a couple of things probably ought to have gotten somebody killed from what I’ve been hearing and seeing most everyone’s been having a good time.  My wife and I brought the boy downtown this afternoon for a bit,…

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