“I like being a sociopath, you know. But I love you more than that. I know that given my past you’re having trouble believing me. But I’m honest, it’s hard for me to admit that to you. Before I never felt anything for people. This is new for me, this flood of feeling that came over me when I look at you. It took me some time to get habit, at first I thought it was disgusting. I feel like Damon with Elena, everything I hate. Ironically, I am a man in love too. I really love you (Y / N). I can change for you, if you want. If you’ll give me a chance.”

Butterflies - Part 13

Author: ArtisticRainey

Genre: Drama/Family

Characters: Jeff Tracy, the Tracy brothers

Rating: T

Summary: Based on TOS. “Nothing stays the same forever.” It’s 2069 and lots of changes are happening on Tracy Island. The family is growing and so too is the IR crew. However, for one brother, a life-altering incident will mean that things will never be the same again. Rated T for some bad language and difficult themes. **Not an OC-centric fic.** WIP.

****Nothing explicit, but definite squick warning from here on in.****

Part Twelve: http://artisticrainey-stuff.tumblr.com/post/119771623161/butterflies-part-12


Sleep came but when he awoke, Jeff Tracy felt far from rested. He sat up in the plush hotel bed and sat for a moment, trying to get his plan of action straight in his head. Later, he would have to do something he never thought he would have to. Later, he was going to have to make a public appeal for the return of his son.

Jeff planted his feet on the floor and curled his toes into the carpet. This was going to be news. Big news. The disappearance of the son of an ex-astronaut-turned-billionaire industrialist was going to draw news teams from all over the world.

He pushed himself to his feet and started to get ready, pulling on his clothing and grabbing his wallet. It was more photo album than wallet, really. In truth, that still wasn’t accurate. It was more of a communication device, since it held the portraits of his sons that doubled as portable comm. links. Jeff opened it and flicked to the third photograph. His eyes lingered for some time on the face of his son.

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30 Day Challenge

Day 8: 

Least Favourite Romance/Rivalry

Again, romance wasn’t the main driving-force of Thunderbirds and certainly isn’t one of the main reasons why I love/watch the show, so I’m going to answer this one with another rivalry.

In the episode ‘The Mighty Atom’, Parker and Lady Penelope visit Tracy Island during a quiet period, giving the oppourtunity for Parker and Kyrano to share their first scene together (as far as I can remember) on screen together.  This leads to them both becoming protective of their roles as Butler/Manservant and who was going to serve the drinks.

Leading to none of the drinks being served…

Now, it’s not that I don’t think there wouldn’t be any rivalry between the two, I mean, they’re both in very similar roles so it’s only natural that there would be competition.  I just don’t think it really matches Kyrano’s character/personality.  However, it most definitely matches Parker’s.

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