Rebar’s Parkcycle:  A human-powered, open space distribution system. This is absolutely delightful.

The Parkcycle is a human-powered open space distribution system designed for agile movement within the existing auto-centric urban infrastructure.

While its physical dimensions synchronize with the automotive “softscape” of lane stripes and metered stalls, the Parkcycle effectively re-programs the urban hardscape by delivering massive quantities of green open space—up to 4,320 square-foot-minutes of park per stop—thus temporarily reframing the right-of-way as green space, not just a car space.

Using a plug-and-play approach, the Parkcycle provides open space benefits to neighborhoods that need it, when they need it, as soon as it is parked.

Built in collaboration with the kinetic sculptor Reuben Margolin at his studio in Emeryville, California, the Parkcycle made its debut on Park(ing) Day 2007 in San Francisco.

PARK(ing) Day 2007 and the Parkcycle were both made possible by a generous grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation.

Check out Parkcycle, a scheme that enables parks to be spontaneously assembled in any public location

According to recent research, there are now more people in the world living in urban environments than in rural ones. However, it’s not always possible or convenient to enjoy green space in those built-up areas. In order to tackle this problem, Parkcycle is a scheme that enables parks to be spontaneously assembled in any public location.