park se young


[Ep32] The legendary KISSING moment of 2Young!

I said I can’t do gif…cause I am…you know…under the influence.
But I just can’t help myself….

I got this OCD disease, if I see people making out in the dark….I just have to turn on the light…(Sorry, WooYoung…..There is no secret between us….)
I hope it’s not too bright for y’all.

Look at his smile after he kissed her while she was sleeping in his arm…
OMG……is it heaven???
His kiss woke SeYoung up and she was all shy and embarrassed then she turned to WooYoung and touched his back of neck/hair AGAIN. She does that every time when WooYoung does something good or makes her happy.

I die….their body language …..I die again…and drunk….


Wooyoung tries to keep his wife’s head comfortable while she sleeps on him in the moving truck  -  We Got Married 230


[Ep33] It’s more then a kiss

When SeYoung accepted the fact that their relationship is finally coming to the end.
WooYoung surprised her with a true kiss on her lip.
It brought more tears to her and put a proud smile on himself.
I believe they know by doing so on the national TV program, this is more then a kiss but also a commitment.
SeYoung couldn’t hold her tears any more.

They way they looked at each other when THE MAN JWYoung kissed her.
If that’s not love then what is?