Healer Episode 16 - Heartbreak and reconciliation

JH: “Chae Young Shin, are you inside? Can I go in?”

JH: “You had me worried, I was afraid that you would have trouble breathing.”

JH: “Chae Young Shin, are you angry with me? Because I didn’t told you about your mother? Just get mad at me, I’m really sorry…”

YS: “You haven’t done anything wrong. That’s not why.”

JH: “Not why? So why don’t you look at me?”

JH: “I see that Kim Moon Hoo finally got the courage to tell you, did you beat him up?”

YS: “I just listened.”

JH: “You did well, I already beat him up for you. He isn’t as bad as I thought. He didn’t even resist when I hit him. Do you know that your mother’s sick?”

YS: “I heard it.”

JH: “I met your mother…she’s was very nice..”

YS: “She was fine when she met you…”

JH: “What?”

YS: “Nothing”

JH: “It is because of this, right? Did you hear about my father and your father’s story?”

YS: “What story?”

JH: “That my father killed your father.”

YS: “You have known about this?”

JH: “Yes, I have. But i couldn’t say anything to you, I was afraid that you would be like this.”

YS: “That fact has nothing to do with us.”

JH: “If it doesn’t matter, then why can’t you see me? Why can’t you look at me?”

YS: “There’s is a possibility that my father wasn’t a killer, that he was just a victim. So I’m trying to find evidence to prove that. I thought of telling you about this after i have the evidence. Okay. I’ll just do that.”

Dad: “Hey, Park Bong Soo. We need to talk.”

YS: “Listen to me before u go.”

YS: “You definitely have to find it.”

JH: “Yes.”

YS: “Even if you can’t find it, just come to me.”

JH: “Alright.”

YS: “I’ll also try to find it.”

JH: “Yes.”

YS: “You have to come to me, even if you can’t find it, understand?”

JH: “I’ll find it.” 

YS: “You aren’t a bad person.”

JH: “I know that too.”

Translation credit: Soompis aroma83


There was a boy who was a college student in 1980. He did pirate broadcasts with his friends. That pirate broadcast continued for about a year. They reported truths that were not being covered by newspapers or broadcasts through a shortwave radio. And audience members who could receive that broadcast secretly recorded the broadcast on cassette tapes and shared it with many people. That pirate broadcast ended with the arrest of Gi Yeong Jae. And Gi Yeong Jae was imprisoned for 11 years for having talked about truths that the government had said not to talk about.