10 Ways To Be Parisian with Caroline De Maigret


How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are + Love, Style, and Bad Habits is a book we both love and detest because it is everything we want to be and do, but we are unfortunately not the authors, merely a wannabe audience. 

This book, written by four experienced Parisian women (now mothers); Anne Berest, Audery Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophia Mas; is a collection of tips, short stories, and experiences they’ve had living life in Pari. 

In this collage of culture you can chicly learn how to be classic, breath-taking, and chaotic all in a moment. The Parisian life is one of implied arrogance and mystery with a side of adventure and inquisitiveness. Here you can learn in all in an entertaining and highly fashionable medium. Our favorite quote and motto is featured in the introduction;

We’ve spent countless long nights laughing with each other and sharing that typically French enthusiasm for transforming life into fiction. As you’ll discover, Parisian women spend an inordinate amount of energy trying to spin every episode of their existence into a very good story.

Be inspired by the french style and pick up a copy today personally we can say it’s incredibly worth it!

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