The Zodiac Signs as Parents!

Aries: Enjoys dressing up, painting and playing with their children. Can be quite impatient though!

Taurus: Soccer mom/ dad who’s always encouraging their kids to do better! You’ll teach your kids to never give up easily!

Gemini: Sets a few rules and then observes to see if the child will abide by them. If not, you’ll either make the rules worse or let them go depending on your mood.

Cancer: With you huge family, you enjoy spending time together. You’re always making sure everyone is okay and not feeling left out. Kinda that “typical” mom (or dad) who’s always cooking and GIVING HUGS!

Leo: Let your kids run around naked and do as they will, but handing out consequences for their bad actions is what makes you the leader.

Virgo: The parent who still somehow manages to look really good even after a sleepless night.

Libra: You prefer spending your time with your many animals, but end up having a baby and it’s be the greatest addition to your life. You struggle for a while at first, but with help from your partner, you succeed. 

Scorpio: You’re not exactly the biggest fan of children, except your own! You praise your child non-stop and think he/ she is the best child IN THE WORLD

Sagittarius: The hippie parent who raises their flower child in only a positive environment. No technology, no negativity. 

Capricorn: You let your kid learn at their own pace and have free will. You want them to be 100% their own person, with a few steers here and there. 

Aquarius: You’re a little lazy and end up not fulfilling your duties. Your partner thankfully is a freaking magician and knows every freaking trick their is to know about raising children! Thank goodness!

Pisces: You plan on having no children. You want to travel the world, but these travels are most likely to change your mind, and you’ll obviously be the most educationally fun parent omg

Shout out to my mom for giving me the best present I’ve ever imagined!  Took a walk today with no shirt on.  She gave me life not only once, but twice.  I hope the parents of transgender children realize how much their support for the children means.  being transgender isn’t a choice.  it’s not easy.  you lose a lot because of it.  no one would choose to be transgender.  and losing a parent is every transgender persons worse nightmare.  so thankful to have one of my parents supporting me.  spread awareness!

Two pictures:  One of a person post surgery, the other with their mom and a dog.


  • Parent:*violates your privacy*
  • Parent:*destroys your ability to trust them*
  • Parent:*screams at you on a regular basis for not being a perfect human being*
  • Parent:*blatantly refuses to respect you*
  • Parent:*demands respect as they disrespect you*

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heya, i absolutely love your drabbles, you're amazing as you always put a smile on my face. I think you're the one who already made candy's parents' reaction about the boys. Could you do the opposite? Where the guys introduce candy to their own parents? By the way my english is crap but you'd be amazing if you do this. xx

Hello dears! I combined these requests. Thank you so much dears! And, for future reference, my name is Adrian. Feel free to call me Aidy or Kato though, many of my friends do! ^-^
I decided to get to these requests pretty quickly since more than one person requested it. Hope you enjoy!


Nathaniel’s grip on Candy’s hand tightened considerably as they both stood at his front door, preparing themselves to enter. His heart was pounding in his chest from the sheer nerves. Candy was going to meet his parents. She was actually going to officially meet his parents. As his girlfriend. His breathing hitched slightly as he started to worry about it- what would his mother think? Worse yet, what would his father think?

Candy glanced over at her boyfriend with a small confused look. Her face scrunched up with concern as Nathaniel’s grip on her hand grew almost painfully tight. She leaned over toward him and whispered to him gently,

"Don’t worry. I’m sure your parents will like me."

Her words were too optimistic for him to believe. Yet he still managed to give her a weak smile of reassurance. She didn’t notice how forced it looked as she smiled back at him cheerfully before they finally entered the house.

His parents were standing in the living room, waiting for them, their eyes critical and judging. Nathaniel let out a sigh of relief that Amber was no where to be found; he didn’t want her messing anything up. The situation was already as tense as it was without Amber adding to it. He gulped thickly as he stepped toward his parents.

"Mother, Father," he dipped his head professionally, "I’d like you to meet Candy… She- She’s my g-girlfriend."

His voice wavered at the end, cracking slightly as he blushed heavily. Candy’s eyes softened as she saw how nervous her boyfriend was. She held his hand a bit tighter and gave him a look that gave him reassurance that no matter what, she was there to support him.

Francis and Adelaide both eyed the girl before them with a critical eye. Amber had told them about her. She had said that Candy wasn’t very smart, wasn’t very pretty… Though she did admit that Candy was a good person and Nathaniel liked her. However, Nathaniel’s fondness of the girl wasn’t enough for them to approve of the girl. The girl isn’t that good looking, Francis mused, she doesn’t have any social standing. What could she possibly have that would benefit us? His wife had a similar thought as they both shared a look of disapproval.

"No," Francis finally spoke up calmly, "…She won’t do."

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After taylorswift liked my post here, I posted a screenshot on Facebook and jokingly added the caption “So Taylor liked my post, I think we can get married now” And today at this family gathering one of my uncles came up to me and he was like “So am I invited to your wedding with Taylor?” and this made me so incredibly happy because he is like fully accepting my sexuality. I could cry right there. If only my parents could finally accept it. Please.

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Hi, same anon that was bothered by what their mom said about demisexuality. I've tried explaining how demisexuality is a variation of asexuality but she doesn't seem capable of understanding the concept. I've also been wondering if I'm asexual. When I told her it was possible that I was asexual, her response was "What? No grandchildren?" even though before, she's always told me not to have sex, which is kind of contradictory. She's also said I'm repressed, or it might "just be your personality".

These are common reactions aces get, unfortunately. Maybe you can show her that asexuality is considered valid in the DSM-V (ie: the big fancy book psychologists use to diagnose disorders) or send her links to Asexuality Archive. Ultimately, it is up to her to decide to believe you or not. If she remains determined not to believe you, there is not much you can do. She might come around after some time to think about it.