The signs as parents

Aries: “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GET A TATTOO?! LET ME SEE IT”…yo, that’s pretty cool, wanna go get some ice cream”

Taurus: Is the parent that is always cooking new food 

Gemini:Acts more like a kid than their child

Cancer: Hands down best mom ever

Leo: “No no no, don’t you dare wear those clothes out of the house, it’s spring, those are winter colors”

Virgo: Very protective


Scorpio: Is the mom who everyone is jealous of

Sagittarius: Loves their child so much and takes them on impromptu vacations all the time

Capricorn: “YOU GOT A WHAT ON YOUR TEST?! AN 87!”

Aquarius: Nice job on the A+, but did you protest for all the failing students who are not aloud to retake it

Pisces: Has an adorable child and loves them so much

A Righteous Women is an Example for Her Children

By Shaykh Saalih ibn Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah)

The Uprightness of a Woman

A woman first and foremost needs to be righteous herself, so that she can be a good example for her daughters.

How can a woman become upright? Every woman must realize that only through knowledge can she become upright, and here I am referring to religious knowledge that she can learn from books - if that is possible for her - or from the tongues of scholars, regardless of whether those scholars are men or women.

In these times, it has become very easy for women to learn knowledge directly from the mouths of scholars through audio cassettes, for Islamic audio cassettes Alhamdulillah now represent an important means of enlightening and educating society. Hence, a woman needs knowledge to become upright, for there is no such thing as uprightness without knowledge.

Sound Training of Children

A woman should train her children properly, for her children represent the men and women of the future. In the earliest stages of their development, it is the mothers that human beings learn from. If she is a good mother, good in her manners and dealings and good in the way she brings up her children, then those children will take after her and contribute positively to the betterment of society.

Every mother, then, must dedicate herself to training her children, and if she cannot undertake their training on her own, then their father or another guardian – for example, a brother or uncle, if their father is dead – should help her to raise them.

A woman should not yield to difficult circumstances, feeling that she cannot change her situation or her family’s situation for the better. A bad situation needs to be changed and a good situation needs to be improved. When the Prophet (ﷺ) was sent to a Nation whose people worshipped idols, severed the ties of relations, and wronged one another, he (ﷺ) did not submit to their situation; in fact, Allah did not permit him to give up and yield to the prevailing conditions. Allah said to him:

فَاصْدَعْ بِمَا تُؤْمَرُ وَأَعْرِضْ عَنِ الْمُشْرِكِينَ

Therefore proclaim openly (Allah’s Message – Islamic Monotheism) that which you are commanded, and turn away from Al-Mushrihun (polytheists, idolaters and disbelievers).

(Qur’an – Surah Al Hijr, 15:94)

[Source: Excerpt from The Islamic Awakening, by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, pg. 223 and pg 229. Compiled by his student Abu Anas Ali ibn Husayn Abu Lauz]


Things Not to Do When Talking About Your Dad

He’s banned from charades at family gatherings.


Dear Younger People,

Don’t ever let a parent, adult, teacher, etc convince you that your moment in the sun won’t come.

My Dad used to belittle the shit out of me as a minor. We had a hateful relationship thanks to his inability to control his temper. And he used to make me feel like I’d never get away from him.

Years later, and after a bit of therapy, I’ve somewhat rebuilt my relationship with him. But this sort of thing, an argument, it happens still. Not often, but it does. And for a half second I have that flashback to being young and feeling vulnerable and worthless.

And let me tell you, I NEVER let him get away with it. Not for a motherfucking second. 

There will be a day when you stand up to those people. And it will feel glorious. And you will come home to share the news with strangers online cause you just can’t help spreading the good news- they don’t get to hurt you forever. They aren’t in charge of you anymore.

Believe that. That day will come.

hindirectioner asked:

Hey!! So I finally got the courage to tell my dad about my adhd and he started yelling, like I've never seen him so mad, and he said that I was normal, and that I can't possibly have it since I'm not all jumpy all the time, and that I'm just lazy, and I was scared and I regretted telling him so I agreed, but now I absolutely need to get diagnosed, and I don't know how to tell him. What should I do? How do I tell him?? Thanks!!

A lot of people say that ADHD is caused by bad parenting. Your dad feels threatened by the suggestion that you may have ADHD. Talk to your school counselor about this.


Oh, it's that time of year

Mom: My daughter is very upset about being pulled for additional help from her study hall class. This is unacceptable.
Me: You called and asked me to start pulling her last week for fluency. Would you like to cancel that intervention plan?
Mom: No. She needs the support.
Me: So you’d like me to work with her on fluency without seeing her?
Mom: Yes. Well, no. Clearly, that’s impossible, but pulling her is unacceptable.
Me: Clearly.

Mom: Can you tell my son that the reason he can’t have two electives next year is because you’re requiring him to take this reading class? I don’t want him to be mad at me.
Me: No.

Oh, please tell me I am not alone pushing through the crazy.

you guys are alcoholic drug addicts and neither of you have been perfect parents, my mother barely qualifying as a parent at all, so the fact that you act like I’m such a bad person still baffles me. It’s hilarious. You can fuck off

Sa dami ng blessings na dumating sa buhay ko, wala na akong mahihiling pa. sobrang close namin ni mama, halos mag bestfriend lang kami. parang sisters lang. nagkakasundo kami sa lahat ng bagay. nagkakabiruan, tawanan, asaran. kahit minsan nagkakatampuhan dahil sa kadakdakan mahal parin namin isa’t isa. lalo na si papa? sobra kami close. kapag nag cam to cam kami nag wawacky kami tapos magtatanong si mama sino maganda sa paningin nya haha.

for me, si mama at papa na yata ang pinaka dabest!

Hindi ko makakalimutan nung high school ako. nagka palakol ako sa mathematics ko, first time yon. natakot ako sabihin kina mama kasi, first time ko malaglag sa mga top. sayang yung pagiging top 3 ko non. nabarkada kasi ako. siguro dahil sa solo lang ako lagi, nalibang ako masyado na may kasama. ayon napabayaan. so nung nalaman nila yon, sabi nila ayos lang daw. atleast ginawa ko naman ang best ko eh. hindi naman daw kasi mahalaga yung top na yan as long as mabuti kang tao, ayos lang daw. grabe lang. natuwa talaga ako non. bumawi ako nung 4th year ako. doon ngiting ngiti ako nung sinasabitan ako ng medalya sa itaas ng stage. haha. super supportive din sila. kung saan ako masaya, doon din sila. hindi nila ako pinoforce, o pinipilit sa isang bagay na hindi ako masisiyahan. pero syempre di ako pumipili ng bagay na alam kong hindi ikakaganda ng buhay ko o sarili ko.
I’m so blessed. yun ang masasabi ko. sobrang saya ko kasi sila ang mga naging magulang ko. swerte ko lang kasi may supportive, caring, understanding, and loving akong parents. that’s why i love them so muuuch!

The oceans are teaming with trash bags and soda bottles and cigarettes. The turtles light up under the sea and the blowfish make nests out of the plastic waste, the rubble, that fell so quietly from the shore.
“We are smart.” the narwhal says to the clownfish, his horn adorned with used condoms and Mcdonald’s drink lids
“We are taking their dregs and making them our crowns.” chokes the clownfish.
“Ones mans trash-”
“-Another mans treasure.”

The oceans are suffocating on our mid-day snacks. Our cigarette breaks.

The forests are dry and barren like the Sahara. Shaved clean like the head of a cancer patient who would rather choose a bald head then succumb to one. Except, the pine trees never gave consent.
“No means no.” The spruce says to the redwood.
“It’s a basic right.”
“I have to carry around a rape whistle.”
“I’m a mother fucking tree, why do you tear up the only thing that connects me with the earth?”

The forests are scorched and molested for our dining room tables. Out chester drawers.

My father used to think it was funny to tickle me until I cried. To this day I don’t let boys touch my ribs or my neck or the soft parts of my arms without a whimper or a flinch escaping from my weak, weak body. My weak, weak mind. He used to climb in my bed at 2 or 3 in the morning and cry on the pillow next to me.
“You’re so beautiful.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“I love you so much.”
“I’m so sorry.”

He never touched me. He tried to be a good father. To be a good human being in general. Not until my 16th birthday when he passed out inside a locked bathroom did I realize he had a drinking problem. Suddenly I understood why he would fall asleep on the couch every night. I understood that when I would try to shake him awake he would slur his words and not remember my name. 

There is a story I know about a young girl who liked the beach so much that each day her father would take her there and they would sit in the sand and play tic-tac-toe with the sea shells. Every day they walked to the coast and sat in the exact same spot and played the exact same game. Her father would always let her win, he didn’t think she knew, but she did. Those days were precious to the young girl. Her father was a hero.

Some days her father would have to go away at night so he would have to meet her at the beach instead of walking her there. She grew accustomed to making the trek by herself. She knew the way, and he would always be waiting for her when she got there.

One day there was a storm at the beach and the young girl had to walk alone. Once she arrived her father was nowhere to be seen. She sat in their spot and drew the tic-tac-toe board in the sand and waited for him. She waited all day while the clouds cried and the thunder screamed and the ocean thrashed, but he never came. When the sun finally gave up and the moon woke up and the wind stopped howling she left her beach and walked home, soaked to the bone in cold, hard water.

After that day it stormed every day.

She never saw her father again.

She never came back to the beach.

—  And you ask me why I don’t like the ocean
Dear Parents,

Don’t joke about your kid’s appearance. This could include:
-Fashion choices
Whether your kidding or not, it could really bring your kid’s confidence down. You might think it’s a joke, but your kid might have an actual insecurity about it. And your jokes (intentionally harmful or not) could push them past their breaking point. Why risk it? Don’t even joke about it. Put them up and instead of putting them down.

Body shaming isn’t only spread from kid to kid. It’s also spread from parent to kid.

Dear Mama,

Thank you kasi bestfriend kita. Wala ‘kong tinago sayo, alam mo yan. Maski sa kalokohan ko, kasabwat kita. Hahaha! Meron tayong relasyon na wala yung iba. :)) At salamat doon. Ikaw yung klase ng inang papakinggan talaga yung anak. Palagi kang nakikinig sa mga kwento ko, sa mga drama ko, sa mga hinanakit ko. Nagpapasalamat talaga akong ganyan ka, Ma. Sobrang close natin kaya wala akong tinatago sayo. Mahal na mahal kita. Thank you kasi nung sinabi ko yung dahilan ko kung bakit ako sumusubok ng mga bagong bagay at pumupunta kung saan-saan, naintindihan mo ‘ko. Nagawa mong intindihin yung dahilan ko. Salamat Ma! Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita. :“>

Nature is too weird!

Beth: [age 6, home from school] “I have to write a report about bobcats.”

Mom: “Do you know anything about bobcats?”

Beth: “The teacher gave me this—” [holds up papers] “—and a web site where I could read more.”

Mom: “We used to have bobcats visit our backyard when we lived at our old house. Do you remember that?”

Me: “Oh yeah, I remember that. Their screams are really creepy.”

Luke: [age 10] “I don’t remember that. How old was I?”

Me: “Three or four, maybe?”

Luke: “What do you mean by ‘creepy’?”

Mom: “They sound like women screaming, or maybe children screaming. Let me look it up online.” [searches on YouTube]  “Here. Listen.”

Mom: [while video is playing] “I don’t know if you remember the back yard, and how the woods came right up to the house. But in the summer, we’d be watching TV at night with the windows open, pitch black outside, and one of these would start screaming in the woods. It felt like it was right behind our heads. Really freaky.”

Luke: [wide-eyed, listening to the video] “Oh man. That’s just not right. Nature is too weird!”

anonymous asked:

I'm currently vegetarian in a very animal products driven household and I'm trying to stop consuming things like milk and cheese. My parents refuse for me to be vegan so I told my parents that Ive stopped drinking milk for stupid reasons like "milk is so white it freaks me out" but now I'm anaemic. Im trying to use that to persuade them to buy soya milk and soybeans but it's not working. It's exam time though so I'm struggling to study past seven and it's having a negative impact, any advice?

Have you talked to your parents about you going vegan? They might not be against it. This is a great video on the amazing health benefits of a vegan diet. If you want you can tell your parents you’re doing it because of health reasons (one, they probably won’t be against you doing something for your well-being, and two, talking about animal rights and how using animal products is unethical might cause them to react negatively - try to predict how they will react and then act accordingly). And if they agree to watching that video with you they might switch to a more plant-based diet themselves. Either way you’re gonna need their support, at least enough to get them to buy some food you can eat.

If you’re anaemic, you’re gonna need iron. Check out this, this, this. You can also get iron pills. If you’re just feeling tired though you might simply not be getting enough calories, so make sure you eat a lot. And try to eat as fresh and healthy as possible - fatty fast food may also make you feel tired. 

And check out my parents tag for lots of advice on how to talk to your parents about this.