Umbilical cord burning: Age-old practice sees renewed interest

by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories In increasing numbers pregnant women are considering there’s more to dealing with the umbilical cord than deciding if doctor or dad will do the cutting honors. There’s both early and delayed cord clamping to decide on, the option to tie a string around it or have a Lotus… Read more »

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I worked on this all day.  Actually.  Things keep jarring my mind about this whole “baby thing”.  Today it was a list of things other cultures do differently when it comes to raising children.  It’s a whole list of things I approve of, that we don’t do in USA.

And why don’t we?  Clearly it works.  Those kids grow up healthy and independent just like American Values, but we haven’t adopted these techniques.  Why? 

In case you haven't heard, parenting is hard.

In case you haven’t heard, parenting is hard.

Jack is very, very two-ish these days, which means some days I feel utterly defeated, and other days I bow down at the chubby toes of his cuteness, with tears of love washing the dirt off those toes. He is just so yummy it KILLS me. What the heck am I supposed to with that?

Kiss him and eat him up. And then yell at him two minutes later when he decides to stomp his Goldfish crackers into the rug…

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24 cool dad tattoos honoring their children

by Katherine Martin posted in Mom Stories People get tattoos for countless different reasons, but it seems that a lot of tattoos are a way to show love. They can be a visible reminder of what matters most someone. For that reason isn’t surprising that dads are getting tattoos in honor of their children. We… Read more »

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Uni student wanting to surprise her parents!

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anonymous asked:

is it okay to go by the pronouns you've used all your life? no other pronouns appeal to me and i feel kinda invalid because of that since i'm also not keen on changing my name. i was born in the mid 90s and my parents went with the trend of giving their afab child a "boy" name so i actually really love it. i just feel kind of invalid atm

It is totally fine to go by the same pronouns you’ve been using all your life. If your pronouns make you feel comfortable, you don’t need to change them. If your name makes you feel comfortable, you don’t need to change your name. You’re completely valid.


What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids A Long-Held Secret

“A singular emotion… flabbergasted?”

We had four parents tell their kid a secret they’ve kept from them their whole lives, and things got awkward. / Via BuzzFeed Yellow

First up, are Becca and Lisa:

And Becca was OK with it, staying calm, cool, and collected…

…until her mom got into the details.

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Stray.. “Gone astray”
Dreams of gumdrops and lollipops are all too clear.
Soccer moms and pom poms and being so proud.
My child will make honor roll one day, where has all the time gone they seem to say ..
Soon its prom time they won’t obey, hanging out late with all their friends, disrespecting parents is all a trend… We have your child madam he’s been locked up.
Seems an elderly woman he struck.
Toke and pass, don’t Bogart, first offender,but I’m kinda smart.
Made connections and I’ll use them all…
Now it’s blood-stained floors and dirty whores.
Ghetto rats with fake gold chains, toothless pimps with walking canes, school tuition is but a dream as manicured lawns are barely seen.

Please God help me they begin to pray, but their so far gone, they’ve gone astray.

By Donato DiCamillo
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i love how the “varying pokemon subtypes” drawing trend has evolved into a similar, albeit even more lovely, “pokemon varying be parents species” drawing trend

Texts From My Parents: What It Was Like To Leave Vietnam

Aircraft carriers, refugee camp, and a lost shoe.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

Today is the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon. This morning, my dad texted my mom and me.

And so began my parents’ retelling of what happened that week in 1975 to their eldest daughter, who grew up loving pizza Hot Pockets more than anything in the entire world.

They left Vietnam four days apart: my mom from the central region and my dad from what is now Ho Chi Minh City.

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That whole “I just want to eat pizza and have my butt touched” makes me roll my eyes so hard every time because my first thought is: are you 12.9 years old? And then: have you ever experienced anything beyond middle school pizza parties and awkward movie dates, or did your mom keep you home from anything that wasn’t supervised by parents? How did that trend get any momentum? I don’t understand