Another week with you:

This week you have begun shuffling along on your bum. You don’t get very far but you sure do try very hard. You pull yourself up when I hold out my hands and you’re starting to try pull yourself up on your toys. You can stand by yourself with a little support! Mama had a job interview which she felt went very well. I really need this little break to get myself into the industry so all fingers and toes are crossed! It will give us a much nicer life in the long run. We went to Jungle mania and had fun playing with Ryan and Rhianon. You enjoyed watching all the big kids playing and you enjoyed the little sensory area where you could watch all the pretty lights flashing.

You’ve been to the child minders as usual and you give her a great big smile whenever you turn up! I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say you enjoy it there. Your little friends Lola and Sofia get upset when you have to leave them! You have a halloween part next Thursday and one again on halloween day. You popular little thing, you!

This week you have started to despise getting dressed and having your nappy changed! I think it’s where you have to lay down and now that you know how to sit unaided you just want to do it literally all the time! It’s super cute seeing you sitting and playing with all your toys, you are less frustrated because you can see what’s going on and enjoy everything around you. 

On Tuesday you are 7 months old… SEVEN months! What?!!

Another lovely week with you.

Love mama


uponseatime said:


put a fandom in my ask and i’ll answer:

  • otp — Adam/Kristina, Zeke/Camille
  • favourite canon pairing — aside from the above definitely, Mark/Sarah
  • worst pairing ever — Julia and anyone that isn’t Joel
  • guilty pleasure pairing — Oliver/Amber idk why but I need that.
  • a pairing you want to see more — Mark/Sarah damn it
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” — Sarah/Hank — Hank is growing on me but blah! Not a Ray Romano fan
  • favorite non-romantic pair — Drew and Amber because they are totally like me and my siblings. I love it.


I can agree with that Crosby.

To our future Sons,

When you are in Elementary School don’t pull the cute girls hair, don’t chase her around, don’t tease her, Don’t call her names and pretend you don’t like her. Be Sweet. Be Kind. Be Gentle.

When you are in Junior High don’t follow the crowd, don’t compete with the other guys, girls are not prizes don’t treat them as such. Be an Individual. Be Respectful. Be Genuine.

When you are in High School don’t use her for experience, don’t leer and objectify her outfits, don’t over sexualize her. Be an Equal. Be a Protector. Be there for Her.

When you are in College don’t use her for fun, don’t take advantage, don’t lead her on, understand no means no. Be Honest. Be Caring. Be Patient.

When you have kids don’t teach them that “Boys will be Boys”, don’t teach them to “man up”, don’t teach them to “get some”. Teach them to be gentlemen. Teach them to uplift others. Teach them to see women as people.

From a future Mother.