Aragorn's Timeline

IMPORTANT: This timeline is according to the books only. Some day I’ll have to figure out what the differences are in the movie, but frankly I just don’t have the strength for that project yet. Anyway, how old Aragorn is depends entirely on what year it is. So here’s his whole timeline (the number in parenthesis is his age during that year.)

  • 2931: Aragorn II is born on March 1st
  • 2933: Aragorn’s father is killed, so he and his mother move to Rivendell, where they live under Elrond’s protection (2)
  • 2951: Elrond tells Aragorn about his true name and ancestry (up until this point, they weren’t telling him about the whole Heir of Isildur thing.) Aragorn and Arwen meet for the first time, and he falls in love. Aragorn leaves Rivendell to begin his travels in the wild. (20)
  • 2956: Aragorn and Gandalf meet for the first time. (25)
  • 2957-80: Aragorn lives in Rohan and Gondor under the alias Thorongil, completing many heroic deeds. (26-49)
  • 2980: Aragorn goes to Lorien, where he meets Arwen again. The two fall in love, and Aragorn gives Arwen the Ring of Barahir. (49)
  • 3001: Bilbo leaves the Shire, and the Dunedain’s guard on the hobbits is doubled. Gandalf tells Aragorn about Gollum. (70)
  • 3007: Gilraen, Aragorn’s mother, dies. (76)
  • 3009: Gandalf and Aragorn renew their search for Gollum. Aragorn spends the next 8 years following various trails. (78)
  • 3017: Aragorn finally catches Gollum and takes him to Mirkwood. (86)
  • 3018: Aragorn meets the hobbits in Bree in September, and the Council of Elrond is held in late October. (87)
  • 3019: By May Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor, and on Midsummer he and Arwen are married in Minas Tirith. (88)
  • 6FO: Aragorn decrees that the Shire is a Free Land under the Reunited Kingdom’s protection. (96)
  • 15FO: Aragorn lives near Lake Evendim for a time, and visits the Brandywine Bridge to see his hobbit friends. (105)
  • 63FO: Merry and Pippin arrive in Gondor, and spend their last few years in Minas Tirith with Aragorn. (153)
  • 120FO: Aragorn II dies on March 1st. (210)

(Keep in mind that somewhere in there Aragorn and Arwen had at least three children (one son, Eldarion, and a couple unnamed daughters), but Tolkien doesn’t give any birth dates for them.)

SOURCES: LotR Appendices

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