here are my meager gemstuck contributions

Each of the characters can summon their associated strife weapon from their gem. John gets a hammer, Rose gets wands, Jade gets a rifle, Karkat gets a sickle… and so on. That one’s fairly obvious.

Gem placement is usually, but not always, governed by class. Knights’ gems are on their shoulders. (Dave’s gem cracked, and it summons a broken sword.) Seers and Witches get forehead gems. Sylphs have their gems located in the abdomen. Thieves have a gem in place of one eye, and Rogues have them in the palm of a hand (both relate to stealing: see what you want, take what you want). Princes and Maids have gems in their bosom/heart. Bards have crotch gems, a parellel to the legendary codpiece.

Breath players are one exception: John’s and Tavros’ gems are located on their backs. Both can summon wings in some way.

Role inversion results in a discolored, sort of clouded over gem. Witch of Void! Rose’s gem and wands are black, Seer of Time! Jade’s gem changes color frequently and randomly (like her randomized shirt signs), Crocker! Jane’s becomes bright red… and so on.

(( edit: Also (I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner) inversion is the same thing as gem corruption. When Rose gets corrupted, she turns into an eldritch beast. Jade turns into something Light-based, possibly a big eyeball monster? Jane gets all techno-y/artificial. Aradia becomes a frog-like shapeshifter, Tavros’ form spouts red miles, and Gamzee’s is bliss- and lax-inducing. ))

John and Jade love to fuse, and have loads of fun doing it. Dave and Rose have a harder time fusing, especially because of Dave’s cracked gem; they tend to save their fusion for the direst of times. John fused with Rose once, but found it really weird. Ditto to Jade and Dave.

Other common fusions include Equius/Nepeta (so stable they spend as much time together as they do apart), Terezi/Vriska, Sollux/Karkat, Feferi/Sollux, Vriska/Tavros (usually Vriska pressures Tavros into it against his will — an abusive fusion derived from an abusive relationship that almost always results in disaster), Eridan/Sollux (extremely powerful but unwilling to act), Nepeta/Feferi, and Dirk/Equius.

Calliope’s gem is green and located on her left cheek; Caliborn’s is red and on his right cheek. Together they form a very powerful — and very unstable — gem fusion. They would have unfused a long time ago, but Gamzee thought it would be hilarious to use advanced gem technology to weld them together permanently. Now the two souls, unfused in all but physical form, vie for control over their powerful shared body.

Also Caliborn wants to fuse with Jake and overpower both of them.

happybamon asked:

Argh why'd you put that thought in my head??? Now I can't get it out. But if Sasha was taking over the Andrea role, then wouldn't it be more definite? Like why the hell would Beth get Andrea's scars then?

Their, tptb, split them…idk why…we all know how Beth is with the pistol. She could easily have taken over the sharp shooting. But then again, myself and how many of you think we’ll have another bow-person.

The parallel’s in this show, ughhhhhh, and if that’s the case with Sasha, well who parallel Daryl., or who does Daryl parellel from the comics. Just something else for us to mull over.

Remember Eto’s entry during the Anteiku raid? The ccg were taking a breather when she suddenly swoops in and wrecks the place. Seidou’s entry this chapter was similar to that. Atou and co. had just finished defeating Hitman and Seidou suddenly comes and wrecks him, completely taking everyone off-guard.

He is actually here to take Mutsuki to Kanou. Guess who else is going towards Mutsuki: Juuzou! Will it be a parellel to Juuzou vs Eto fight? I mean Juuzou fought Eto to protect Shinohara, and he’s made a promise to Haise to protect Mutsuki. Gdi, i want.

Wait, wait, there’s more. Who comes in at the end showing Eto her place: Arima! And judging by the enormous parellels between Arima and Haise, will…it be Haise to take down Seidou?


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Supposedly NH/SS said that Hinata/Sasuke are similar to Minato and Sakura/Naruto are like kishina so SS/NH is parellel to MK. And also supposedly kishi said that he made MK similar to NS to mislead the readers. This is part from a post from an NS fan

I’ve seen posts like that, and the fact of the matter is Hinata and, to a degree, Sasuke ARE similar to Minato. Explicitly stated in the manga, though, that Sakura and Naruto are both like Kushina. I wouldn’t call SasuSaku a parallel to MinaKushi because there are other key elements that are lacking, however NaruHina CAN parallel very well to MinaKushi. I made a post on this, which can be found in my master post list.

Kishimoto never said he made MinaKushi similar to NaruSaku to mislead readers. He stated he made Sakura like Kushina as a red herring, which is not the same thing at all.

I want to be clear, though, that parallels at the end of the day mean very little.

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...would it be possible to parallel lapis and kaworu at all? i'm just thinking about the whole "pearl and amethyst might want steven to be more rose than steven" and "lapis and garnet actually seem to care for /him/" thing and the one happy-kinda thing in nge annd... idk. i'm still too recent off of watching nge to do it myself but yeah. thoughts?

oh no i should be working but mmmmm idk, i have a hard time seeing this. kaworu’s character is basically a reflection of shinji, kaworu exists in the form that he does because its who shinji wishes to be, like his ideal self. i think steven IS his ideal self, or if i was to pull a kaworu reference, steven is kaworu as rose is shinji O_O but that doesnt make a lot of sense.

if i was to pull an nge parallel to lapis, i’d be more likely to parellel her to rei. both had their powers/souls used and abused by the people steven (shinji) affiliates himself with, but in the end they still choose to protect steven (shinji) with a sort of instinctual affection. and like, you could even pull a parallel to steven healing lapi’s gem/giving her wings again to shinji making rei smile and come more into herself and her identity instead of being a clone.

idk idk i have so much to do but thats where my brain went lol

Looking for cures in all the wrong places, or undeniable parellels between the Mark of Cain and severe PMS Syndrome...

It’s simple, really when you stop and notice all the little signs, but it has been such a long slow build this season, the whole thing just kind of came together for me with the cake(yes, the infamous chocolate cake…rich, fudgy cake and thick chocolate frosting), and lets be honest, ladies who amongst us did not immediately gasp and instantly identify with Dean’s furtive but defiant swipe of that luscious glob of fudgy goodness…no shame, who the fuck cared what Sammy thought…

And stealing Cas’s burger, cause sometimes the only thing that really does it is a greasy burger hot salted fries with  ketchup…and god forbid, those cravings be denied….and seriously, what guy would notice a five pound water weight gain , anyway?

And let’s not forget the first evidence of cake when ‘tween Dean was all ready to dive into that pink layered goodness with both hands until someone mentioned it might be poisoned. And, and Taylor Swift and  feelings?

Mood swings, feelings and food cravings…and who amongst has has not felt the murderous rage that overcomes us all at the height of overwhelming and untreated severe PMS?  Cas has the blade; Dean still has the cravings and the mood swings and the feelings. Can it be Sam just needs to start researching the proper websites, and Dean’s cure might be as simple as a box of Midol,a heating pad, Dr Sexy and some really good chocolate?

Think about it….

Well, Dean has been experiencing some pretty nasty mood swings. Someone get the boy a family size bag of potato chips and a box of Godiva truffles. See if that helps any.

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also terrajinx because its actually v important.


The ship is my: hmmmmm. potential ship…maybe?

I consider this ship’s feelings:
Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other

I’d consider the relationship:
| Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

| Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion:

tbh, whilst i haven’t really considered them as a romantic ship, i have noted similarities in their storylines before (the parellels with their destructive powers driving them towards “the dark side”, slade/rouge, being appealed to by beast boy/kid flash and ultimately choosing to save them rather than succumb to slade/rouge) and i think they could understand each other and build a solid friendship. not quite a brotp but i still enjoy the thought of them as friends

ngl romantic terrajinx doesn’t really pique my interest but i’m not opposed to it so?? my opinion might be changed if jackie puts her mind to it stay tuned folks

Double duel

YES! Bay set the duel moniters back up today! Now I can watch TV on netflix while he writes and stuff. It’s great. Entertainment for both of us and working on parellel prossessing (I guess) Today, I helped bay with his music video. He needs clips from a bunch of different episodes and I was helping him remember the names. I’m pretty good at remembering things. Which is good, because he is really bad at it. I’m trying to get some people from our group into a skype call so I can work on my speach. So far, one person and there tulpa said they could. I’m hoping we’ll get a few more people soon so that I can work on talking. I have no idea what I’ll talk about, but I’m sure I can come up with something, I’m smart. I can always seem to find things to talk about on here, speaking them out loud should’nt be a big deal. Except for the hole, speaking in front of and being listend to thing, but I’ll be fine. It should be a lot of fun, not having to speak through Bay. He’s not the most reliable means of communication. Never get’s the translations 100% right. [I do my best] I know, and you do pretty well at that. Now though, I’ll get to speak without his mind having to prossess it much, so there might be less distortion. He tends to say what I mean when he proxys, but I like the idea of doing it myself. (No, he’s not proxying right now, I’m borrowing his hands for a sec. Possession is super fun.) Hmm…I guess I’m out of things to talk about. Bay is getting really disasociated. We might try switching later. [Wait, what?] Ok, now we might try switching later :) [Thanks for the memo :\ ] You are welcome ;P. So yea, maybe try switching. At least try to get his but into wonderland more deeply. He want’s to see what it’s like to actually be there. Whatever we do tonight, I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun. Welp, that’s all I have right now. Love you guys, bye bye for now.

Re: Mark of Cain Parellels:

This is meant to be crack, pure and simple…lol. Sorry…

Oh, I know. I like cracky theories. :)

pms!Dean fits a little too well, though. Notice how his general mood has improved since he stopped trying to eat healthy and gave in to his craving for all the desserts…

As I work on giveaway prizes, I see text memes floating around, and now I’m thinking about modern AU Fi…

In spite of what someone on my dash is saying, H.P. Lovecraft is not a particularly good example for being a terrible person not meaning your work is without merit… I mean on a certain level I enjoyed some of his writing, but it’s not super great or anything and his terribleness definitely made it into his works, often in very prominent ways. Ways that are often part of, or parellels of, the core horror of his works.

I get how his sense of weird creepiness and things beyond human understanding is appealing and currently popular, but the rest of it is on a scale from “meh” to “just stop” and even the weird creepiness is mixed up with his racism.

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i guess we can add new stuff for the "faberry parellels" gifset agrongaga(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)114243153346(/)faberry(-)cut(-)lines(-)on(-)glee(-)x (warning: intense faberry feelings level 100000)

They’re such perfect assholes, I hate them for doing this to me.