Samsung Galaxy Note & iPhone 5

Mga tanginabels kayo. Gusto ko kayong dalawa. jk Hahahahaha. Shitbrix, pinanood ko yung mga video nila sa Youtube. Parehong magandaaa. asdfghjkl;’ Yung Galaxy Note, pwede kang mag-doodle. Pwede mong sulatan yung screen ng bonggang-bongga. Yung iPhone 5 naman, ultra thin (parang napkin lang eh). Tapos may laser keyboard tska holographic display pa. Taenang yan. Kung mayaman lang ako eh. Haha. 'Di ko kailangan ng magagarang cellphone. Kailangan ko, kausap! :))

Eto talaga, nakakajirits. Eto yung after-after-credits. Pinalabas ‘to nung pinakahuling credits talaga. Ayun nga lang, ‘di siya ni-release dito si Pilipinas. Sa US screening lang siya makikita. Nakakainis lang kasi hinanap-hanap ko ‘tong scene na ‘to. Nung nagmeet na sila sa park ‘tas biglang ayun nalang pala. Sabi ko, “Akala ko ba kakain pa sila ng Shawarma?” Leche lang ‘tong Marvel. Wagas lang mka-after credits. Tapos ‘di pa pinakita dito sa Pinas. :( Ano ba ‘yan. Maghihintay pa tuloy ako sa Youtube. :(

TIGNAN NIYO NAMAN SI CAPTAIN AMERICA, BLACK WIDOW, HAWKEYE, AT THOR. Nakacostume pa talaga. =)) ‘TSKA TIGNAN NIYO SI THOR. NORSE GOD. KUMAKAIN NG SHAWARMA. ANSABE NAMAN DIBA? :)) Ano kaya masasabi niya sa pagkain niya ng Shawarma? HAHAHAHA. Buti hindi siya naweirdohan, AHAHAHA. NAKAKALOKA LANG, JUSKO. =)))))

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Day 3 of summer in Palawan 2014

       Like I said in my last post, we bid El Nido a temporary(as I would like to believe) bittersweet farewell and drove back to Puerto Princesa on May 15. It’s the day we visited the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park! We arrived at the venue by 2pm and I was surprised to find a photographer asking to take a photo of us. I didn’t know they sell the photos after you toured the underground river lmao. Before going to the main site of the river, we took a look at the bayawaks (monitor lizards) freely roaming around a certain area of the forest.

The bright sunny weather changed to a cloudy one with the rain dropping a few minutes later. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from getting excited on entering the underground river.The smell of bat guanos didn’t take long to hit my nostrils once we were inside. I admit, despite being giddy to see the mysterious beauty lying ahead, I was a little nervous because a.) what if our boat capsizes? b.) what if a creature under the water is literally staring at me and just waiting for the right time to drag me to its abode c.) an alien could be hiding behind those huge stalagmites d.) how deep is the river exactly??? e.) you do realize that if something happens to us we’re the only ones who could help ourselves f.) we could literally just disappear and no one will know. Yup, I know it’s silly but a human’s gonna be a human and some of us think like that sometimes. The tour guide told us to make sure we keep our mouth closed if we don’t want bat guanos to roll down our throats and man did I try my best. Honestly, all I did back there was just gawk at how impressive everything is especially when the tour guide was pointing out the stalactites/stalagmites that looked like a fruit/vegetable/animal etc. Just think about it: no one carved them, they’re all just nature’s work. If that doesn’t amaze you, then get out. jk haha. I’m gutted about how they now only allow the tour to be until the 2km mark of the river instead of going further inside of what they call the Highway 54 (due to its straight path). They still allow going there though you will need to get a special permit in order to do so. A 45min tour is satisfying enough especially if you have a funny tour guide (Hello, kuya Ronnie!). Oh and not to spoil anything but there’s a limestone formation that looks like a (ship’s) bow and the tour guides call it “Titanic” and while you’re cruising past it, the tour guides will make a sound of a ship’s horn and I legit thought they were using an mp3 tune but guess what? It’s from their own voice box. Consider me sold. Before we left the site, we gathered our photos (I didn’t scan them bc I’m too lazy) at the selling booth and saw a monkey.

       We went back to the DENR PENRO office bc we’re going to stay at their hostel for the night. I never expected that I will be excited once we got there. They have bunk beds instead of the standard beds. I’ve always wanted a bunk bed of my own ever since I was a kid so getting to sleep on one for the first time just released all the endorphins I have in my body. Before leaving for dinner, we bought goodies from the souvenir shops. I bought myself 3 pearl jewelries which you’ll see me wearing on my last day at Palawan. I also bought a pearl ring alongside my friends as our friendship ring. I didn’t buy a tshirt bc I know I’m just going to abandon it in my closet. (But wait ‘til you read the next day’s blog! Haha) We had our dinner at Ka Inato. In the restaurant, you’ll see tarpaulins of basic sign language attached on posts and it’s because they have mute employees. My heart melted when I saw them doing their job and I’m moved at how they still work regardless of their inability and I’m just so grateful to their manager for hiring them and even setting up tarpaulins to help the customers communicate with them. I remember looking at them and wanting to at least shake their hands. The emotional part was yet to come though. In the middle of our supper, the restaurant suddenly played a sentimental song. Of course, all of us jerked our heads up and looked around then we saw a family at the corner near us and they were all standing. I saw a man filming them and I was perplexed as to why until I realized the family members were hugging each other and crying. That’s when I saw a boy who’s crying so hard and what appeared to be his father hugging each other tightly. I held back my tears bc I don’t wanna steal the moment from them so I just looked at them smiling and saying, “Congratulations, I’m very happy for you all!” over and over in my head. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening, guys. :)

Photos of the figures inside the cave here and more here


Day 2 of summer in Palawan 2014

       On the morning of May 14th, I finally got to see our surroundings clearly. Just at the left side of the pension inn, begins the small yard of forest to the foot of the mountain. On the right side, it faces the other pension inns built nearby. There’s a huge cliff (top left) standing just on the other side of the road, and seeing it from the rooftop (soon to be the 2nd level of the inn haha) was quite insane bc it’s literally bigger than my future. Being surrounded by mountains, I couldn’t help but wonder of the creatures living deep within the forests of those mountains and I wondered if I could see a slight hint of life in there even from afar. I didn’t have much luck, though I remembered asking Pamela, my friend, “What if a lion is staring at us right now somewhere out there?” We immediately climbed down the stairs, not because of my question but because Mr. Alex had just arrived and we didn’t wanna get caught haha. Mr. Alex has 4 dogs at the inn and all of them are very friendly, except for one who seemed like it just didn’t want to mingle with losers like us. We named the 3 dogs we played with Blacky (bc the dog is black obvs), Whitey (gotta use basic names), & Clumsy (this one was named by my mom’s officemate’s son and I honestly don’t have a clue why, but we all just agreed to it). They’re all so lovely and I miss them so much, I miss scratching their necks :( I don’t have a photo of them and I really regret not taking one, sigh. 

       The agenda for that day was to go on an island hopping, which seems to be only thing you can actually do in El Nido?? idk. We only visited 5 islands; the ones I can name are the Big lagoon, Small lagoon, and 7 Commandos beach. I don’t know how I’m going to start this one bc this trip was absolutely incredible. The whole time I was just overwhelmed, not being able to take in the fact that I was actually sat on a boat, going to different islands and swimming on each. It was all just a dream to me before, swimming at a deep level of the sea even if I’m supported by a life vest and seeing different kinds of fish swimming underneath me. The beauty of each island was just unbelievable. And seeing other tourists enjoying their time makes so happy bc we’re all just there, gathered in a part of Palawan, marveling at how beautiful everything is and the fact that for a single moment we’re all the same, feeling the same exhilaration. It just makes my heart swell. I have probably said that in a messy way and I’m very sorry, there are actually tears forming in my eyes right now (yup, I miss Palawan that much) haha.

       As we all know, an adventure is not complete without any peculiarities or funny stuffs, so let me tell you what we met; 1.) Turtle shell - we saw it floating as we were cruising by and tbh it’s more of like a tortoise’s shell. I can assure you that there wasn’t any creature inside it. It’s literally just the shell of a turtle. Idk why it was there but for a moment I felt scared bc what if a someone gets it and sell it, I mean isn’t that illegal? haha. I’m also sorry for the actual turtle, whatever happened to it. 2.) Jellyfishes - There are so many of them, I think there are groups of jellyfish huddled together in a circle in every island we went to. 3.) A topless girl swimming - I’m aware of what Americans do when it comes to swimming and this was no big deal for me but it’s my first time to see someone swim topless irl so I quite found it funny, haha. You guys can only imagine the people’s reaction to this girl. It was really hilarious. I got a sneaky shot of her bc she was at the background of my photo haha. To be fair, she’s pretty so *shrugs*.

       We got back around 4:30pm and we watched the sunset at the view deck. The sky was very pretty and it made the islands look like they’re in another dimension, that us being there just an hour ago was a sweet dream. It was magical. A perfect topping on our trip. :) After that, we went to the town and browsed through the souvenir shops and walked for a while. There was a beach full of restaurants and it was really lovely. The tourists were having candle lit dinner with a perfect view of the boats docked on the shore and the moon casting its mystical light on the sea. We just chilled back at the pension inn and had a very delicious dinner, then we started packing bc on the next day we headed back to Puerto Princesa. :)

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