I Return!

[ I’M BACK.  BRIEFLY!   ECCC WAS AMAZEBALLS!  All the Doctor Who shenanigans because of John Barrowman and Alex Kingston!!!  Meeting raggedytimetraveler!!!  *HUGS FOREVER*  Running around like silly people and meeting a whole ton of Whovians.  IT WAS JUST AWESOME AS HECK.

Got a pic with John Barrowman:

HE WAS SO NICE TO AMY!  (@aepond) Who is our Sarah Jane.  He took a genuine interest in her and it tickled us.  He told her to whack mean people with her cane!  xD  Oh goodness, we cracked up at that.  Took our angel ewokey, instead of a certain ginger bird because someone was slow.  xD


thebluephonebox is our TARDIS and I loved her outfit this year!  She had these super awesome contacts and the bright orange hair was a gorgeous contrast to the blue!!! <3  4ever-a-nerd is our Eleven and HOLY SHIT.  Alex totally fawned over him, which of course is why he has that adorable grin on his face.  :D :D :D   They did the hand fasting bit with his bowtie from the show WHICH SHE HELPED UNTIE FROM HIS NECK!!!! for the picture!!!  SHE WAS RECITING HER LINES FROM THE EPISODE TOO!  So this kinda makes the picture look like a wedding one!!!  XD  IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!  And of course ya’ll know gingerten, and finally me and my shortness over there. xD  SHE WAS SO NICE AND AWESOME a;lsdkfj;laksjd;lkj!!!

AND I MET SO MANY NEW FRIENDS THERE!!!  UGH.  SO MANY.  :D  I’m glad you found me technicolourtrickstercosplay!!!!  :D :D :D :D  I’m not hard to find really.  xD  I love knowing there’s fans of allllllll ages in this fandom.  Warms my heart when the younger Whovians get in on the cosplay shenanigans!!!  ^.~

And of course, as always seafoam-photography/ ewokey always has the best pictures on her camera!!! <3  Can you spy a looksgoodinsuits and imliterallytoocoolforschool?  They hung out on Sunday during all the Doctor Who shenanigans!!!  YAY FOR MEETING TUMBLR FRIENDS. ( I’m sooooooo sorry I confused you Zach.  <3  I totally love giving internet friends real hugs when I meet them… but I forget that my face is not always known!!! ^.^;;;;; AND EVERYONE WAS RIGHT.  YOU GIVE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HUGS.  I’M SO SAD I DIDN’T GET TO HANG AROUND FOR DINNER ON SUNDAY!!!! D:)

And Pixie and Matt are the awesome Empty Child Rose and Nine down there on the end.  Ugh, they are such awesome people.  :D :D :D  Did some fun photoshooting with us that I’ll hopefully get pictures for later. ;D  SO MANY FUN IDEAS.  I CANNOT WAIT FOR THOSE!!!! :D

Scored the first 5 issues of Tens most recent comic book adventure at COVER PRICE.  I asked really nicely if a dealer had any of the newer comics for Doctor Who and the next day they brought them in for me!!!  I was so stoked!  Also got alicexz ‘s cover for Eleven’s comic!!!  I was excited to get that for cover price.  That comic shop, Corner Comics, I gotta find it so I can go there. xD  THEY WERE SO NICE!

So yes, I survived 4 days of HOLY SHIT WALKING EVERYWHERE and excitement and adventure.  :D  I’m here today and tomorrow in between doing laundry and stuff for Sakura Con, which I’m working at.  Might take a bag and have my writing stuff in it so I can chill and write when I can.  I’m only really going to work it so I can see people.  Not too interested in doing stuff, besides maybe Rockband at 6am in the morning. xD  LOL!

For now, I need to post a slew of replies which have been sitting in my notebook since like last weekend. xD  I MISS ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!  <3  Cannot wait for next Monday.  Two glorious days off, and TONS of time to catch up in between wedding prep and packing.  ;D ]

Okay i just NEED  to get all this finding carter drama off my chest. First off Elizabeth is an angel and she needs to be my mom.The way Elizabeth fought Lori was really moving. Shes a total mama bear protecting her cubs. Kinda hot really…. I have a mom crush on her.Then the way the girls rushed over to her yanked at my heart strings. Theres so much love there. Then i really truly hope that Lori is not their “real” mother. My heart would break. As another user said she hopes that somehow Liz had a miracle and got pregnant without Loris egg around the same time it was implanted. Fingers crossed. David was a cutie this episode. Like thank you for tackling this psycho bitch. Though Without all the lying and the bullshit you would be a perfect husband. I love David and Liz together(SHIP!!!) and the ending was beautiful. Who wouldnt chose for her to be their mom?? And why the hell doesnt anyone answer grant??? Hes asking all the right questions? stupid police. Another thing that bugs me is that many times Elizabeth had mentioned to David and asked if he would still marry her even if she wasnt pregnant. like whaaaaaaaaat? you two were trying for a baby, they were not an accident right? Liz said they tried for three years…. Also and this is just me being a conservative, which im normally not, why wouldnt you get married if you are going to desperately try to have babies? Though i know people do this all the time and thats perfectly A-Okay!  ummm….Grants adorable, his voice has gotten deeper since season 1. Oh and now i feel like i can never go back and watch the first season the same way. The knowledge of the implantation has traumatized me. I think thats all. Nope. Taylor looks a helluva lot like Elizabeth and im thinking that tay HAS to be genetically related to Elizabeth because she has the blonde hair in the family. Im done. This season is going to be a roller coaster and im in LOVE with this show.Cant wait, but dont want to have a heart attack with all the twists and thrills. 

Happy scream post time

So I just started making sales on Redbubble, something i never ever thought would happen, and my Etsy shop is taking off for whatever reason, and I just sold some prints on Society6, and a photographer i love and adore just told me I had talent on National Geographic and I am jumping up and down screaming like a madman in my room. 


Okay, so I have to say this first- my ridiculous “dancing” and shuffling in the background is just me imitating what he usually does while dancing to Shake It Off when we’re at home. I am by no means a good dancer, but I promise I wasn’t actually trying here 😂. In fact I tried to crop me out, but the video already cut Taylor off a bit at one part :( so I didn’t want to make it any worse, but here we have Leyton “holding Tay’s hand” via the side mirror while bopping down the road to live vocals accompanying the radio. You know, while she casually drives down the sidewalk in a mini-Mercedes. Casual.