Detective Don Parchen: Is the little girl dead?(Kimberly Leach)

Ted Bundy: Well, you gentleman knew that you were getting involved with a pretty strange creature, and you have known that for a few days.

Detective Don Parchen: We need your help in finding Kim’s body so that her parents can at least bury her and go on with their lives.

Ted Bundy: But I’m the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.

Falling at Proxy Falls by Rick Parchen

Falling at Proxy Falls; Oregon. I’m finally able to start editing again after my PC took a dump on me and I thought I’d knock some of the rust off with a shot from a recent trip to Proxy Falls. This short hike is well worth the drive to the middle of nowhere but just give up on trying to stay dry. Equipment will have to be dried off between each shot and I fell in a good half-dozen times trying to walk on those mossy rocks. All in a fun days work. Enjoy!!
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