Hello! So! Basically, ive been feeling a bit down about art recently. And whilst working on commissions, an idea for these babies came to me. So I too ka bit of time for myself and just went for it. They aren’t all complete, but im away this weekend and just really wanted to post them. I will probably finish them all and neaten them up for DA and repost onto here.  I’m happy with the concept, because I really loved thinking about how these things would work.

 Now, this is a VERY rough idea of what I imagine the Honedge life cycle to be like. A proper pokedex entry will be included with the update. But it gives you jist of my thoughts J Hope you enjoy! (oh and sorry for the wall of text to follow!)


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Gaming Nostalgia: Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine - Covers

This concludes the gaming nostalgia series for January 2015. I hope you have enjoyed this nostalgia trip back to some of the best days in gaming. I will bring this series back soon.

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