Dear You,

You can choose your friends, and you can choose your family. If they don’t accept you, then others will have you. (paraphrased from BoyInABand’s “Spectrum” song)

It’s going to be okay, random citizen. It’s going to be okay. No matter the struggle, you can make it out on top. I believe in you. I don’t even know you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. Man, I love you for getting out of bed today. I love you for trying. I love you for getting though your struggles this far. So hang on a little longer, okay? 

The entire world can be against you, but as long as I am alive, as long as I am here… I will not leave your side. You are needed. You are valued. You are loved. So always keep fighting until you’re old in age and it’s finally time to let go. Don’t give up so soon, okay?

I love you so much for trying this hard, and getting this far. I mean it with every fiber, every atom in my body, I genuinely mean it. I. Love. You. So. Very.

Please keep fighting… keep fighting for me. 

~ Someone who loves you 

anonymous asked:

I'm tired of being seen as a monster. I'm tired of people looking at me like I'm missing on so much stuff. I'm tired of people thinking I don't feel love, of my friends thinking I'm immature or looking for the right person. I'm tired of being an artist, always seeing others creating romantic things, seeing romantic quotes, and feeling like what I'm creating is not valid. I'm tired of feeling so BROKEN and so alone, every day. I'm sorry for the rant, I just felt like getting it out.

You’re not broken. God, are you not broken. But I get it. I used to feel the same way. Luckily for me, a friend said something absolutely wonderful that made it seem more okay. I’ll paraphrase it here:

Most people are born in this life broken in half. They spend their lives looking for that person that makes them whole. We’re lucky, we already have both halves. We don’t need to find someone else to complete us.

I’m an artist. I’m a writer. I’m a filmmaker. And believe me when I tell you this: your art is valid. Your art is important. Non-romantic art is so important. If nothing else, creating media that shows not having romance is okay and acceptable can help someone else, feeling just like you, see that they aren’t alone and they aren’t broken. 

You aren’t alone. You have friends, even if they don’t quite understand you right now. You have family. We have a nice little community here on Tumblr, and we’re generally very nice.  You will forge relationships, and romantic love is not the only love (despite what people say).

Remember, the Greeks had four words for love, and none of them meant the same thing we use to mean romantic love. They had agape, the love between god and man, self-less love. This is what we hold up as the ideal love, but it is not strictly romantic. They had eros, passionate, erotic love. This is the love we have for the touch of another, mostly what we call lust now. They had phillia, love between equals, friendship. Clearly non-romantic. And they had storge, which was the love between parent and child, familial love. 

So, next time someone says you can’t feel love, or are missing out, remember that love is not inherently romantic, so much so that the culture from which western culture emerged didn’t even have a word just for romantic love. There is so much potential for love in this world, I feel bad for the people who can’t see love beyond romance.


Someone responded to my rant last night by saying that since I’m pro-choice and believe that women should have the right to their own bodies, is the same thing as me saying “men should have a say in their bodies therefore it is okay for them to rape” (that is a paraphrased quote from their response)

They literally twisted my words into something completely unrelated. Men (and women) do not have the right to rape because 1) it is wrong, and 2) it effects the lives of other people. There is a victim. That victim has to live with someone else’s actions for the rest of their life.

Where me being pro-choice, there is no victim. It’s me stating that if “Sally” wants to get an abortion its none of my business, she has her reasons, and she can do whatever she wants. Or if “Paula” wants to start a family that is also her choice. It’s a PERSONAL decision.

What also makes me mad about most (I can’t say all) pro-lifers. Is that most of them could careless about what happens to the family after birth. 

purpleoffbeat asked:

so i got some numbers for u. 17 18 28 34 and 51 bc im a horrible, horrible person and also a nosey bitch :P or do all the numbers, fuck it. i dont run your life do what u want follow your dreams eat cereal

17: If you could press a button and explode a person for some reason who would you decide to splatter the pavement with?? I may have paraphrased that a little
Okay good question but the answer is really rude of me and kinda personal af, so I’ll just go with… Huckleberry Finn’s pap

18: Who would you REALLY WANNA DECK IN THE M O U T H again I might’ve paraphrased

28: You find a beautiful island where you make your own society and you make the rules, what is your first rule? Paraphrased again but not so bad, right?? lmfao
Legal polyamorous weddings

34: What was your last dream about?
KKKNNNJKKDJJFJSJFKF OkaY so this’ll probably only be funny to me bur basically I was househunting with my boyfriends, brother, Kaleb, Izzy, and Dee
We find a nice house, Kaleb and Perry fight over a room (kaleb wins and proceeds to NEVER LEAVE HIS ROOM bless him) and then Battle frickin’ Royale happens and it just…. it was funny mainly because my dad visited, Kaleb saw him, and proceeded to “aw hell no” aND GO BACK INTO HIS ROOM HE NEVER EVEN FULLY LEFT I JUST THINK HE PEEKED OUT TO SEE IF THE KITCHEN WAS CLEAR TO GET FOOD OR SMTHN bc that’s something Kaleb would do
I also sat on Aston and teased him in fr o n t of my dad, see this wasn’t wise but I gOT AWAY WITH IT??? Okay then
Sam also saved our lives thanks Sam
I srsly think Jake sat back and watched the carnage like “ooh interesting :3” seems like him

51: Are you a good liar?
Ah, no, I’m a good *actor* ;D
I don’t like lying to people I care about, but otherwise, yes, I am


okay i just need someone to paraphrase some stuff for me!!!!!!!!! in payment i will literally draw u anything u want ok PLEASE

p.s. its incredibly boring im so sorry