This a thermal image taken at the Farnsworth House Inn in the Mcfarlane Room on the bed. The bed was empty when the picture was taken. You can make out the pillow on the left side of the image and it looks like a small child in the middle of the frame. 

My old home.

gamonsfanclub submitted:

Most of this story happened when I was too young to really remember it, but both of my parents have told me it, and I know my dad’s not one for making up stories, or believing in the paranormal for that matter. Basically my mum and dad bought their first house together after they got married, and it was just after they’d moved in that weird stuff started to happen. Mum heard whispering in their bedroom, like two people were having a whispered argument. She couldn’t understand what they were saying, but she felt like she shouldn’t wake my dad to let him know what she was hearing. She felt like she shouldn’t draw attention to herself.

a few weeks later, they both came downstairs to see the backdoor wide open and the keys missing. After the sink became blocked, dad took the U bend out to fix it and found the keys there. Dad was in the kitchen the one night and saw someone run past the window, but they left no prints in the snow.

Then I was born. The dog that we had wouldn’t leave me alone. she used to sleep under my crib until my parents came to bed, and used to follow me around the house once I became mobile. she also used to bark and growl at the metering cupboard in the dining room. Dad always felt like he was being watched, although mum didn’t have this experience. Dad said it was almost like someone had this massive desire to hurt him, but they couldn’t, he said he could almost feel their  need to do it. He had a similar experience in his childhood home, when he held a door shut for over an hour cause he felt like someone on the other side wanted to harm him.

Our belongings used to vanish and turn up in the garden. One of my earliest memories in that house is standing on a stool at the sink to brush my teeth (I don’t know how old I was, but very young I imagine) and watching someone in the mirror walking along the landing, pacing around. I thought it was my dad, cause he always brushed my teeth for me until I was about 5, but I called for him and it didn’t answer, but disappeared. As I got older I thought perhaps I’d dreamt it, but after I was told about my house, I’m thinking not. I remember having nightmares in the house that someone was chasing me, and dad had dreams about something trying to break into my room to hurt me.

It kinda came to an end when dad was in the shower, and saw someone stood at the end of the bath. He asked them to leave us alone, and they vanished. Dad got a priest to come in and bless the house and afterwards it all stopped. When we decorated a few months afterwards, we found markings burned into the floor under the carpets, and on the walls, and also in the shed at the bottom of the garden. we think someone had been messing with a Ouija board but we can’t be too sure. I can’t physically walk past that house anymore, I feel the need to vomit every time I do. I almost feel like I’m being smothered. An older lady lives there now, and we’ve not heard anything from her about it, so I assume it’s all stopped now.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I’m glad you’re out of that situation! 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

Leap Castle Oubliette

- County Offaly, Ireland

- When thrown into the oubliette you would be considered lucky if you died right away… for some the death might take days as they slowly bled out of puncture wounds…

- ‘World of the Paranormal’ are short bite sized posts covering paranormal locations, events, personalities and objects from all across the globe.

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That’s what we all want, isn’t it? Power without price.
—  Kelly Armstrong, The Summoning

Nachzehrer - 

A vampire from German folklore, a Nachzehrer is similar to ghoul that feeds on dead bodies. According to folklore a person does not become a Nachzehrer from being bitten or scratched by one, but the transformation happens after death, usually by suicide or an accident. They are also linked to disease. It is believed that if a large group of people die during an outbreak the first person to die will become a Nachzehrer. 

A Nachzehrer will usually target its own family first. Some believe that a Nachzehrer will leave its grave and take the form of a pig in order to visit its family members and devour them. It will also climb church towers and ring the church bells. Anyone who hears the bells while a Nachzehrer is ringing them will die. A Nachzehrer will even go as far as to eat their own bodies, funeral shrouds and all. The more of their body they eat the more their living family becomes physically drained. 

There are some methods that are believed to prevent a body returning to life as a Nachzehrer. One of which is to put a brick into the dead person’s mouth. The main way to kill a Nachzehrer is to put a coin in its mouth and then chop off its head. Some say that the mere coin in the mouth will result in paralysis for the Nachzehrer. Some myths say that a simple stake through the heart like a vampire will do the trick. It can be difficult to kill a Nachzehrer in their sleep because they like to sleep with their left eye open. 

Two Men Encounter a Yowie in Australia?

Two Australian men, who both wished to remain anonymous, claim that in October of 2014, they both encountered a large creature in Far North Queensland, Australia. Walking down a path, the two spotted a figure up ahead. Thinking it was a workman in overalls, they waited for him to get closer. However, as the figure made it’s way towards them, they realized it wasn’t a human. 

Instead, they described the figure as being an 8-9 foot [2.43-2.74 meters] tall creature that was covered in jet black hair. It had a large stomach and a muscular neck and shoulders. It was about 70-80 meters [229-262 feet] up ahead when they decided to take this picture of the creature before they quickly left the area.

It’s unfortunate that the picture’s quality is so poor. While it is an interesting picture, there’s a possibility that it could’ve been faked. The figure could’ve been doctored into the image, or it could’ve been someone in a costume. Personally, as much as I’d like for this picture to be real, I’m having a tough time being convinced that it is. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this image. Do you think it shows a real Yowie? Or is this merely a hoax?


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Ghost Caught on Tape at Gettysburg


- Ghosts, Ghouls and Demons

- Origin: Akkadian mythology.
Ancient Assyrian religion - demon.

Description: Fallen angels that are transformed into vampiric spirits, and mainly appear human in form, with demonic features and angelic wings.

On this earth they lurk in the shadows, waiting to attack the living as they enter their homes. The Rabisu is said to be the seizer of souls, hiding in dark recesses, waiting for their unsuspecting prey.

In hell, it is said they roam the Desert of Anguish waiting for newly arrived souls.

Mythology states that the Rabisu are from ancient times and were of the angelic rebellion. Due to their disgrace they were banished from heaven. The Rabisu transformed over time from energy sucking spirits into vampire type beings. At first they would use human energy to create force to manipulate and move objects, in a poltergeist kind of way. They would create immense havoc and fear with their ‘hauntings’.

Given the fear the Rabisu invoked, they were highly sought by sorcerers of dark magick as their power could be used to harm enemies. It is said that the Rabisu influenced those practicing dark magick, so ultimately it was the Rabisu and not the sorcerer who was in control. When the Rabisu was conjured they became more dangerous as they had found a way to manifest into physical form. Not only could they now control the mind of man, they could become a walker among men - free to cause harm through the mind and now the body. Once in this physical form they required a new power source, and upon tasting blood, their lust for it became unstoppable.

There were limitations for the Rabisu - they required a living human to conjure them. Humans who sought revenge on their enemies would use a conjurer to call on the Rabisu. Payment for this was a cup of their blood. The uncertainty of this type of venture was that there were no promises that the Rabisu would not kill you in the process.

For one to ward off the Rabisu it was said they needed to place sea salt at their threshold. Sea salt revolted the Rabisu and they would seek other prey to satisfy their hunger.

Written by Nic Hume of APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators
Put together by Ashley Hall

Photo: Humanoid, winged, devilish aspects… it will do.

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Leicestershire Woman Captures Video of Two Orbs Hovering Near Her Home?

On February 3rd, 2015, a 41 year-old woman in Barwell, Leicestershire claims she was woken up at 4:50 a.m. by a mysterious noise. Thinking it was coming from downstairs, she went to investigate. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, the woman went to make her way back to her bedroom, and that’s when she spotted through her window two bright, unexplainable orbs hovering in the dark skies above. 

Curiously, she watched the two orbs for about a minute and a half and was able to record this 20 second video of the lights on her phone as they merged into one and then separated. Afterwards, they reportedly shot off at a great speed and merged into one as they disappeared from sight.

I can’t tell if these are actual objects flying in the air or not. As of now, the video’s authenticity is still ultimately unknown, so the possibility of these being real extraterrestrial aircraft is still there. Personally, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something off about this video, but that’s just my opinion. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on these lights. Do you think they were object of otherworldly origin? Or is there a conventional explanation for these two orbs?


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Today’s #warmup #drawing is #Dib and #Gaz of #InvaderZim! @beccamcpherson said she wanted to see the pair in my #style and this is how I would draw them. I especially like how Gaz turned out. #Zebra brush pen in my #stillmanandbirn alpha #sketchbook. #cartoon #fanart #nickelodeon #goth #jhonenvasquez #paranormal #geek #nerd #trenchcoat #dress #stripes #siblings #brother #sister