creepitation asked:

7, 11, 81

7. You know that weird clicking noise the raptors in Jurassic Park 3 make to communicate? I can do that. It’s a bit harder for me to make that noise now, but sometimes I can still get it.

11. I sort of have a phobia of getting a strep throat shot. I have no problems with other shots, and actually enjoy getting blood drawn, but hate strep throat shots. I got them so many times as a kid, and they were always worse.

81. “Reilly ‘Monty’ Weakley/ 1990-3000/ Bitches.”

creepitation asked:

I have hyper extended elbows /not actually that interesting

I have a couple clusters of small, purple birthmarks on the back of my right hand behind the thumb. One doctor, years ago, though it was from some sort of abuse, another though it was cancer, and a lot of people think I was stabbed with a pen a bunch, but nope. They’re birthmarks.

creepitation asked:

19, 20, 28

3 Things that upset me:

  1. My family in general
  2. Shit covers of my favorite songs
  3. Remembering certain things.

3 Things that make me happy

  • Doctor Who
  • The many slendervlogs I follow.
  • My friends 

A confession?

I’m very good at pretending I’m okay.