I doubt anyone will bother reading this intro but I’m gonna write it anyway.
I’m Hakan, I’m 17, I was born in Bucharest and I currently live in Peterborough, UK. I’m studying Spanish, History and English Literature at A-Level, I have a beautiful girlfriend of nearly two years and I love music. Almost all of the little money I have gets spent on music in one way or another (whether that’s CDs, gig tickets, music magazines or whatever), and to be honest I don’t regret it at all. I’m not against piracy in any way - in fact, had it not been for illegal downloads I wouldn’t listen to most of the bands I listen to - but I just feel a strong sense of pride whenever I support the artists I like, especially when most of them really need and appreciate the support.
As for the bands I listen to, it’s mostly rock/heavy music with patches of this and that scattered in between but I wouldn’t consider my music taste incredibly varied. My favourite band are Rise Against, an American punk rock band (but don’t confront be about the intricacies of genre boundaries cause I may be wrong), and I listen to lots of small bands like Marmozets or Blitz Kids as well as mammoth ones like Paramore and Arctic Monkeys, and tons in between. The size of the band doesn’t affect how much I like them although I am guilty of feeling especially good when I contribute to a tiny band becoming popular. The main reason I wanted to start a blog is because I’d like to share my experiences as a music fan with others who feel the same way I do about it. In my school/area there aren’t as many people as I’d like who share my taste (and so I often have to travel up to three hours to see a band live), so I’m hoping I can find people who can relate to my hobbies on here. I go to a lot of gigs and I’d love to post pictures/thoughts of them without worrying about the public image of myself I’m creating. So this is who I am, what I like, and why I’m posting. If you’ve read this then thanks for caring about my life, I appreciate it a lot and I hope people will at least tolerate my unpopular opinions and blurry photos.

bordeluxo said:

ϟ qual sua banda preferida?

R: Paramore


  • ϟ  + uma pergunta = que eu reblogo autorias
  • ∞ + uma frase legal = que eu te dou dicas

coco-vicious said:

oh i'd love to get a mini playlist! my name is rica :)

yay of course :))))

Rehab- Amy Winehouse
Ignorance- Paramore
Chocolate- The 1975
Always where I need to be- The kooks


centuries: heavy metal broke my heart

1. Centuries by Fall Out Boy // 2. Somebody Told Me by The Killers // 3. Crushcrushcrush by Paramore // 4. Another Me by The Cab // 5. Casual Affair by Panic! At The Disco // 6. My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless // 7. Tomorrow Never Dies by 5 Seconds of Summer // 8. Holiday by Green Day