Kinda need a gifset parallel of the way Emma "hugged" Neal when they saved him in Neverland with, idk EVERY HUG SHE'S EVER GIVEN KILLIAN EVER (or for simplicity's sake, just the one from the finale after watching him die.) With Neal, she literally looks like, "Great, you're not dead. Kinda wish I was though." With Killian, she looks like she's coming home.

“- Why this one?” This is the face of Lobus Caecilius, you saved him in Pompeii, you give him a second chance, Doctor.

“- Why did I choose… this face?” You choose this face to remember that’s your name is a promise, a promisse to be the DOCTOR WHO save people. 

You are a rebel, you don’t obey the Time Lords. You don’t observe, you interfere in facts, in history, you save planets.

This face is a face of someone who the Doctor saved and changed his life.


4x23 // 1x01

#I can’t tell you how much this means to me #her son Henry will find her #in any realm #any place #any time #he approaches Emma thinking she doesn’t know #like he is reliving his past #but then she remembers this time #she knows its him #i love family relationships #and this parallel makes me cry