Meet the Parallel team!

Parallel is going to be a new women’s magazine that focuses on life through a feminist lens. Aimed at late teenage to young adult women, Parallel hopes to be a magazine that can introduce young women to the concept of feminism through the use of informative articles, which will work alongside references to modern pop culture i.e. music, films, fashion, and art.It will hope to subvert the format of modern celebrity-centric and fashion-oriented magazines in order to discuss relevant issues in modern society.

Parallel will be liberating, and empowering. It will talk about activism and achievements. It will feature strong women who are really making a difference in this world. It will be intersectional in its content, discussing race, gender, sexuality, and disability. The key aim of Parallel is to initiate feminist discussion within mainstream society.

Our magazine will cover subjects regarding race, gender, sexuality, age, liberation, women’s rights, activism, disability, and more, all tied up together in an aesthetically pleasing, contemporary women’s magazine. We will subvert the format of ordinary celebrity or fashion magazines to highlight key issues in today’s world. We will interview and talk to influential women about their opinions, highlight key feminist community groups that you could get involved in, and will review, discuss, and critique women’s role in the media.

Parallel Magazine will discuss achievements outside of fashion and beauty, will talk about community and activism and how you, as a woman, can make a change to the world around you. It will focus on everything from art to pop culture to history – all through the viewpoint of a modern young feminist. But we need your help.

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Our first issue is open for submissions on the theme of “Liberation”, and we will accept anything from artwork to creative writing to articles to reviews.


If you have an event you’d either like us to review, or add to our events listing page, please send us an email.

I am #unashamedlyfeminist because…

To show your support to the magazine, send us photos or videos of yourself explaining why YOU are #unashamedly feminist. Your photo or video will be featured on our social media sites, including our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

To get involved with any of the aforementioned subjects, please email us at parallelmageditor@gmail.com

I’m #UnashamedlyFeminist because I believe that every woman deserves representation in the media, regardless of race, size, age, disability, or sexuality.

I’m #UnashamedlyFeminist because I am fed up of seeing adverts and magazines that only feature young, white, thin models.

I’m #UnashamedlyFeminist because the advertising industry has distorted the phrase “sex sells” to the point that teenage girls are being sexualised in images intended to sell shoes and clothes, and editorials more often than not feature photographs of dead, dying, sexually abused, physically abused, dismembered, or vulnerable women.

I’ve read the recap and I wouldn’t say ‘There’s a Emma/Regina - Elsa/Anna pallalel, it means they’ve finally reduced to SQ relationship to sisters’ just yet.

We have tons of SQ/Snowing parallels but we’re not screaming ‘see? SQ is True love as Snowing!’

So it works the other way around too. ;)

Simply because, as Jane Espenson explained last week in an interview, pallalels are metaphors, options, suggestions, not queer baiting or truths set in stone.

If you’re pissed off for the SQ/elisanna parallel….don’t be. Cause the parallel ends in the minute the scene ends.

What it stays after the scene ends is Emma doing all she can to make Regina happy and I can’t wait to see her trying!