Are you fed up of seeing magazines with cover stories like these? Are you done with feeling self-objectified and sexualised by articles that place more value on male pleasure than your own satisfaction? Are you bored of unrealistic beauty expectations based on images so manipulated that the models themselves don’t even look like that in real life? Are you tired of magazines that make you feel guilty for eating?

That’s where Parallel Magaine comes in.

Parallel Magazine is a new feminist magazine covering modern pop culture, politics, craftivism, and the arts, aimed at young women aged 15-30. It will not only focus on feminist theory but will also subvert the format of celebrity-centric magazines to discuss problems in popular culture. The working title Parallel is based on the concept that feminist discourse and theory is currently running parallel to popular culture and politics. The two do not meet, nor do they intertwine. For women’s rights to be addressed and discussed they need to intersect with that which captures the attention of modern society. And the medium by which we’ve chosen to do that is that of a modern print magazine. Parallel will be liberating, and empowering. It will talk about activism and achievements. It will feature strong women who are really making a difference in this world.

We’re currently working on issue one, but we’re going to need your help to get it published so we’re going to be launching a Kickstarter to raise money for printing, expenses, and things like business cards and a website. Everyone who donates will get a copy of the first issue, and an invite to the launch party in January! And if you pay a certain amount you’ll also get a goodie bag, which could have anything in it from art prints, to stickers, to temporary tattoos.

So spread the word!

Parallel Magazine: unashamedly feminist.


Meet the Parallel team!

Parallel is going to be a new women’s magazine that focuses on life through a feminist lens. Aimed at late teenage to young adult women, Parallel hopes to be a magazine that can introduce young women to the concept of feminism through the use of informative articles, which will work alongside references to modern pop culture i.e. music, films, fashion, and art.It will hope to subvert the format of modern celebrity-centric and fashion-oriented magazines in order to discuss relevant issues in modern society.

Parallel will be liberating, and empowering. It will talk about activism and achievements. It will feature strong women who are really making a difference in this world. It will be intersectional in its content, discussing race, gender, sexuality, and disability. The key aim of Parallel is to initiate feminist discussion within mainstream society.

Our magazine will cover subjects regarding race, gender, sexuality, age, liberation, women’s rights, activism, disability, and more, all tied up together in an aesthetically pleasing, contemporary women’s magazine. We will subvert the format of ordinary celebrity or fashion magazines to highlight key issues in today’s world. We will interview and talk to influential women about their opinions, highlight key feminist community groups that you could get involved in, and will review, discuss, and critique women’s role in the media.

Parallel Magazine will discuss achievements outside of fashion and beauty, will talk about community and activism and how you, as a woman, can make a change to the world around you. It will focus on everything from art to pop culture to history – all through the viewpoint of a modern young feminist. But we need your help.

Back us on Kickstarter, or simply share our work! You can also get involved directly in the following ways:


Our first issue is open for submissions on the theme of “Liberation”, and we will accept anything from artwork to creative writing to articles to reviews.


If you have an event you’d either like us to review, or add to our events listing page, please send us an email.

I am #unashamedlyfeminist because…

To show your support to the magazine, send us photos or videos of yourself explaining why YOU are #unashamedly feminist. Your photo or video will be featured on our social media sites, including our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

To get involved with any of the aforementioned subjects, please email us at

I’m #UnashamedlyFeminist because I believe that every woman deserves representation in the media, regardless of race, size, age, disability, or sexuality.

I’m #UnashamedlyFeminist because I am fed up of seeing adverts and magazines that only feature young, white, thin models.

I’m #UnashamedlyFeminist because the advertising industry has distorted the phrase “sex sells” to the point that teenage girls are being sexualised in images intended to sell shoes and clothes, and editorials more often than not feature photographs of dead, dying, sexually abused, physically abused, dismembered, or vulnerable women.

My name’s Charlie and I am #UnashamedlyFeminist because I’ve grown up in a society that tells me that I should be ashamed of my body and that if I expose it in the way I have done in this photo then I am consenting to harrassment, assault and abuse. I am unashamedly feminist because if this photo was taken on a beach and my underwear was swapped for a bikini no one would bat an eyelid. I am unashamedly feminist because so many women convince themselves that their sexual assault is their own fault. I am unashamedly feminist because I am chubby and sexy and it’s okay to love myself and to be proud of who I am without needing the approval of anyone else. I am unashamedly feminist because I’m a woman who has grown up surrounded by sexism and prejudice and I believe in fighting for people worldwide who have experienced issues like or unlike my own because everyone deserves to be born equal.

Parallel Magazine is a new British feminist magazine. We’re currently working on the first issue, due January 2015.

We’ve broken the £1000 barrier, and are over 1/6th of the way there!

But we still need your help to create the best intersectional feminist zine out there. Please share us around even if you are unable to donate - we want to be the biggest and the best, and to make a real contribution to feminist debates and causes. We’re young, we’re radical, we’re from all over the world and we’re working hard to bring you an awesome zine!

We’re also accepting submissions - get involved!

We’ll be covering culture, arts, politics, history, current affairs, sport, advice… you name it, we want to tackle it, and to provide a platform for YOU to get your voice heard, too.


The Ample Venus came about as a collaboration between the glorious “plus-size” model Zoe Melissa Mae and Parallel photographer Lauren-Becki Rowlands as a reaction to the severe slimming down “goddesses” (or the idealised female form) have faced over the years in art.

Going from the most beautiful and voluptuous of beauties, like the Venus of Willendorf and other such prehistoric statues of a female form, to paintings like Ruben’s The Three Graces, modern media now tends to show goddesses in a much slimmer version of their previous selves. 

Whilst women’s bodies should be celebrated in all shapes and sizes, the negativity drawn by a fuller figure is not something to be taken lightly. 
With this small series of photographs, Zoe hopes to become a “role model to roll models” showing her body without retouching and without shame, in all it’s glory. 

Lauren-Becki hopes to one day expand on this project with a range of models whose looks differ from that of society’s current beauty ideal.


Here’s my #unashamedlyfeminist photo for Parallel magazine! I had to feel fierce & take positive action this evening after I got massively street harassed on my way to buy bagels. Thought I’d put how intersectionality is important to my life as an individual, and a fun fact about myself. Yes, it takes a lot to come out as a beekeeper.

Check out Parallel - it’s going to be amazeballs (amazeflaps? AMAZEFLAPS) and share your own #unashamedlyfeminist photos, videos, artwork, etc.! I’m having so much fun working with the rest of the Parallel team, and I can guarantee you’ll have a ball too when the zine is out in January!

Please signal boost, and if you’re able to back us on Kickstarter, you will be rewarded with an amazeflaps magazine and, potentially, other goodies!

Wanna Get Involved?

Parallel Magazine will be open for submissions shortly. Please check back soon.

We are currently looking to talk to/feature/review the following people/groups/events:

  • Female bands/musicians and/or upcoming album releases/gigs
  • Female art collectives and/or upcoming exhibitions
  • Feminist activist collectives
  • Feminist community groups
  • Independent feminist films
  • Feminist zines

If you believe you are suitable, please send us an email at

If you have an event you’d either like us to review, or add to our events listing page, please send us email at

the copies of my zine ‘The Half Moon’ came in the post for my university’s upcoming Parallel Cities exhibition; with my Illustration group mixed with the graphics set

(it’s mostly just pretty pictures, but these five will have letters with them; and a QR code on the back i’ve stuck on to link to the gifs on here made for this project)