This is Milo a few short months ago, and Milo today…

He is a very sick little birb. He has a piece of metal stuck in his gizzard and it won’t come out.

I’ll go into details below the cut, but the gist of it is that he needs help, and his mommy spent all of her money on his vet visits already.

Milo is a very sick birb. If you click HERE you can see what’s been going on from the beginning.

I need at least $250 to help my buddy through this.

Please click here to support my YouCaring fundraiser!

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Bird won’t stop saying “Harry Potter.”

How to Talk to Lady Birds by Marshmallow

Hello! It is me, Marshmallow, here today to show you how to talk to lovely lady birb. 

First, you must see lady budge and stare longingly. Mayhaps she will notice you and think you a mysterious handsome stranger. Observe. 

Should this fail, worry not, my pupil! We will try new approach. Stand over lady birb and sing her a song. 

Then you must BANG ON THE CAGE.

Look! See how impressed she is! What’s that she’s saying? Leave me alone? Oh. 

Maybe don’t bang on cage next time. Yis. That is where we went wrong.